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So I started my own cosplay business……….

Ok, so lets get one thing out of the way. I love cosplay. so much. … .I probably love cosplay about as much as I love anime. so I decided to make a business out of this love and want to help cosplay gain more mainstream recognition and also help build a local cosplay scene here in my city. so far financial issues are practically non existent. Other than the fact that I would greatly appreciate a small donation of 6,000 from my bank (they said no) I can finance the costumes, photographer, graphic artist and the models out of my monthly salary and my side business. I moonlight as a DJ and I do everything from Nightclubs to concerts and weddings….… so yeah lol. any ways, what I really need help with questions about the business side of cosplaying. are there any cosplayers who sell their prints? can you give me a story about how that was for you? what went well what didn't what you wished went better… Also I was thinking of using a patreon account but since I will be employing 3 cosplayers dude make one account for all or do individual ones? plz halp lol. if any of you wonderful cosplayers would like to help me out I would love your input. ☺️ Thank you very much. tagging @hikaymm cuz I don't really know any one else lol
IDK the answer to those questions.
have you tried go fund me?
lol its cool I appreciate.
@T0R1L yes I have one for my dj business. if I am going to be representing multiple clients as their manager should I give them individual accounts or just one gofundme account for everyone. that's my main issue is should I just feature them on one account across all social media platforms? or should I give them autonomy so they can run their own social media sites but for like patreon and gofund me pages I should run those? lol lots of questions.
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