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Genre: Angst, Romance, Drama, Gang, Poker, Gambling. Pairings: 😏😏😉 Summary: Who knew a innocent bachelorette's party with lead Arianna to witness the underground world first hand? Chapter: Chapter Two A/N: This is inspired by Exo's Lotto!!! The song is different but its still A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. A Lot of people are hating on it but i really don't see why? Its really good! Anyway hope you Enjoy! Disclaimer: (Involves) Drug trafficking, Human trafficking , Swearing, and Mature content. Viewer discretion is advised. THIS CHAPTER IS FILLED OF ABUSE AND MATURE CONTENT!! ____________________________________ The car comes to a screeching halt as i nearly tumble to the ground. I am tied up after all. The bodyguards get up, and open the door grabbing my arm harshly and pulling me out. Thats gonna leave a mark. I grit my teeth in pain and I'm pulled to the gates of a gorgeous mansion. Normally i would just stand there in awe, but considering the circumstances I'm in right now, it looked more like an dungeon then a mansion. They open the doors and push me in. I lose balance and face plant unto the marble floor. I felt tears wield up in my eyes as my cheeks sting in pain. But i rather die then show them my weakness. I hear footsteps right above my head as I stare up, making eye contact with the bastard who bought me. "Untie her. She has no place to go." He says tauntingly. The men pick me up uniting me. They urge me to stand up and i obey. I look down at my wrists rubbing the bruise i knew would last a while. "Listen up slut!" The mans voice echoes as i flinch. Did he just call me a slut? I grit my teeth together. I wanted to point out the fact he was a horny pedophile bastard, but i knew before i can fully finish i'd be dead. So instead i look down as he continues "this is my house so you follow my rules. You will call me Master and you are to never leave your...room understand?" He growls as i shakily nod. The fear was seeping though my mask which he seemed to enjoy. "You are a tool, you are meant to amend to all my needs. You get that? Failure to do so will lead to punishment" he finishes before walking off and towards the two men behind me. I was a tool? His little play thing? Im a fucking human for gods sake! "Take her to her room and get her dressed." He whispers lowly. I feel a shiver go down my spine as I'm behind lifted bridal style. I lash out in the buff mans arms screaming. Dressed up? What the fuck? I get thrown into a large room, again face planting with the floor. I groan getting up. I wanted to cry. Cry out in pain, anger , sadness and disgust. Why was i dragged into something like this? What have i ever done?! "You have to wear what the master has provided you with" a voice says through the door. "Or you'll be punished" a snickers follows as i hear footsteps leaving. I look around. This cant be a room! There were no widows. So the hope for and escape was impossible. The door was the only way out and I'm sure the guards stood near it just in case i tried to bolt outta there. I walk closer to the luxurious bed and see a box neatly placed there. I read the instructions on the fact i have to wear it or get....punished. Punishment sounded bad as i quickly ripped the box open nearly gagging at the sight of lingerie. It was red as blood with minimal material. I grab it closing my eyes. Before i can figure out how to get out of this hell whole i have to e trusted. Become an pet, ultimately for my good. For my escape. I open my eyes and slide out f my ripped dress as it pools beneath my feet. I slip on the lingerie and feel.....filthy. Lingerie is supposed to make you feel sexy, instead i felt gross and ashamed. The door creaks open as my....buyer walks in wearing a robe. Fuck, i cant do this! His eyes scan me from top to bottom as he licks his lips. "Perfect. You look good to eat" he grumbles before launching at me, straddling my waist. I scream bloody murder feeling him against me. I kick him off of me, and stand up. I look his way as i land another kick on his shin making him stay ok the ground. For fucks sake. I make a beeline for the doors which happen to be unlocked to my luck. My blood races with adrenaline as i peer down the hallway. Was this my chance? Was i going to be able to escape. I feel something wet on my cheeks realizing tears were endlessly rolling down my cheeks. I began to run but im tackled down to the floor. I begin trashing out in attempt to get back the taste of freedom i was so close to getting but he pins me there and i realize the guards had caught me. "Take that bitch to the basement" the bastard says wiping his mouth of blood. Maybe he hit something when he fell? I felt happy for being able to do some sort of damage. Im be launched into the air, my hair being pulled forcibly as I'm taken to the basement. The smell was strong even the guards scrunched up their nose in disgust. I wouldn't be surprised it there was a body lying around. He takes me to the centre of the basement near the single light that hung from the ceiling. Beside it a thick rope, tied in a loop. Was i going to be hanged? My face paled at the thought at the idea. That bastard seemed to catch on as he chuckled darkly. "I wont kill you.....not yet that is. I fucking paid 3.5 Million and i don't intend to let you go until you've payed back fully" i whimper as the guards tie my hands on the rope as i just dangle there in the Lingerie. The way the guys stared at me made me realize how exposed i was. I looked down I'm shame. They looked at me eyes filled with lust. I felt disgusting, the buyer starts circling around me eyeing every part. Every inch of my body before stoping centimetres away from my face. "Why don't you open that pretty mouth of yours and apolozise. I promise i'll take care of you" he whispers tilting my chin to fve him. I stared in his eyes. He gave me this stare that made me realize deep down he wanted to torture me. He wanted me begging for mercy, and i wasn't going to let that happen. Instead of replying i spit on his face taking him and the guards by surprise. The guards begin to charge at me but he simply stops them by raising his hand. He pulls out a handkerchief and wipes the saliva before his eyes bore into mine. In one swift move he slaps me, hard. His rings grazing my skin tearing the flesh. I whimper in pain as i feel blood slowly drip "leave her" he says as the bodyguards follow him upstairs locking the door. The darkness envelops around me as i try breathing in. Unable to contain it i let out all the pain, my tears ran wild. I couldn't stop them. This is the end and i couldn't do anything about it. 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