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Hey guys!!! Its time to appreciate our wonderful writers. Today's Author: @Emealia Fanfic: Run From Death Group: BTS Description: The character in the story is coming (you) the reader. The character is being chased by death himself but we do not know who death is because that person who is death has the death tag. All of the BTS members are Reapers and they take people by Disease (TaeHyung) Suicide (YoonGi) Age (Jin) Murder (Hobi) Natural Causes (Jimin) Natural Disaster (JungKook) Death (NamJoon) What I Think: What I think out this Fanfic that it is dark, always keeping me on my toes because the author like to leave cliffhangers. I really enjoy reading this fanfic. It even inspired me to write my Chaind Up Series (Vixx FanFic). So please go check out her Fanfic and give it lots of love until next Friday!!! Bye!!!
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