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I went to work today and my friend called me. My friend called me 17 times. I've started noticing my friend's increasingly child like behavior. Aside from this I've also had an encounter when I was going to CVS and he forgot his wallet at home. He wanted to buy some candy in the story and he offered to pay me back which was cool. However, as the clerk proceeded to ring up goods, again, he changed his mind about what he wanted to eat. I had to yell at him to put the candy back and I felt like a dad telling his son to behave.
Anyone else think this is strange or experienced it? @danidee @AllieGrabowski @OtakuDemon10
Lol, that sounds like me. Buying candy is a very serious thing and one must be careful about his or her choice, as the outcome will be life or death. This has happened to me before. Never again will I be so careless and hasty.
Yup. I'm always the child... Sigh
Yup but instead of a friend it was my sister.
My friend is the same... I feel like I'm her mother whenever we're at the store too. I have to hold her hand too when crossing the road... 😫😫
i can relate to this in a way one of my friends was chasing another with an open marker in hand and I stopped the one who was chasing and made him sit down on the table for the rest of lunch.
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