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Genre: Angst, Romance, Drama, Gang, Poker, Gambling. Pairings: 😏😏😉 Summary: Who knew a innocent bachelorette's party with lead Arianna to witness the underground world first hand? Chapter: Chapter Two A/N: This is inspired by Exo's Lotto!!! The song is different but its still A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. A Lot of people are hating on it but i really don't see why? Its really good! Anyway hope you Enjoy! Disclaimer: (Involves) Drug trafficking, Human trafficking , Swearing, and Mature content. Viewer discretion is advised. ____________________________________ My glare intensifies on the audience as one by one men shout out higher prices. "2,500, going once going....going twic- ah! 3,000" i felt my insides twist into knots. When were they gonna stop? What were they going to do with me? I hated how some of the older men stared hungrily down at me making me go cold. And i hated how as the prices grew so did that mans smirk. The guy who tricked me with his charms. Clearly he was gonna get the money. Clearly he was happy. Three other man join him and the bartender. My eyes widen when i come to a realization two of those men were the ones who greeted me at the door and the tallest one was the one who caught me when i fell, and most likely tied me up and dragged me down here. His deep voice still rings in my ear. Gosh did it sound heavenly...yet deadly. "5,500, going once.....going- 6,000 !!! 6,000 ladies and gentleman." It was all part of their plan. Everything went according to their plan. "Woah! 25,000! Now were getting somewhere!" My ears flinch at the mention of 25,000. Shit, now they were just jumping numbers! This couldn't be happening. My eyes dart back to the mans group. I counted all the people huddled in that one corner with that male. Nine, there were nine of them. What were they? Sellers? Drug dealers? Human traffickers? Snatching innocent alone girls and selling them off to the highest bidder? Hah, this sounded like a bad movie or something. My eyes bore into all nine members as they gaze at me. Sure they were all attractive but their eyes say otherwise. It bothered be how inhumane, how cold and harsh their eyes were. As if they didn't give a care in the world as to what was happening . "Do i hear a one million folks!?" The commentators voice brings be out of my thoughts. O-one million? I cant even make one million! And these people are just throwing it away buying.....human?! I begin to realize the harsh reality of human trafficking. Something catches the corner of my eye. I turn to it hearing whimpers emit from that direction. My eyes nearly pop out of my head as i stare at Megan all bruised and tied up waiting to be presented to the audience like i was. My heart sank, she was the only nice one to me and she got pulled into this like i was. I began to fear the fact Sarah was probably brought down here. But they couldn't be that bold , could they? It was HER bracholatte party, if she went missing everyone would have noticed. If it were me and Megan no one would bat an eye. I let out a sigh of relief glad Sarah was probably safe. Magen finally catches my eyes after staring at her. The fear in her eyes changes to happiness as she looks at me. I try to offer her a smile, i really do. But it wasn't in me. It wouldn't come out. "1.5 Million folks, anyone care to go higher?!" The commentator says as the crowd goes wild trying to snag me in the remaining time they had. "3.5 Million dollars" a deep voice booms through out the room hushing everyone. I look up, and am disgusted at what i see. And old man, the age of what my dad would be if he was alive, stood proudly. He was tall but not buff, but he had muscle structure. He had this hunger lurking behind his rimmed glasses making me squirm where i sat uncomfortably. "Going once, going twice....Sold for 3.5 Million!!!" The commentator says as the man slowly walks up to the stage. My stomach dropped to the floor as his smile grew bigger and bigger with each step. I tried to inch away from him but i knew this was it. This was my fate. The man gestures to who seem to be his bodyguards to walk up to the stage to pick me up. I turn to give that group of men, my kidnappers one last stare. I caught the red heads eyes first as i looked at him. Not intending to break eye contact even as the men lifted me up from the ground. My eyes traveled to the rest. To the wide eyed male to the male who's smirk vanished at this point. A smile tugged on my lips. At least that smirk was gone. I look Megan's way one last time and her eyes were yet again fearful. I offer her the slightest smile as reassurance but i knew better. The man hauls me down the stairs. "Be gentle. We don't want to break her now do we" my buyer says as i close my eyes not wanting to portray the disgust building in my stomach. The bodyguards nodded and took be to the back doors to a waiting black van. It looked rusty and dirty. Behind it was a limo in which the buyer got in. In my mind i let out a bitter laugh. So this is how he treats 3.5 Million dollars worth of goods...I get shoved into the car despite my struggles. They lock the door and get into the drivers seat. I hold back laughter as i realize this is the new chapter in my life Dont let this moment go Tags: @AmberRelynn @NadineEsquivel @MariaMontoya1