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I'M SORRY PLEASE DON'T HIT ME! Its late! I know! Life keeps getting in my way. Even though I keep telling it to go away.... I want to share with you all my favorite eras from Xero and Hansol. Before I begin, I want to say that I honestly love every era. But there is a specific one for each member. Xero - Annie era. Or pretty much any black haired ara. I absolutely love it when he has dark hair. I don't know what it is.... And I was lucky because that's what color he had when I saw Topp Dogg last year. XD
I guess because it's more natural? I'm not sure but HE LOOKS SO GOOD!! Hansol - As for him, I prefer him blonde. Or rather the white color he had during Say It. It REALLY highlights his eyes! Especially when he wore those blue contacts, which he wore a lot.
OK. So I actually just realized that the blond/white makes him look younger. But his eyes!!
I'm not sure what era is my favorite. I do agree with you about Xero though. He does look good with black hair. Now Hansol looks good in blonde white hair but he also rocks the other colors. ❤
Hansol eyes are cute!! They look like animation eyes but they are not!
@MelissaGarza It was actually hard to pick my favorite Hansol era.... I love it all. But I remember his blonde white hair in conjunction with his ever present blue contacts and that wasit. I had my answer.
@MorleeCorielus They do actually!! XD