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Who: Reader x Kim Junmyeon What: College AU/ Angst and Smut.... everything I guess Chapter 7 Story: Break ups are hard so how do you chose to get over yours.... enter into a contract to be another man's pretend fiance for six months to impress his parents.....This outta be good.
Y/N's POV The entire drive home you hadn't spoken for one reason only, you were wondering what Jackson would do next. The threat in his eyes was all too real and when he shifted his gaze to Junmyeon it only scared you more. Junmyeon kept promising you Jackson would never touch you again, you weren't going back to him but from what it sounded, you didn't have a choice. If Mrs.Wang could really get the deal altered, if they could change something so that you didn't have to marry Jackson then maybe it was worth it. You didn't want to pacify him though, that still meant putting up with his unnecessary roughness and Junmyeon still had his parents here you couldn't exactly go back to living with Jackson. He made you miserable, you had gotten ready for bed with him in your thoughts about all the things he might do if you didn't settle things soon. Chanyeol hadn't said anything to you about him coming around again even during the three days you were gone. You would've just left again but you had to go to classes. As you slept he haunted your dreams, you were coming out of classes with Junmyeon walking beside you. He had a hand on top of your head and was smiling at you. You looked forward and your own smile fell as you saw the black car pull up to the curb and Jackson walked out. You suddenly heard Junmyeon groan in pain and when you turned around he was on his knees cradling his stomach. Jackson's two security guards were on either side of him and the one you remembered that had a gun pulled it out and aimed it at Junmyeon, "No!" you screamed. You jolted forward but Jackson had grabbed your arm and wrapped his arms around you. His body pressed against yours as he leaned into your ear with that menacing tone in his voice, "Where the Fuck do you think your going Princess?" he said. "Jackson for fuck's sake stop this!" you wiggled in his arms frustrated and trying to get to Junmyeon. "You're coming back with me bugs or I'll make you watch him die." "Jackson stop." you begged. "Then come back to me princess it's easy all you have to do is tell me who belong to." You looked at Junmyeon who looked at you as if to tell you not say it but you had shed a tear and said, "Damn it, I'm yours Jackson just let him go." "Good girl. Let's go home." he said. He turned you around to walk back to the car and as he did he lifted his hand that you thought was a signal to tell them to come back. Instead a gunshot rang out and you turned around, "Junmyeon!" you screamed. You finally opened your eyes to realize it was a dream but your heart was racing and you couldn't help but think how real it was. Jackson was capable of doing evil things like that. He could hurt Junmyeon. The fear that washed over you had sparked the bad habit that you worked so hard to stop doing it. Evey once in a while you'd have the urge to cut just to cope but you'd fight off that urge. You'd distract yourself and choose something else like your therapist had suggested but you remembered the knife from one night that you almost cut yourself still in the drawer. You couldn't think of anything to distract you all you could think was you wanted to focus on something else. Get Jackson out of your head and pay attention to something else. The first cut was shallow barely something to get worked up about, it probably wouldn't even leave a scar. The second cut was a bit deeper and it would mostly scar. It caused you to let out a gasp at the feeling and you cried a bit more. You weren't paying attention to the dream anymore just the blood now running down your stomach. The tattoo reminding you of what you were, the fish too weak to beat the current. Junmyeon walked in and nearly ripped your arm off grabbing the hand with the knife in it. He sat down on the bed lightly and coaxed the knife out of your hand. You hated how you melted to him. He was getting better and better at weakening your defenses and to you that was dangerous. He cleaned up your cuts for you before climbing into bed beside you and holding you close to him. Your face nearly buried in his chest, you listened to him plead with you not to do it again. He wanted you to confide in him and trust him. When he told you he loved you, you couldn't comprehend those three simple words. "No." you denied him but he continued, "Yes." He wasn't supposed to love you though, he was supposed to pretend he loved you. He was supposed to pretend to be your fiance but even you and to realize in your heart of hearts you felt soemthing back for him. "You can't." "But I do." he said. You could feel your defenses weakening like someone just threw a stone at a glass window. You had revealed and confided more in Junmyeon than Chanyeol and Jongin combined and these were two boys you knew you adored and at the very least you still trusted Chanyeol. Junmyeon was different he pulled at your heart in different ways and it was confusing because you had never been treated so carefully before you had never really been loved before. Jongin said he loved you but if that were true why didn't he do the things that Junmyeon did? How come he couldn't notice the things Junmyeon noticed. With very little effort Junmyeon was getting into your system and sending you into a different reality, one where for once you actually believed someone saw you not as an object or a tool for business but as a person who was hurting and desperately needed someone to help you. He helped you alright, when his tongue met your core and aroused you to the point that you couldn't control yourself, your body and