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Starlights, we need to get to 3 Million views for our Drama Verson of Fantasy. We're not even at 2 Mil yet! What happened? Let's start getting our streaming started again!!!

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Will get back to watching again. It's been hectic lately and haven't had much time
It's perfectly fine, don't work yourself to hard. I just saw how slowly the views were increasing and felt like I needed to do something. If it comes to watching or getting much need rest, rest.
I watch at least 10 times a day...I wonder how many count. I use multiple devices and sometimes signed in...sometimes not. COME ON GUYS...WE CAN DO THIS!!!!
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IKR! I get pretty jelly too
I'm confused what drama??
It was in there View promises. For 1 Million we got the practice dance video of Fantasy. For 3 Million we get a drama version of Fantasy.