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EXO Getting Sick?!
aw man.....EXO is getting sick. I've been hearing that Chen has an eye infection (that's the reason why he wore shades), Yixing has a waist injury I think, Chanyeol is limping because of his waist, Kai...we all know what happened to him, Baekhyun and Suho are not feeling well.
GAHHHHH I'm sooooo worried right now
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Chanyeol has the waist injury
a year ago·Reply
@KpopLifeu 😭😭😭my UB
a year ago·Reply
@BiasKpop If you saw EXO's second win video the members lifted Suho up and threw him up then puts him back down. Chanyeol was on the ground holding his back/waist
a year ago·Reply
@KpopLifeu I'm crying tears this makes me sad I hope everyone gets better
a year ago·Reply
Oh my poor babies!!! I hope they have a fast recovery!! 😭😭💗💗
a year ago·Reply