She stared blankly into my eyes. "In 5 months? We can do that? Why are you trying to do this all at once?" I tried to make something up. "You remember, I was cleaning the garage right?" "Yeah" "I found a box with some of my old stuff in it and I saw a bucket list I made when I was little, and that was the first thing on the list, Doing exotic things in 5 months." "Oh... That's cool!!" She gladly didn't suspect anything. So, we thought going to Europe was too expensive, riding 10 roller coasters in one day was going to be our first goal. I told y/n that I was going to take a shower. As I went into the bathroom, I looked at myself in the mirror and talked to myself. "It's okay. This is how it's going to work. start with the small things first. Stacking memories one by one. That's how it's going to work." I tried to calm myself down, but I started to cry again. After the shower, I saw y/n on the bed reading her book. I wanted to spend some quality time with her. There wasn't going to be an opportunity like this ever again in my life. I slowly took down her book with my finger. And I gave her that look. She started to smile and giggled a little. "Seok Jin oppa!" I pinned her down on the bed and she screamed a little while laughing. "Y/n, I love you" And I dominantly kissed her. She followed along my lead. I was searching through her mouth, resulting her to moan a little and that turned me on. I flipped the blanket over us, And yes.. We did... What you are exactly thinking. The next morning, I woke up to y/n leaning on me mumbling something. I paid attention, "Seok Jin oppa... Stop... Oppa... I love you... Oppa... Seok jin.. Aah.." I started to think that I wasn't going to be safe with her... But, it was cute. I'm glad she likes what I do to her. I hugged her tightly and whispered, "y/n, I love you." She smiled. It's like, she knew what I was saying, even in her sleep. We were hugging eachother like that for a long time and she finally woke up. As soon as she woke up, she kissed my lips. "Jagiya~ when did you wake up?" I smiled and kissed her back. "A while ago~" She looked at me for a while and said, "You're so handsome! I can't believe I'm with such a fabulous guy like this!" I giggled out of embarrassment, and replied with confidence, "You know me, I'm always gorgeous like that. Honey, don't forget... I could've been miss korea, if I wasn't a guy." She laughed so hard, and I laughed along with her. "I love my sassy jagi~" We laughed, kissed, hugged, and finally got up. After breakfast, we decided to go to the amusement park and try our challenge. It was winter, but there was no time. I mean, going to the amusement park during winter was going to be a trend right? Y/n dressed into a cute sweater and simple leggings. She wore some furry boots to match the casual style. Everything was lovable about her. When we went out, the cold suddenly hit me and I became dizzy. I fell, and I realized that i forgot to take my medication. I shook my head hard and looked at y/n. She looked so confused. I couldn't let her know about this already.
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