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For those of you who read my story on Wattpad... I am going to work on some new chapters this weekend *whooa! Finally!* Wanna start from the beginning?
"Why do you always call me Jaebum? Why not JB?" He asks looking right into my eyes. "And stop becoming cute, It makes me feel weird inside." He says as he starts to lean in closer. My heart feels like it is bouncing out of my chest. Since when did JB have this effect on me? Areum get ahold of yourself, you don't fall for bad boys... especially bad boys with girlfriends. Lost in thought I come back to reality when I feel his lips suddenly touch mine... *******

Chapter Seven

*RING RING RING* I open my eyes and turn off my alarm clock. I hate Mondays... I think to myself as I sit up in my bed. It has been three days.... Three days since the incident with Jaebum. "That stupid jerk," I say as I touch my lips, "That was my first kiss." I let out a frustrated sigh and throw my pillow across the room. I get up, get ready for school, eat breakfast, and head out the door. The first thing I think about when I get to school is Jaebum. He hasn't said anything to me since Friday night after he left. He left me standing in my living room looking like an idiot and then texts me later that night saying he was "Sorry..." and that he "Didn't mean to kiss me." Basically the two things a girl never wants to hear when she has her first kiss. I make my way into Mrs. Lee's classroom and take my seat. I stare at the two empty seats beside me, both Mark and Jaebum aren't here yet. Minseo walks into class with Nari and completely ignores my hello. Ever since Minseo was paired up with Jackson and Nari she has been ignoring me and hanging out with Nari. Whatever I don't need to worry about this today, I think to myself. Both Mark and Jaebum aren't here which means I have to present our group poem myself. Great.... Ten minutes after the late bell rings Mark shows up and takes his seat. He gives me a sorry expression and I try my best to prep him for our presentation in between the other group presentations. Before we both know it, it's our turn to present. We both make our way up to the front of the room and get everything that I have prepared for the presentation set up. I take one final look at Mark to make sure he is ready and then I begin. I start by quoting one of my favorite poems: Unending Love By: Rabindranath Tagore " I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times... In life after life, in age after age, forever. My spellbound heart has made and remade the necklace of songs, That you take as a gift, wear round your neck in your many forms, In life after life, in age after age, forever." Five minutes later our presentation is done. I let out a relived sigh and give Mark a warm smile. It's finally over... I look over to Jaebum's empty seat, I wonder where he is? The rest of the day goes by fast. After school I decide to go find Mark and tell him what we got on our project. When I finally find him, he is in the parking lot making his way to his car. "Mark wait!" I say as I head over to him. He stops and turns around to face me. "I wanted to show you what we got on our project," I say as I hand him our graded paper, "We did really well, but since Jaebum wasn't there we got some points deducted." "Wow... this is probably the best grade I've gotten all year." He says while looking at the paper. "Hey... have you heard anything from Jaebum? Like why he wasn't here today" I question him. "No, JB does this all the time. He likes to go off the radar every now and then. I'm sure he's probably just at home sleeping." Mark says with an amused look on his face. I look down as he hands the paper back to me. "I have to go now, get home safe Areum." Mark says as he puts his hand on my head and ruffles my hair. After he leaves I make my way home. *The Next Day* All eyes are on me as I make my way to my locker. I hear girls whisper as I walk by. Some boys are looking me up and down as I walk past them. I hurry to my locker, get my things for class, and head to the restroom first. As I get ready to make my way out of the stall I hear a group of girls walk in the restroom talking about me. I wait in the stall to hear what they have to say. "I heard she hooked up with some guy Friday night while her parents were gone, who knew she was so easy?" I hear one of them say. "Right?! Minseo said she saw some guy coming out of Areum's house that night." I hold my breath until they leave the bathroom. I make my way to the classroom as fast as I can. With blazing eyes I look around for Minseo, I cannot believe she would say those things about me. Easy? Like hell! I thought to myself. She was no where in sight, I took my seat and laid my head on the desk. Today was going to drag on forever... Halfway through the day I turned my cell phone off. After