This situation wasn't normal. Taehyung oppa was always the one who made me smile all the time. We were both bright and fluffy.. But today was different. I was trying to make him feel better. He didn't look too happy today. "Taehyung oppa~" I did some aegyo to lighten his face up. But his face looked like his mind was somewhere else. His negative feel was contagious and it later on caught up to me. The walk to my house was so long... Every moment of it was... unhappy. As we arrived at my house, I had a gift for Taehyung so I looked for it in my bag and held it in place, not revealing it yet. He stood right across from me and said, "y/n.... I think we should break up... " My smile started to dissolve. And I dropped my gift. Everything felt like it was in slow motion. "Why-" "I think this relationship is too much for me. I can't handle you..." "What do you mean? It's been over 10 months now! We've been handling so much.." "I know... But I don't think we are good for each other. Every Time I come back from a date with you, it's exhausting... You're too..." "I'm too what?" "clingy..." A tear started to roll down my face, glistening. "I'm clingy?" He looked at my face and was surprised that I was crying. His face didn't look like he wanted to break up with me either... I don't know why he would do this. What was wrong with him? I saw tears starting to fill in his eyes. "Taehyung oppa... Tell me the truth... I know you don't want to break up with me.." "No, you're wrong. You're just denying the truth y/n. I only wanted to date you just for fun, but this became too much of a long relationship.. I'm sorry.." Maybe he was right... Maybe I am denying the truth... maybe he was trying to just have fun but... I held him too long.... It's my fault... I started to cry even more. I wiped my tears and bit my lips trying not to cry even more. I couldn't dare to look at his face. But I heard him sniffling... What was going on? Did he want to break up with me or not? I talked, as my voice started to shake. "Oppa... Please... Tell me the truth.." His voice started to shake also... He tried to calm down. "Y/n. Please, don't make it harder for me to leave!" He sobbed. "Oppa, why are you doing this, I know you don't want to leave me..." "y/n, I'm sorry..." And he turned around. He ran. It started to rain and I tried to chase him, but I fell and landed on my knees. Blood started to drip down my knee, He heard me fall down and looked back, but just ran. I was soaked. Crying in the rain. With blood dripping. Present day It has been 3 years from that horrible break up. I haven't been able to fall in love with someone after that. I lost joy thinking about relationships, ideal types, all those lovey dovey things. I was too young for that love shit. Honestly, who needs love? If you just have something to live off of, then that's how life goes. I went to the hospital. My workplace. I was a doctor and was pretty famous for me being one of the best surgeons. There was going to be some kind of 'celebration' for someone new that was coming to the hospital. They say he was recruited from the president of the hospital... I guess he's pretty good. But he was from the countryside, so all the doctors really didn't expect much about him. As I went into my room and wore my gown, one of the nurses came in my room saying, "The new doctor is here! You should come and see him!! He's super super cute!" I smirked and walked out the door. As I walked through the hallways I saw everyone running around trying to see the new doctor. As I went through the crowd, I saw a stance that I have seen before. Kim Taehyung.
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