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I think that too, its not just i have a green minded person but the way he posed in this magazine kind a like seductive or seducing something whatever.. Eventhough its really harsh into my eyes i can't do anything about this, this is between the Esquire Management and Starhaus.. @suranimh and @dramacrazy
@suranimh, I was thinking the same thing. We should definitely let Esquire know what we, fans, think of the horrible style and poses. How about it all of you Minoz fans!!!
@mheekell its true that a model is at the whim of the clients want of advertising their respective products. Even by virtue of a mag or publishing agency, an indirect of promoting their publication depend on its content so, images and illustrations even a quote can bring fame or fall. Apparently, we are more concerned with our lover boy's portrayal which as mentioned by @dramacrazy does not reflect well. A reputable mag like Esquire should hear us out and redress the pic or do some damage control.
There is no product to sell in this photoshoot, all i know is about him how to project coz his a model too.. Its depends on his manager to let him allowed to do that.. Model project means is..As I see it, Meaning Projects break down into one of two types, and of course most combine some measure of each: A project can be either creative, an artistic statement of some sort, and a representation of a particular insight; Or a project can be autobiographical or biographical, a kind of story telling as told through all of the things of your world, and a “making permanent” of memories...
@suranimh, I definitely need to have the article/interview translated. I stand by what I said before, the pics didn't do him justice.
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