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Look at that we are at part 50 already!!! Oh and we keep getting closer to smutty...I wonder shall we ever actually hit the smut? Well hehehe I leave it up to Jenni to decide if she will share the smutty part I lead up to. So if you missed @SweetDuella update click here If you just found this story click here to go to the beginning and start the crazy journey of Kookie Monster.
"Alright so how are we going to do this?" Jenni asked Sarah "Well are we going to stick with just you and Namjoon against me and Kookie?" "Well that's unfair to the others right?" Jenni asked "No they get to go in with the five of them." Sarah said "Are you sure we will be able to get out of it in an hour?" Jenni was starting to get a bit worried. "Yea, and I mean if we don't get out ourselves they will let us out." After a little more discussion the groups separate and start there trials on seeing who gets out fastest. Sarah and Kookie went in first, they had to put blindfolds over their eyes and Kookie instantly grabbed Sarah's hand to hold on to her. Which made her feel calmer. They were taken into a room and then they got separated. They had been handcuffed. After the door slammed shut they were told they could take the blindfolds off. It was Dark in the room. There was a little bit of light and then a voice told them a few things and then a timer showed up. "Sarah are you ok?" Kookie asked making this seem like they really did get kidnapped and were going to be killed if they don’t get out. She was playing along. "I'm ok… but I'm scared. We need to get out before he comes back." "Do you have anything over there like a flashlight?" He asked they both started feeling around them. "I got one." She said and turned it on. "We are cuffed to the wall?" she was shocked and shined the light over to Kookie who was just a bit away from her. After a little bit they found a key to get them out of the cuffs and once they get out of the cuffs they found a light switch so they could see everything. Then they started solving the puzzles to get out of the room. "I hope there is no math questions." Sarah said looking at Kookie "Why do you say that?" he asked "Because we both suck at math." she laughed "Ah true, I'm sure we can solve it if we tried together though." He said getting close to her and putting his hand on her. "No mister we need to beat Jenni and Namjoon so let's get going, Plus you do realize they are watching us right?" Sarah said pointing to the camera in the corner. "Damn, Well that's ok. You're right we need to beat Jenni and Namjoon." After a little bit of figuring out some they opened the door to the room only to be lead into another room. They continued working together to get out of the room. After Sarah and Kookie were taken away Jenni and Namjoon were taken to their room. When Jenni felt the cuff go on her wrist she started panicking. When the door slammed shut she started freaking out. "Joooonie!!!" she whined "Panda its ok, we will get out of here fast." he said getting her to calm down a little by making her laugh. "You can take off your blindfolds now." The guy said and they were blinded by lights. There was blood all over the walls and what was probably puzzles that needed to be solved to get them out of the room. "Oh Shit where are we!" Jenni exclaimed "We are in the cellar." Namjoon said "Joonie we better get out of here because I don’t want to be killed in here. It looks nasty." she said sternly. "Ok Princess Panda! I will make sure we get out of here." He said and they started to look for a key to get the cuffs off of them. While they were looking Namjoon found the key but ended up breaking the handcuffs off of himself in the process and then walked over to get Jenni to get her out of hers and when he was about to put the key in to unlock her he froze for a second and then unlocked her. "Broke the handcuffs I see." Jenni said with a smile "Don't say anything." He said and Jenni tried to hold in her laugh. "Too bad that both your hands weren't cuffed." Jenni said to Namjoon "No too bad both your hands weren't cuffed, I would have still broken out of mine." He laughed "Is that a fantasy you have?" "It wasn’t before but it is now." he smirked "Oh kinky." Jenni said trailing her hand down his chest. He grabbed her hand and stopped her before she went any lower. "Babe there is a camera, and I don’t want anyone else seeing your body but me." he said The two then started to look for clues after several minutes they got out of the first room and ended up in the next room. They were getting