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Hello fellow vinglers! I'm back with yet another oneshot scenario this time with EXO's oldest and most adorable and attractive member, Kim Minseok or Xiumin! Please enjoy!
Warning Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk
You were on the couch using your phone, until the doorbell rang. You got up and opened the door. It was your ex all drunk and stupid. "I'm sorry I cheated on you! Please take me back!" Jack said. "Not after what you did with Ashley! I'm never gonna forgive you!" You said to him. "Please! I'm begging you!" Jack said. He was on his knees with his hands together in a fist. "Oh get up Jack! I don't think so!" You said. He walked into your house as if he was trying to kill you but you pushed him out and locked the door. Another guy got out of his car and beat Jack up. "No! Xiumin! You don't have to do this!" You said as you walked out of your house. "Yeah I do! He broke your heart!" Xiumin said as he continued to beat up Jack. You pulled Xiumin into your house and locked the door again. You put your hands on the door on each side of Xiumin's head. You look out the window to see that Jack was still on the ground in pain until he passed out. You then look at Xiumin and confess what you have always wanted to say to him ever since you saw him. "I've always wanted to say this to you. Ever since I saw you outside at school. I think you're really cute and I've always wanted to tell you that... " (You paused for a moment, gathering up the courage to confess to him) you swallowed your pride and said it to him. What you have always wanted to tell him. "I like you!" You said. You were totally relieved you said it as you took deep breaths. Xiumin blushed. You push off of the door and he walks towards you. You, carefully walking backwards towards the side of the stairs, start to look worried as you lean up against the wall and Xiumin places his hands against the wall on both sides of your head. He blushes and smiles to himself. "I like you too (r/n)" he replies. You smile at his reply as you look down and he kisses you with no warning. You return the kiss as you lead him upstairs to your room. Once you got to your room, you close the door and lock it behind you and cover up the window so no light gets in. Then you kiss Xiumin and walk him over to your bed. You then jump into his arms as he lays you down on the bed, stripping both you and himself, throwing the clothes to the side. You both roll over to where you were on top and you kiss him and grind on top his pelvic bone until he grabs your lumbar and rolls you back over till he's on top. He then shoves his dick up your hole and grinds on your buns, giving you a satisfying feeling of motion, you sigh out of relief and he growls as if he's hungry for more, so he goes for your neck and kisses it as you pull him closer to you and you roll back over on his back and kiss his neck as you grind on his crotch. You then lean on your side, pull him so close to you that your chest touches his chest, hook your legs onto his back, and kiss him with passion. He does the same thing to you, kissing you passionately until you both run out of oxygen. You then let go, pull away and catch your breath as he slid his dick out of your hole and you both lay down on your backs. Once you both caught your breath, you sat up and moved your body closer to the wall and squat down stretching yourself as Xiumin got up, kissed your neck, licked your boobs all over, licked inside your belly button, all the way down to your buns and licked all over them. Your outer buns, your inner buns, the sides, even to where you were leaking. He poked his tongue all the way up your hole and licked everywhere, even hitting your g-spot. You then got off the wall and sat at the edge of your bed as he continued to eat you out until you were all dry. Once he stopped, you then pinned him down on the floor, squeezed his dick, and poked his black cherries and in between them and licked around them until he was dry. You then spit out your saliva in the corner of the room and kiss him as you move yourself on him, massaging his pelvis and yourself on top of him until you reached a high. Then you slowed down until you found your sweet spot and sped up again. You repeated this as many times as possible until you were just knocked out into slumber over him and you laid your head on his neck until you both were fast asleep.
I hope you all enjoyed! If you want more oneshots from me, please suggest an idol! Thanks for reading!