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@Lorena13 That may be true for you, but Sakura played with Naruto's feelings, and even went so far as to ask him to put hers and sasuke's feelings over his, keeping him on the hook for years. Personally I'm glad she never got Naruto, he was always too good for her.
how did she play with his feelings?
Sakura loved Sasuke, and she was unable to stop despite the fact that a great guy liked her. I was never able to understand why, I thought she was ridiculously dumb, but some feelings are just that strong... I know that now because it has happened to me.
if only ❤
@Lorena13 Oh😒 Well at ur happy😄
@DestinyAgnew that's the thing, I'm not... It hurts and it doesn't get better until there's a conclusion, Sakura found hers while I'm searching for mine. So I'm glad she found her happiness with the guy her feelings couldn't let go of, and that's what makes her strong.
AHHHH! IM SO PISSED!😡*starts crying* They could of made a really cute adorable couple N Cute Adorable kids!!😫😭😭😭😭😫😫😭😭😭😭