mind gave into him. He only wanted to make you feel good he kept telling you no when you were touching him but you didn't just want to stop there. It was the first time you'd ever let lust control you. You were begging for his body and once he was inside you, you asked him to go fast and hard. You never liked it rough but you wanted Junmyeon to make you scream for him because he liked it rough, he liked to hear your voice and you gave him everything he ever asked from you since you two started sleep together. "Fuck baby girl you're amazing." he moaned into your neck before his lips began to kiss there again. You felt him suck and nibble at the skin leaving his marks on you. Three times. Three times he had gotten you so high off of his kisses and thrusts and dirty words just in one night. "I love you baby girl." He said. You curled up in his arms and he held you close like he was never going to let you go. When the next morning came, you had decided on something: you were going to talk to Jackson or at least his mother. If anything you'd get him to leave Junmyeon alone. Mrs.Wang just wanted you to pacify him, long enough to straighten things out but this meant dealing with your parents again. You had told your mother the day she called you that you weren't actually engaged but both Mrs.Wang and Jackson believed you were and you weren't sure which one you wanted to tell the truth to. Your father would be furious you entered into another deal, he'd be furious you wanted to end the one you were currently in but you wanted everyone to leave Junmyeon alone, you wanted to keep Chanyeol safe. You looked at the empty spot in the bed next to you where Junmyeon had been. You had to get ready for classes and he had probably already left for his first one. He did so much to make you feel better, to make you feel alive again. "You still don't trust me do you?" the imaginary Junmyeon appeared again. "It's not that." "Then what is it? Could it be you actually fell in love with me?" imaginary Junmyeon said. "Even if I did, we both know it can't happen." "Right because in order to keep me safe you're going to give yourself to the devil. So you're just must be a masochist right? You just like the pain." "That's not true." "Then why do you push me away and keep running back to him? Isn't it obvious I can protect you? If you love me just admit it baby girl stop running from everything you're afraid of. I promised you I was not going to let him touch you and you won't believe me." "I do believe you and for the first time in my life I've never been so scared to lose someone. I don't want Jackson to hurt you Junmyeon." you said. "He won't." You looked up and saw by the door the real Junmyeon. He was dressed but he looked like he just came back from some where. "Junmyeon." you said stunned. "You're afraid to lose me huh? You don't have to worry about me." he said walking over to the bed with a smile on. He sat down and handed you the coffee he had in his hand. "My father is sending some of his security guards to look after you. They won't be super obvious but if you get into trouble and I'm not around they'll be there." Junmyeon said. "He's going back to China tomorrow that's not necessary." "It is, I looked into Jackson's business history and the people he doesn't like have a habit of bending to his will then suddenly disappearing shortly after. It sounds more like they're trying to get away from him rather than he did something to them. Still I don't like the idea of that happening to you. You already have a habit of disappearing on your own." Junmyeon said turning to you with a little smile. You went to take a sip of the coffee but felt nauseous. You set the cup down and headed to the bathroom. "Are you okay?" he asked. You closed the door behind you quickly and made it to the toilet in time to throw up. You sat up brushing your hair out of your face and grabbing tissue to wipe your mouth. "Y/N are you alright?" Junmyeon called. Why did the smell of coffee make you sick like that? You groaned a little and stood up, flushing the toilet behind you. You went for your mouth wash in your mirror and something caught your eye. "Shit!" you said. "No, no, no, no, no." you said. How long did you stop taking them? You couldn't have been- it was only a few days missed. The door opened snapping you out of your panic. "Y/N are you okay?." Junmyeon asked. The food? Maybe that was it, just a little food poisoning from last night's dinner. Junmyeon came closer to you wrapping his arms around you and leaning down for a kiss. You quickly covered your mouth. He chuckled, "You're acting shy now?" "My breath stinks and I need to get ready for classes." you said. "I can help you get ready." he said seductively. "Junmyeon, are you feeling well?" you asked. "Fine why?" "Well I thought maybe... your food from yesterday didn't upset your stomach or anything?" He shook his head and let you go. No, you were just over reacting missing a few days didn't mean you were- ugh you couldn't even think it. You used the mouth wash to get the smell and taste of vomit off your tongue. Junmyeon left you to yourself in the bathroom to take a shower. He must've sensed how uneasy you were and walked out. Not to mention he had heard you talking to yourself. You must've seemed like an idiot. "You kind of are an idiot." the imaginary Junmyeon was back while you were in the shower washing up. "I mean why didn't you just tell me you forgot to take the pills? You said so yourself, it's only been a few days you missed. It doesn't mean you're-" "Don't even say it, or think it? Whatever. Look, Jackson is still reeking havoc in my life and you're using me to fake out your parents I cannot not add a baby to this!" you said. "Wow, you really must be freaking out you're using double negatives now. If you're really concerned just go to the doctors and find