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Who: Reader x Kim Jongdae What: Sweet tooth fluff Story:N/A
You were walking around in the huge building not sure where you were. He told you room A-4 but you couldn't find it. You had asked for directions twice and some how still got lost in the building. What was going on? "Jongdae why couldn't you have just come and met me? You know how bad I am with directions." you whined to yourself. You leaned against the wall with a sigh, how did you and Jongdae start dating anyway? You were with you friend walking into a cafe and you spotted him from across the room. You recognized him from Exo, you worked with him once on the set of a commercial they were filming for peppero. It had been a while since you had seen him again. "He's cute." your friend Gi said pointing at him. "Yeah I guess." you said picking up your coffee. "You guess? Y/N look at his smile, you love sunshine smiles and high cheek bones." "I know, I guess I'm just kind of tired today." you said plainly. "Wow you really do need coffee." she said. Gi led you to a table in front of them. She had a perfect view to just sit and stare at them. She couldn't have been more obvious while she was talking you she was staring at them. You were looking outside of the glass window. The people walking by, the peacefulness of the morning. You just sat their with hooded eyes trying not to fall asleep. You kept tugging at the hem of your dress feeling as though you were revealing too much. Normally back home in America guys liked big breast and thick thighs. They weren't all a fan of big women, most preferring them to look like Victoria Secret model but at least there you felt like you'd have a chance at meeting someone special. Here everything seemed to be centered around the perfect image. Nothing too different from America but definitely shoving it down your throat instead of subtle hints. So wearing that dress had sent your tired brain into over drive making you tug at it in frustration. You moved about trying to fix it so it felt right but somehow it still felt wrong. You felt on display, your chest felt like they were poking out and you felt like too much of your legs were showing. That had freaked you out because you were wondering did your legs even look good? You were confident in the dress when you put it on this morning but now it just felt like eyes were all on you. Gi finally said, "Y/N, why do you keep moving like that, stop." "Sorry I guess I'm just a little self conscious today." "You don't wear dresses often so I suppose you'd be a little uncomfortable but what do you feel self conscious about you look really sexy today." she said. "I can always count on you to hit on me early in the morning Gi." you mused, taking a sip of your coffee. "Hey if best friends can't hit on each other from time to time to give them a little ego boost then what are we here for?" "I agree!" a voice said coming from behind you. The boys started to laugh and you turned around to look at Jongdae's sunshine smile. His adam's apple bobbing up and down as he laughed. You turned back to Gi, "I'm gonna head into work." you said standing up to walk away. "W-wait Y/N you didn't finish your coffee. You don't even have to be into work for two more hours. Yah!" She called after you. "You can have the rest of it, it wasn't waking me up anyway." you called back. "Wait, wait!" You heard Jongdae's voice come from behind you. He stopped you by the door, grabbing your arm and turning you around. "Hold on, I didn't mean to upset you." he said still slightly laughing. "It's fine I don't really care I'm just tired that's all." you said and then turned to keep leaving. "Hold on." he said. You stopped and turned to him, "What is it?" "I remember you from the peppero commercial. You got-" He stopped for a second. His eyes went up and down searching your body. "What?" you said annoyed, expecting something rude to come out of his mouth. "Prettier." he said. Your eyes got a little bigger and then you shifted your eyes to his friends all looking at you and watching intensely. You sighed, "Thanks I guess." You walked out the door but he followed you. You figured it was just some little dare or game they were playing. You had met the members of EXO once and that was not enough to gage their personalities. Not to mention most of the time you had been a bit bitchy yourself. You were very particular about your set and when you were in charge of the commercial you wanted everything to be perfect. Artist were often perfectionist, Jongin was known for being very strict when it came to dancing;Taemin was the only one to really calm him down. You were not so easily calmed when you were worked up and you weren't a morning person at all, which only made Jongdae's persistent nature that much more annoying to you. "Y/N hold on." "Jongdae why are you doing this? Did I make you upset or something?" "I think that should be my line." he said with a light chuckle. "Look I really am sorry if I made you upset at me but you took it the wrong way. I was just looking for an excuse to talk to you." he said "Why?" "Well, that dress for one caught my attention." "Okay I already feel weird about the dress can you-" "That's not what I mean Y/N. I like the dress on you, your friend was right you really do look sexy in it. I wanted to ask you out." he said. You looked at him oddly. You were trying to size him up and figure out what his angle was. Jongdae just smiled back at you sweetly. Gi was right he was cute and he had the high cheek bones and sunshine smile you liked. You liked the color of his hair too. "Can I call you some time?" he asked. "I won't let you leave until you say yes." he joked. You sighed and said, "Fine, give me your phone." He handed you his phone and you noticed his wallpaper was of you back when you two met. You were standing with your hand on your hip, reading glasses on, your other hand to your chin and staring off into space. You recognized that look. He took it when you were lost in thought. You looked up at him, "Guess this would be how you remember me." you said. "Yup." "It's rude to take pictures of people without their permission you know." you said handing him his phone back after you programmed your number in it. "Well maybe you'll let me take a picture of you sometime." he smiled. "You know if people find out you like a big girl it'll ruin your image." He laughed and said, "I don't care." You laughed through a scoff and walked off. You remembered it took him two weeks to call you, they were still finishing up promotions at the time so when he finally had a chance he called you up. You remembered he called you in the morning and you had threatened him. He laughed at your sleepy threat and instantly you knew it was him. He asked you out for breakfast and you agreed and got out of the house to meet him. When you showed up, the rest of the members were with him. He apologized