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I told you I would be updating more often ^-^ I have really missed writing

Y/n Pov

Without giving anyone time to say anything the one he called Chanwoo quickly glared towards me as he venom flew from his lips. “ If this is about my sister I would really just like to leave instead.” He spat before bowing before Yg as I only looked towards him confused. “ Sister?” I heard myself ask as his eyes flew to me with such hatred I felt my breath catch in my throat. “ You really aren't that smart are you dear sister?” He laughed humourlessly as it finally clicked. “ Wait you are my brother?” I stuttered earning yet another hateful glare. “ I think you two should talk alone for a few moments.” Yg smiled before quickly heading towards the door along with Jiyong. “ I just said I had nothing to say to her.” He spat under his breath while the door closed.
Without knowing what to do I could only glance towards him amazed that I had a brother. “ So by your reaction I am guessing our dearest mother and father never even bother to mention their mistake that they pawned off on who ever was willing to take him?” He barked as his eyes met mine. “ Wait let me guess you have been dreaming about this super happy family reunion with your long lost brother weren't you?” He mocked after my reddened face betrayed my true feelings.
“ Sorry to break it to you, but just because Mommy and Daddy are dead doesn't mean you now magically have a brother Princess.” He was saying, but I could no longer hear his words.
“ Wait they are dead?” I heard myself mindlessly say unable to focus on anything. “ Wait you mean you didn't know?” He almost laughed thinking it was some sick joke until he saw my terrified face. “ You really didn't know did you? What the hell did they even tell you?” I heard him ask as my legs buckled underneath me sending me crashing to the ground.
“ He said they were just in hiding, and that Yg was our uncle.” I said trying to stay conscious as I felt his hand on my shoulder. “ He said he was our what?” He asked baffled pulling my chin so I was facing him. “ Y/n he isn't our uncle I promise you that.” Chanwoo said without a trace of his earlier hatred as he seemed genuinely concerned.
“ Then that means I have no one anymore..” I said as the finality of those word hit me while tears exploded from my eyes. “ I was supposed to hate you Y/n! Why do I feel like I need to protect you idiot. You aren't alone remember you have a little brother.” He cursed as his arms quickly pulled me into his chest.
“ Some Noona you are I feel like I am the oldest.” He sighed trying to stop my tears with soothing words I would of never expected to hear from someone who swore they hated me not even five minutes ago.

Chanwoo's Pov

' I was supposed to hate her.' I sighed running my hand through my hair while I sat here trying to ease her tears. When she broke down like that I'm not sure what, but something within me snapped like ' I must protect this girl' type of thing. Just then the door opened as Yg and Jiyong-ssi walked back into the room.
“ I see you two had a great bonding moment.” He smirk, but something in his smile looked off as his eyes landed on Y/n. I don't know what his plans are, but I know he is plotting something. “ We had more to talk about then originally planned.” I growled as his face twisted in amusement. “ Well that is always nice for siblings. As long as you promise you won't allow the other members to talk to her through you, you both are more than welcomed to keep in contact.” He smiled eerily as my blood ran cold. ' What exactly is he planning.' I couldn't help but think as I took her phone into my hand programming my number in. “ Thank you Sir, but I must go back to the other members now.” I growled helping her stand before pulling her into a hug.
“ Don't trust them and keep an eye on what they are doing I will contact you later tonight.” I found myself saying further shocking myself as she nodded. The walk about to the practice room was a haze as many things ran through my head. ' What is Yg's plan?' ' Why does he need Y/n?' ' Why am I worried about her?' I didn't even know I had entered the room until I heard someone yell.
“ Yo Chanwoo why is your shirt soaked?” I wasn't sure what his name was as I looked towards them blankly. “ What are you talking about?” I asked looking down noticing the wet patches most likely from Y/n's tears. “ Oh that is just from my sister...” I found myself saying before the words fell from my mouth. ' Wait did I just call her my sister?' I questioned myself . “ Oh so that is why you had to stay back, Your sister must really love you to cry that much.” The one who joked about us looking alike smiled nudging me. “ I am all she has left in the world.” I heard myself say as if it finally hit me. ' That is why she doesn't have any family left.' I tried to reason with myself. “ Sorry to hear that man, but at least she has a brother like you.” The one I remember being called Bobby smiled. “ Hey who was that girl earlier?” I found myself asking before I could stop myself silently cursing.
Wait what just happened there? ^_^
Everything but story: @JustinaNguyen @swarrier16
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OMO, more mystery and connections, and can't wait to see it all line up, or unravel. Not sure where we're headed yet. Yay!