through the rooms really fast. Namjoon was very smart and with Jenni helping find clues it was easy. They found what they hoped was the last key and headed towards the door. Tae, Jimin and Jin and Yoongi and Hoseok were the last to go in. As they made their way into their room Tae was goofing off with Jimin and trying to scare Hoseok. It worked. By the time they were finally allowed to take their blindfolds off Hoseok screamed. There was a body in the center of the floor with guts hanging out of it. "Cool!" Tae and Jimin said trying to get to the body but they had forgotten they were handcuffed to the wall. The closest one to the body was Hoseok and so he was forced to dig through the body and he found the key to get them out. He quickly unlocked all of them and was whimpering still from what he had to do. He knew that it was fake but it was still disgusting. "I am never doing that again!" he said to the guys "Well now that we are all free you are safe from having to do it again." Yoongi said while Jimin and Tae messed with the body. The others started looking around the room for other clues so they could get out of the room. They were quick to get out of the first room and were working to getting out of the next room. With 5 heads they were getting through it fast. They found what they thought was the last key and unlocked the door and walked out. They were the first ones out. They had about 10 minutes left of their time. The next group to come out was Sarah and Kookie and they had just a few seconds to spare. Namjoon and Jenni never came out. So after a little bit the workers go to the room and tried to open the door and couldn't get it open. "Oh my gosh Namjoon broke the door!" Sarah said laughing "We should have known this was gonna happen." Jin said After a few minutes they got the door opened and Jenni and Namjoon walked out. "So did you guys have fun?" Hoseok said with a smile "Namjoon broke the key in the lock and we couldn’t get out." Jenni said while pouting. "We would have been out a while ago but because of what I did we lost." Namjoon said looking down. "If they wouldn’t have gotten stuck in there then they would have been out with 5 minutes to spare." One of the workers said. "So we would have won!" Jenni pouted again "It's ok babe, we would have won that’s all that mattered" Namjoon said hugging her. They then walked out of the building and walked to the car.
"That was so much fun!" Sarah exclaimed "Yea it was but minus the fact that Joonie broke the key in the lock and we couldn’t get out." "Oh yes Namjoon thank you so much for that." Sarah said laughing "I broke the handcuffs too so I didn’t even have to get the key for those." "Yes you did for me." "Well I was tempted not to get the key to keep you in them." Namjoon smirked "Ok no, don’t you dare start that crap here." Sarah said causing Jenni to laugh "What crap are you talking about?" Jenni said sarcastically. "Oh you know what!" "Ok to change the subject can we do something else? I have a lot of energy now and I want to get it out." Jhope said "Yes! Let's go jump on trampolines." Sarah said excitedly. "How?" Yoongi asked "There's a place that you can do it at." Jenni said "Really?" Yoongi must have not known. "LETS GO!" Tae and Jhope said running out towards the car. "Those two?" Jenni said laughing. "Wait for me!!!" Sarah said chasing after the two. The three got in the car and waited excitedly making the car shake with how much they were moving. After everyone got in the car they headed to the trampoline place. Once again Sarah and Tae and Jhope started running to get inside and even Jin and Kookie joined. The 5 were so excited. They quickly paid and then ran to the trampolines. Sarah just kept jumping on one and would randomly switch to the trampoline next to her. Jhope and Tae were having jumping races since a rule was no running. Jenni and Namjoon stayed by each other and stuck to one trampoline. Kookie and Jimin were doing tricks which caused Sarah to want to try and she bounced over to Kookie avoiding Jin who was bouncing the opposite direction. "Kookie can you show me how to do that?" Sarah said and miss jumped and ended up hitting Kookie and they both fell, Sarah being on top of him. Instinctively Kookie put one of his hands on her waist. "Are you two ok?" Jenni yelled across the room. "Yup!" Sarah screamed then turned back to Kookie. "Are you ok, I'm so sorry I didn’t mean to hit you." "It's ok babe. I kind of like this position." He smirked at her. "Kookie!" she said loudly and lightly hit his shoulder and got up. "Never mind I'll go bug