all getting text message after text message about how you're a whore can be quite exhausting... And as if those text messages weren't enough, Nari herself made sure that every part of my day was going to be a big pile of shit. She had given me a "Planned parenting" brochure during one of our classes, which lead to me being sent to the counselor to discuss my "problem." The icing on my shit pile of a day was when I tried to tell my side of the story to the counselors and teachers, and then I ended up being treated like I was the worst person ever... like I was the one who was lying. After school and detention I headed home. To my surprise both my parents where home when I arrived. I walk in the house to find luggage piled by the front door. "Oh honey there you are, me and your father are headed to France for a getaway. You won't mind watching over the house while we're gone right?" Mom asked me. "No I guess I don't mind." I say in a gloomy tone. "Sweetheart are you okay?" Mom asks while she puts one of her hands on my shoulder. "Not really, I had a horrib..." *BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ* Mom quickly gets out her phone and looks at it. "I'm sorry honey, me and your father really need to get going. We can talk more when I get back next week okay?" She says with an apologetic look on her face. Both my parents are out the door in six minutes flat and I'm left here in an empty house... again. I walk up to my room, throw my things on the floor and jump onto my bed. I turn back on my phone, 48 new messages, I delete every last one of them. I pull up my text messages from Jaebum the other day and look them over. Why has he not said anything else to me since then? I decide to take a chance and send him a message. {Where have you been these past couple of days? We need to talk about what happened Friday night.} Nothing. 45 Minutes of waiting and no response. {Please I really need to talk to you, can we meet?} {Nari has made my life a living hell today and I need your help. Can you please talk to her and make her fix this?} Again... Nothing. I throw my phone beside me on my bed and lay down. Tears start rolling down my face. I wipe my eyes as I hear a faint knock coming from my front door. I make my way down stairs and open the door to find Mark standing there. "Areum, I heard about what people were saying about you today. I just wanted to come by and see if you were okay. You don't need anything do you?" He asks while holding up a plastic bag filled with stuff. "I have Vitamin drinks, tissues, chocolate, ice cream... I can always go back to the store if there is something else you need me to get for you." He hands me the bag. Tears start pouring down my face this time. I reach out for Mark and bring him in for a hug. We stand there for what seems like hours, me crying on his shoulder and him hugging me. Feelings of when we were kids come flooding back into my mind. It feels nice having a friend to lean on again. JB's POV {Where have you been these past couple days? We need to talk about what happened Friday night.} I stare into the blinding light of my phone. I decide to ignore the message, and roll back over to continue sleeping. {Please I really need to talk to you, can we meet?} I rub my face and sit up. I guess I should go and talk to her about what happened on Friday. I get out of bed and put some clothes on... because going over to her house in just my boxer briefs would just make things more awkward. A few minutes later I get another text. {Nari has made my life a living hell today and I need your help. Can you please talk to her and make her fix this?} I stop in my tracks... Nari... What did she do this time? I imminently dial Nari's number and wait for her to answer the phone. Straight to voicemail, how annoying. I make my way over to Areum's house as fast as I can. As I see Areum's house I notice Mark is already there talking to Areum. She looks like she is about to cry. I park my car, get out and begin walking over. When suddenly my heart feels like it has been ripped out of my chest... Mark and Areum were hugging. I stop right where I am. Why the hell is he touching her, I think to myself. Wait... why do I care? I ask myself. Mark hugs Areum tighter and the pangs of jealousy hit me like a tidal wave. Then it hits me... ... I think I like Areum... 

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Ahhhhh I need mooorrreeee 😍😫
OMG!! JB be jealous~ what a jerk! 😑 He just stands there instead of going to Nari and beat the shit outta her (although I know he won't but hey, she deserves a beat!)
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Its getting good now that JB realizing his true feelings. Now the question is what is he going to do next?
Oh. Snap! JB needs to put Nari and her new flunky in her place. like yesterday!
wahh JB!! 😶😶😶Oh being comforted by Mark !!!!#goals