telling you he wanted to come alone but he couldn't get rid of them so he asked you out three days later to dinner. He noted that you were in a much better mood than you were at breakfast. You thought Jongdae was really attractive but you couldn't understand why he wanted to go out with you. It was about six months into you two randomly going on dates when he finally said, "Can we be an official couple?" You just looked up at him, you were in their dorm and playing video games with Jongin when he asked that. Your head was on his knee while he sat criss crossed on the floor. "You have weird timing when it comes to asking these kinds of questions Chen." you called him by his stage name. "Should I go?"Jongin asked. "Yeah just keep it paused and I'll call you back in." you said. Jongin had left the room and you sat up to look at Jongdae. "Now what's going on with you?" you asked him. "We're not an official couple yet right? We see each other occasionally when we're not busy, we kiss a little bit, we eat out together once in a blue moon but we don't say we're boyfriend and girlfriend." "Jongdae why do you even want me to be your girlfriend, I can't entirely figure you out? I mean seriously, I like you and all but I just don't know if I should trust this." you told him. "Trust me Y/N. I like you because you're you. There's no one else out there like you. You make me laugh and you get along with my friends, I think you're really pretty and I love to hear you sing." "When have you heard me sing?" you asked him. "You were in the shower a few days ago. Remember when Chanyeol knocked all that food on you so we washed your dress for you." "You were listening to that!" you said shocked. He just laughed at you, "Yup, we all were." "It's official, I hate all of you." you said. Jongdae wrapped his arms around you and brought you into a hug. "I like your hugs too, you're warm and fluffy." "My boyfriend the sweet talker." "Yah! You called me your boyfriend we're official now!" he said excited. "I only said it to hear how it sounds." "Nope too late you're all mine now. Guys Y/N's my girlfriend!" he screamed while shaking you. You laughed at him and he kissed you. Now you were smiling at the memories of you two together. Jongdae had been the best boyfriend to you for four years. You two knew everything there was to know about each other. He always made you laugh and smile; he'd even figured out how to get you to lighten up in the morning when he'd wake you up with loud noises. He woke you up early in some naughty but very enticing ways. Now you were blushing to yourself as you thought about that. You pushed yourself off the wall so you could head back to the lobby. One way or another you were going to find that damn room. Once you got to the lobby Chanyeol was standing there with a hand in his pocket looking around. "Yo! Yoda." you called. He turned to you and came up to you, "Y/N where have you been Jongdae has been waiting for you." "Sorry I got lost again." you said He shook his head, "Let's go." he said. Chanyeol grabbed your hand and pulled you along with him to the outside of the lobby and down the back hall, you took the elevator to the second floor and walked all the way down and took a right. You sighed, why was a room called A-4 on the second floor? You didn't even bother to ask the question. Chanyeol stopped in front of the door and told you to open it. You looked at him and then at the door and slowly opened it. "Jagiya!" Jongdae said happily to your surprise. Roses were all over the room and a rose bouquet was in his hand. He had yellow, orange, pink, white and your favorite, red one all over the room. A pink balloon in the shape of a heart floated in the corner of the room and the rest of the guys were behind him. They waved at you as you walked in and looked around. Suddenly Baekhyun, Kyungsoo, and Junmyeon began to sing My Answer. You looked back at Jongdae, "What is all this?" you said. "Happy Valentine's Day Jagi." he said. "Jongdae, this is too much I told you not to go over board this year." you laughed. "I know but this year is special." "Why?" you asked. Jongdae smiled and stepped back. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a black velvet box and got on one knee. You covered your mouth laughing and crying at the same time, "Oh my god Jongdae what are you doing?" you said surprised. "Y/N you've been with me for four years, through long concerts and tours. You've gotten up in the morning to deal with my loud mouth and you've stayed up late with me when I wouldn't stop working. Someone as loyal, loving and as sweet as you has made me so happy for four years. So this Valentine's Day I'm asking, will you spend more years with me as my wife? Will you marry me Y/N?" You laughed, "Of course I'll marry you Chenzilla." you said grabbing his chin and lifting it up so you could kiss him. He laughed and slipped the ring on your finger and stood up. He wrapped his arm around your neck bringing you in closer so he could kiss you deeper. "Ew get a room!" Chanyeol said throwing a piece of popcorn at Jongdae. Jongdae laughed, "Don't be upset that I have a Y/N and you don't. She's one of a kind so no one try to steal her." he said. "Does this mean Xiumin lost his wife?" Lay said. "Wait what, Y/N did you and Minseok have a thing?" he pouted playfully. You patted his head and said, "Aw jagi, he's talking about you. You're Minseok's wife." The whole room burst out laughing and Jongdae grabbed onto you and nuzzled his nose against yours. "You asked me to marry you, now I feel like what I got you is so insignificant." you said. "Nothing you give me could be insignificant. I love all your gifts but if you want, later on tonight you could treat me to another gift." he said suggestively. "Jongdae!" you laughed. "Y/N congratulations!" Gi came up to you. You had been so entranced by Jongdae you hadn't noticed her in the room. She was probably flirting with Kyungsoo in a corner somewhere because you didn't see him either. She gave you a big hug, "I'm so happy for you!" she said. "Thanks." "I have to say I'm a little jealous of Jongdae, how could you steal my sexy little bunny from me Chen? What will I do now that she's all engaged? I'll be the lonely single friend just hoing around." she joked. "Well you know Yixing is apart of the hoing squad and so is Chanyeol I suggest joining them for an outing." you laughed. "I heard that!" Yixing said. "You were meant to." you laughed. Jongdae came and grabbed you again, "Now you know why I didn't want them hanging out alone with you." "I still think it's just because you're paranoid." "Not paranoid, protective of what's mine. You're all mine Y/N." he smiled. "Yeah now more than ever apparently." you said showing him the ring he'd placed on your finger. "I love you jagiya." he said before he kissed you. "I love you too Chenzilla."
😢😢 so beautiful! lol Chenzilla💚
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