out for sure. Jackson will be gone tomorrow so you won't have to worry." "What if I am? That's only more problems to follow with everything going on." "So you want to disappear? That's really selfish baby girl. After I already confessed my true feelings for you and what would poor Chanyeol do without you?" "So what do you want me to do?" "The right thing baby girl. Talk to me, let me in." he said. "I don't want to." "Well I'm your sub conscious talking to you so in reality you really do. You want to give in to Junmyeon so do it." "What if it's a mistake?" "So what if it's a mistake, make a mistake Y/M, make this mistake. Listen to Mrs.Wang Y/N and stop running away like a coward. Face your fears and face Me. Admit that you actually love me and Let. Me. In." You sighed, what were you telling yourself? It was okay to depend on Junmyeon? It was okay to be in love with him? It was going to be okay because if you had to fight he'd be there with you? How would he take the news though? He had said he wasn't ready to get married and neither were you but if you were pregnant there was no mistaking it was his. If Jackson found out about it, it would only make things worse. You didn't want to lose Junmyeon. You brushed your teeth and did your hair and got dressed. When you walked out of the bedroom, you saw Junmyeon sitting on the couch watching TV. He looked up and stood when he saw you. "You look cute today." he said. You gave him a small smile. "Thanks." "Let's get going your classes will start soon." he said. You nodded and he headed out the door with you behind him. You did one last thing before locking the door. You texted Mrs.Wang's number remembering her number like the back of your hand. Y/N: This is Y/N, I need you to tell Jackson I will meet up with everyone including him to discuss the deal that was made in two months at the SMtown hotel. I've decided...I won't marry him. No, you weren't going to marry him but you could find a way to alter the deal. Your parents would get what they want but Jackson wouldn't get you. You felt light headed again and you could feel adrenaline running through you. He was going to be furious with you but you were tired of running; it was just too hard to keep running. It wasn't fair to Junmyeon either. You felt him grab your hand so that you two could walked together. "You weren't feeling well earlier were you Y/N?" "No but I think I'm fine now." you said looking out in front of you. "I've been thinking- you went to get help before right? With your depression?" he asked. "Yeah, that was a few years back." "Why did you stop going?" he asked. You looked at him as you stood at the cross walk. Cars moved past on the street bringing up a slight wind to blow your hair. The scenery now making you embarrassingly aware of the fact that you two were holding hands out in the open. Yet still, you held onto his warm hand. "My therapist lived in a different city. Too far of a commute from Busan." "I'm going to say something but I don't want you to take offense by it." "Okay." "I think you should go back to therapy. It helped you didn't it, even just a little." "Is this because of what I did last night?" "I just think you need better ways to cope. I can support you and hold you and tell I love you but all those things only do so much. You need someone that will be unbiased and will listen to you and know how to set you on the right track. I'll go with you, I just don't want you doing that to yourself again. Your skin's too pretty for scars." he smiled at the end of it. His finger tips coming to the bottom of your chin to lift it slightly. "I'll go back." you said. "Really?" You looked in front of you as you two were now allowed to cross the road and you nodded. "You're right, I need someone to do all those things and it was the reasoning that I needed to get help in the first place so I should go back." you said. God knows you could use it. Your subconscious came in the form of the person you had fallen in love with but people who suffered through depression usually had it come back. You had been happy for a moment, brief moments but it always came back. Junmyeon was worried enough about you that he wanted you to get better, he wanted you to get help. He recognized that him alone would not help you and he was going to go with you and support you. Never before had holding hands felt like this. Like his hand was an IV giving you hope, pushing it into your veins and bringing you to life. The warm feeling you felt when you took pictures was the same feeling you got when it came to him touching you so gently. You stopped walking as soon as you guys got to Uni. Junmyeon turned to you and looked down at you confused. You still had no idea if you were pregnant or not and you weren't ready to mention anything to him, not when you were so happy with him just holding your hand. You were too scared he'd back out, a baby was an entirely different story. So you looked at him and told him something else he should know, something equally as important and something that would make him happy. Something you hadn't said to anyone else, not even Jongin, not even Chanyeol. "Junmyeon- I trust you." you said. His confused expression changed to a big smile almost as if it weren't there to begin with. He brought you into a tight hug and kissed the top of your head. Your hands switched positions so he could interlock his fingers with yours. He lifted your chin with his other hand and kissed you, you pushed against his chest trying to pull away from him. You hadn't forgotten about the fact that you threw up earlier and despite brushing your teeth and using mouth wash twice you still didn't think he should've been kissing you. Junmyeon however, was not letting you go. That is until you both heard a very familiar ring in the air. "Y/N?"
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