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I'm having computer issues, so tonight's will be a short card. I guess I favor the vocal line sometimes, but I also favor the rap line at other times. Both are so good, how can I choose? The rap line can become the vocal line also....but the vocal line has a more difficult time becoming the rap line.
Vocal line
Even acapella, they sound wonderful.
I had a difficult time finding a performance of just the rap line.
This is just a funny clip where the vocal line the and the rap line sorta' sung the opposite parts. We know that they are much better than this.
Now here is a series of clips where rapper MinHyuk sings Sungjae's parts. Then the second half is Sungjae rapping MinHyuk's parts. They sound pretty good. BTOB has rappers that sing well and singers that rap well. Not many groups can say that.
Hopefully tomorrow my computer will cooperate better. This is another card where I wasn't really sure what to day. Sorry.
hahaha i noticed Minhyuk singing for Sungjae cause Sungjae wasn't there to preform. Threw me for a loop when i only counted 6 members. But the Vocal line has been working on their rapping. you seen them frestyle in Btob Diary
your card was great. the vocal line is truly amazing.
I love it! They are so talented.