Jimin for tips." Sarah quickly hopped away from him and went to Jimin after a few tries sarah could do a flip. She was so excited. "Let's go check out to the other areas." Yoongi called out to them. Everyone followed quickly. Sarah ran up to Yoongi and draped an arm around him. "Wanna do a game? Although I suck at basketball I know you like it." She said still holding onto him. "You sure you want to do that?" He asked giving her a look. "Yup." She said and let go of him and went to the basketball area. She grabbed the ball from the guy. "You think I can do a slam dunk?" She asked the guy. "Yea you just gotta bounce a few times and you'll be able to do it." the guy said and Sarah smiled "Jenni I'm going to try for a slam dunk." "You go and try that, I'm just going to watch." she said and leaned up against the wall. Sarah tried and failed to do a slam dunk, Yoongi did it easily. "Sarah can I give it a try?" Jimin asked and Sarah handed him the ball. Jimin made it look easy and after he succeeded Sarah tried again and happily made one. She bounced on the trampoline a few times with excitement then bounced off and landed on the ground and bounced once more and ended up in Jin's Chest. "Thanks for catching me." Sarah said with a smile and moved away from Jin. "Yea no problem." "Sarah stop ignoring me." Kookie said pulling Sarah towards him. "I'm not ignoring you. I'm just playing with everyone." "But me." "Kookie, I played with you a bit on those trampolines, but you were getting dirty on me." "Sarah come over to this." Tae said pulling her away from Kookie, Kookie followed. "Dodgeball?" She questioned. "Yea let's do it." he said quickly making his way to the bouncy court. "Jenni…..Namjoon… come play." Sarah said. "No thanks, You saw me on those trampolines over there, me trying to dodge would end up me getting hurt." Jenni said laughing "I kind of feel the same way. Kookie go play with him. I feel bad if no one joins him." Sarah said "Ok, Jimin, Hoseok lets go." Kookie said and the 3 played dodgeball with a bunch of other people. After a few minutes they gave up and they all went to the foam pit. "Bubble pit!" Jenni yelled excitedly and jumped in. She sunk. All you could see was her head. This caused Sarah to bust up laughing. "Oh my gosh Jenni that is so funny." "Help." Jenni said after a little bit and Sarah went to go help. Jenni grabbed her hand and Sarah wasn’t much help Jenni ended up pulling Sarah into the pit as well. The two started laughing and throwing foam squares at each other. After several attempts both the girls got out of the pit and the others started going in. Jenni didn’t want to go in again but Sarah bribed her with paying for Boba tea after they were done. Who could turn down free Boba tea? When Jenni went in again once again she sunk but this time she just laid there laughing and throwing foam squares at the guys that were in the pit with her. Jhope hadn't gotten out and Jimin and Jin were play fighting. At one point Jenni had given up and just started looking around her at the squares, she squealed and grabbed a foam square and held it up to show Namjoon who was bouncing in front of her on the trampoline. "Look it's got a smiley face." she said to him "Aww" Namjoon said to her and he continued to bounce there a bit longer. Sarah and Kookie were in the pit as well goofing around, when Namjoon called Kookie and waved for him to get out of the pit. "No! We want to play some more" Sarah said wrapping her arms around Kookie's neck. He laughed. He started to pull her with him but she wasn’t ready to get out so she let go of him and he got out and stood by Namjoon. Sarah and Jenni both watched their boyfriends. Something was up. Sarah crawled out of the foam pit and pulled Tae with her and they went back to the trampolines and were bouncing, by the time everyone else ended up with them Tae and Sarah were doing poses. Sadly there time came to an end at the trampoline place and they had to go get there shoes back on. "Man this was fun we need to do it again." Jhope said "Yea I agree." Jin said "The bubble pit was trying to eat me alive." Jenni said laughing "It's not a Bubble Tit…..ha-ha Omg I mean it's not a bubble Pit Jenni." Sarah said laughing "ha-ha you just said bubble tit." Jenni said laughing "Yes, Yes I did." Sarah tried to pretend that she meant to do that. "Boba tea!" Jenni said clapping her hands together. "Alright let's go!" Sarah said and they all headed out. After some time they finally got the Boba tea and then separated. Someone Sarah ended up with all the guys, while Jenni and Namjoon where alone.
