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언녕! Hi!!! That's right u read that correctly.
U might b like Simon D here thinking...yea right but it's true. I promise.
I'm working with the guy that's right next to Simon D. He is the CEO of SIVA Group (the ones that did the AOMG tour and DEAN)
But what's the catch right?.... It's not really a catch, ur pretty much helping yourselves.
And ur probably thinking, I knew there was a catch but it's quite simple. If u already have or don't have Dish or Direct TV all u have 2 do is sign up through me and u get a better deal on prices for either of those services AND u get a free ticket that all? Yup super easy. All u have to do is go to and u can get it done there. If u need help figuring it out let me know, there r also other services besides tv but that's a whole other story.
So don't hesitate and get ur free tickets today~!!!!!!
Spread the word, hit me up, and see ya'll at the after party with all the SECRET CELEBRITY guests.
p.s. also hit me up for discounted tickets ( =no extra fees like on the websites)
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its too bad those concerts are too far from where I live. 😢
the one in new York I van go to but my mom would have a bitch fit
Awwww I wish I could go. 😭 September 8th is my bday.
lol Im also helping out that beautiful siva ceo and got my tickets so still spreading the word to get more people interested
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cool I'll b there 2. it would b cool if I could meet u 2 lol