Kim Taehyung... I forgot... He wanted to become a doctor. I knew at that moment that the president actually picked the right person. He was the best in the medical field. There was going to be a lot of things going against us. I know there is. But, as a doctor, he was probably the best. When I was thinking all about this, he noticed me and looked shocked. He tried to hide his facial expression, but I saw it in his eyes. Guilt, Fear, and... There was something else. I couldn't figure it out. He looked at me with guilt and fear, but there was another one. Definitely another feeling. I checked his hands. No ring. He wasn't married. Maybe he was just like me... I shook my head a little, trying to get back to my senses. Taehyung... Oppa.. No. Dr.Kim let out his hand and said, "Hi... Nice meeting you.. again." I held his hand and shook it. "Hello, it's been a while. I hope we work well together." That's what I said.. Then I took off. I don't know why but I started to feel tears filling up. My hand that touched him started to shake. I ran to a vacant hallway. I dropped down to the floor and held my knees together. I put my head down and started to sob. I tried to be strong infront of him.. But I collapsed. Some kind of wall inside of me just came down. After emptying my heart out, I went to the intensive care unit to check up on my patient I did surgery on. She didn't wake up yet, but she was in stable condition, so I asked the resident that worked under me to take her to a normal room. When I came out from that place, I bumped into 'Dr.Kim' "Sorry," I walked off, coldly leaving my scent to him. I felt him turn around and he grabbed my wrist. "Y/n, can we talk?" "Sorry, I don't have anything to talk about with you." I snapped. It was that look again. I still couldn't get a hold of it. "Y/n, I'm new to this place.. You should tour me.." "Ask the nurse, she's in charge of the new recruited people. I have a surgery scheduled so I don't really have time." And I walked away. I didn't want to be a stupid weak girl like I was. I wanted to prove to him that I grew, and I wasn't foolish anymore. But, in the corner of my heart, It hurt. It hurt leaving him behind. It hurt having him all alone. But I threw those feelings away. Well, I tried to throw them away.. After the 6-hour surgery, I went back to my room. But infront of my room was a room that used to be vacant. But I noticed that 'Dr.Kim' moved in. I was going to bump into him everyday. As I opened the door, I noticed a pot of flower on my desk, and a simple card. I opened the card and it read, "Happy to be your new neighbor! I missed you..." It was Taehyung oppa. I smirked. As I sat down on my chair I started to get a feeling. 'I missed you...' That was it! His look. He missed me. It was filled with emptiness and longing. He missed me.. Just like how I missed him... It took me so long to forget about him but, It took me such a short time to.. Love him again.
awwwww gurllll boyyy! you two bimbo heads ugh just say i love you have make up sex the BOOM baby and happily ever after tada~ haha kidding but really just make up and get married i cant stand sad stuff but then i again i love angst stories and oneshots sooo.... huhu
Oh please tell me there is more...I need it lol
@SindyHernandez β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘πŸ» my pleasure~^^
please tag I want to know why he left her when he really didn't wanted to I'm so curious I feel like dying but I won't cause I can't be missing this awesome story please tag me πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
@taetaebaozi β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘πŸ»
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