Sarah ended up back at the guys place. She was now tired and didn’t really pay attention to where everyone went. Her and Kookie went to his room and she laid on his bed. "I love the smell of your bed." She said nestling into his pillow. "Are you tired?" Kookie asked "A Little, but I don’t want to sleep yet." Sarah rolled back over to get off the bed and she closed the space between the two. He froze not thinking she was going to initiate anything. Sarah Smiled and kissed his lips quickly. "Let's go for a walk." "What!" he was expecting something else to happen. "What? Did you expect us to have sex tonight?" she smirked and walked out of the room and went and put her shoes on. Kookie finally met up with her as she was walking out the door. "That was mean of you." he said to her taking her hand in his. "With our luck Namjoon and Jenni would walk in on us, Since we both keep messing with each other's sex life." Sarah laughed "Yea I don't think we would get interrupted." He said looking straight. "Why do you think that?" Sarah asked stopping and making Kookie look at her. "No reason." He said and let go of Sarah's hand and ran towards the fountain he saw. Sarah knew something was up and she was going to get it out of Kookie one way or another. She ran after him and ran through the fountain, After a little bit they stopped and Sarah took her shot. Although they were still in the fountain Sarah pulled Kookie close to her and looked up at him. He knew what she wanted and closed the small space between them and kissed her lips. Sarah bit his bottom lip and with that he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him. She was pressed up against his body and could feel him. She let out a small moan which caused him to slip his tongue in her mouth. She almost forgot what she was trying to do because once again Kookie always made her forget things when they were kissing. She forced herself to pull away from him. They both were breathing heavily. " Tell me what you know Kookie." She said giving him a seductive look. "Um… Namjoon just asked me a favor." Sarah leaned in and before she touched his lips with hers continued to question him. "And what was that?" This caused Kookie to Gulp. "Just to have you stay with me tonight. So him and Jenni could be alone" "Let's go back to my place so I can get a change of clothes?" Sarah smiled. "Ok." HE said and followed Sarah's lead as they headed back to her place. After a little bit they ended up back at Sarah and Jenni's place. Sarah opened the door and listened for a second. When she didn’t hear anything she thought the coast was clear. Kookie finally realized what he had just done, He didn't stop Sarah from going back home. "I don't think we should be here." Kookie said "Why? I Live here?" Sarah said quietly and grabbed Kookie's hand. "I wonder if I should go in Jenni's room and interrupt them." Sarah laughed "Oh no you don't, It'll scar you all over again." Kookie took the lead and had Sarah follow him. "But I could easily get it out with you here." Sarah said and Kookie quickly pulled her into her room and shut the door and pinned her against her door. "This is a bad Idea if I stay." he said before he started Kissing her neck. Sarah's stomach was doing flips once again and her breathing increased. He kept sucking and nipping and licking her neck. Sarah had enough of that teasing and when she got the chance she bit his neck and started sucking. She wanted to leave a mark on him. He forcefully pushed her back against the door again to stop her and he quickly took off her shirt. She liked this side of him. He was just staring at her exposed skin, when they heard Jenni's door open and shut. Sarah quickly moved away from the door and went to find a shirt to put on and find something for Jungkook to switch into. She put a shirt on and then was going through her stuff when Kookie came up behind her and put his arms around her, giving her a back hug. She grabbed the shirt that she thought would fit him. "If I stay I think I won't be able to control myself." he whispered into her ear. "But I don’t want to sleep alone." Sarah whined "And they might go at it again." she added "Want to come back to my place then? But we will sleep in different beds. Just to be safe." he said moving back. "So this shirt would be pointless to wear huh?" Sarah said facing him holding the shirt out to him. "Yeah, but you can wear what you have now and bring a change of clothes for the morning." "Ok." Sarah said they quickly grabbed what she needed and they headed back to Kookie's place. When they got there Sarah was really tired and climbed into Namjoon's bed while Kookie went to his but he gave Sarah a kiss before they went to bed. They both fell asleep real fast. "In the middle of the night Sarah got up and moved to Kookie's bed. Since he was still out when she slipped into his bed he put his arm around her and pulled her close. She had her head on his chest and had one hand draped over him and the other closer to him holding onto his shirt slightly. He had moved and so his head was against hers. Sarah loved the smell of him and just felt better being next to him. In the morning Kookie woke up and saw Sarah was in his bed, but she was facing the wall. He moved closer to her and draped his arm over her side and fell back asleep. He didn’t care at that moment that she had snuck into his bed in the middle of the night, he loved cuddling up to his girl, just like she liked his scent he liked her scent and felt happy having her in his arms.
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Recent sweet. I'm sure all of those boys like to cuddle. The rest of the maknae line are going to have a field day if they see Kookie and Sarah in bed like that. I wonder if Eomma Jin will give Kookie a 'safe sex' lecture....hehehe
omo i so need to do that!
With all this sexual tension and frustration going on, someone gonna blow! I wonder who's gonna explode first?! Lmao!😆