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A/N: sorry if this is late. Had a little bit of writers block.
Chapter 19 ************** Shifting in my set for the billionth time, I turned to TaekWoon to see him reading his book. I couldn't help but admire my mate. He looked like a god, who was sitting there in black slacks, a dressy shirt but not too dressy and his hair parted in the middle as it framed his face well. "I can feel your eyes burning through me" he said turning the page of his book. "Are we almost there?" I asked because one: these chairs are uncomfortable and two: because I'm bored. TaekWoon was about to say something but the pilot came on the intercom. "This is your captain speaking. We are about to be landing. I ask you to put on your seat belts." They was no more to say as TaekWoon and I put on our seat belts. I thought he would go back to his book but he closed it and put it away. Grabbing my hand and rubbing small circles, I couldn't help but smile and relax that I had him with me. The landing was a little bumpy but I was glad to be getting off after being in the air for hours. We walked down the stairs of the jet and walked to the big building in front of us. I held onto TaekWoon arm as he led us through the crowd people who were staring at us as we walked by. "He is so handsome!" "Who are they?" "She's hot" I could hear people say. It didnt seem to bother TaekWoon so I tried to ignore them. TaekWoon got both of our luggage. I tried to take one from him but he wouldn't let me. Opening the door to the car. I got in the passenger seat and waited for TaekWoon. He placed our luggage in the truck of the car and came to the driver side. The car purred to life and back out of the parking garage and onto the road. "This place is beautiful" I was looking out the window and saw the city lights. "Not as beautiful as you" Taekwoon said as he grabbed my hand. I couldn't help but cringing at his cheesy comment. TaekWoon turned on a road that lead into a forest. It gave off a horror film vibe. "What is this place?" "Its the family cabin.  My parents wanted to have a vacation house. They chose this area. Seeing how nobody really come this way." He pulled up on the drive way and my jaw dropped it was a big masion with the lights on. It was bigger then the one we all stay in. The same size of the castle. "Love you'll catch a fly if you keep your mouth open like that." He said, putting the car in park and turning the car off. I quickly unbuckled my seat belt and got out the vehicle. I was in awed as I walked up to the mansion. TaekWoon was right behind me with the luggage as the door opened. "Master Leo welcome back." A mid age man in a black suit said. "Butler Lee, its nice to see. How have you been?" "I been fine Master Leo, the house as well. Who is this?" He asked turning his attention to me. "This is Areum, my mate" TaekWoon introduce me. He bowed to me. "Mistress Areum it is a pleaser to meet you. I am Butler Lee. I'm in charge of this cabin when the Masters are at their first home. It is every few often when they come to visit. Master Leo, let me take these to your room, while you Mistress Areum a tour of the house."  He took the luggage from Taekwoon and left the hall to the wide split stair case that led to the second floor. I looked around to see everything. There were family pictures on the walls. I walked to the big picture frame that had Taekwoon and his brothers with a lady and man. The lady had lucious black curls, the red eyes, a perfect shape face. She resemble TaekWoon and the other brothers as well did the man who was next to her. "We were all teenagers when this picuter was taken. That's my parents in the middle. They would have loved to meet you and Nisha." "What happened to them?" "They were killed by an unknow clan. Till this day we still don't know who killed them." "Have you tried looking for them?" "N and I have but when we get a trail it disappears without a trace. Lets not worry about that right now. Lets continue on with the tour." Taekwoon showed me all the study rooms, kitchen, laundery, guest room, the backyard where there was a pool, hot tube, and bunch of trees aurrounding the mansion. We were in our room. I finished a shower and TaekWoon was on his phone. "Butler Lee, is he-" "One of us? Yes, we all grew up with Butler Lee with us. When my parents died, we offered to have him live with us but he said he would like to be here." "Are you going to ask him if he wants to come back before we leave to go back home?" I asked TaekWoon. He seemed to think about it and shrugged. "That is up to him but I'm sure I'll bring it up to him." I nod and laid back in the bed. TaekWoon placed his book on the night stand and wrapped an arm around my waist. "Sleep, tomorrow the fun begins" he whispered in my ear.
Im glad you where able to break your writers block but um....... did you really have to do end it right there!?!?!?? 😭😂😂😂
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Hooray! hmm 🤔
Also I feel like the butler did it. 🤓
oh man too short lol. I hope you're doing well.
I am. I'm just hitting a little bump on the way of ending this book to start a new one.