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After I read this article and seeing the hashtag it really shocked me that people would do this. Hyunseung will always be part of B2st even if he is not physically there. Over the three years that I have been with Beast and how much I've grown to love them, Before he left I get some what tell what his personality was like and that he was very shy he didn't really open up very much. He just kind of you know sat there and listened or he was there for someone to alk too. Obviously since last year Hyunseung has changed a little bit that he wants to do his own thing he wants to be himself his own individual unique self. I understand that him and his Dance Crew supposedly was "mocking" Beast with their current song that came out with not too long ago 'Ribbon'. How do they know that he probably was doing it to support them? I still believe that the boys stay in contact woth Hyunseung because he was part of their family and will always be part of that family. All I know is that like I said the day he decided to leave was that I still will support him no matter what. I just wish people would leave him alone and let him do what he wants to do. Credit to Soompi
These fans are giving the real BEAUTIES a bad rep. thats what I'm upset about the most. The guys even asked for the BEAUTIES to support him still even if he wasn't with the group. Its heartbreaking!!
why do people have to hate so much? So what if he and dancers were supposedly mocking Beast. You can't think so serious about everything.
@BiasKpop Man. We need to just create a team to destroy netizens that get outta line XD
@AimeeH @MelissaGarza I agree with you.
@AimeeH I'm with you
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