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Hello fellow vinglers! Here is the second chapter to my oneshot series, "Married to J-Hope". Want the previous chapter? Click here:
Chapter 2 The sun gleamed through the window into Hannah's eyes as she rose from her bed and threw a pillow at Chloe "get up! It's already 8:30!" Hannah said to Chloe. She got up and yawned. "Wow that sun is bright!" She said shielding her eyes from the gleam of sunlight. "I know! It always bothers me!" Hannah said as she stood up and walked away from her bed to her closet and found clothes to wear for the day. "Come on Chloe, I'm hungry, let's go downstairs." Hannah said as she pulled out her clothes and got dressed. Chloe pushed off the covers and went towards her closet to find her clothes. After they got dressed, they grabbed their purses and study materials, and went downstairs to the breakfast room. Once they got there they set their purses down at a table where Madison and Natalie were sitting and walked towards the plates and food. They got their breakfast and sat down next to Madison and Natalie. They chatted and ate and once they were done, they got up and left for class at campus. The classes seemed to go by so quickly, that they were already doing their own thing. Hannah went to the park for her daily fast-walk exercise, then she danced until her body was tired and she went back to the hotel. "Should we go back to that awesome restaurant we went to last time?" said Chloe. "Sure! I'd love to!" Hannah said. They called the other girls and told them and they met at the place. Once they were seated, they saw four very hot men across the room and blushed. "Do you think they're celebrities?" Chloe asked. The four girls chucked amongst one another. "I don't know Chloe, they look hard to recognize from here, even I don't know about them." Hannah said. The four guys started to look around and the girls glued their eyes to the menu. They already knew what they wanted, so when the waiter came up to take their order, the girls were confident about their order and told the waiter what they wanted. After the waiter left, they continued to stare at the guys and wonder if they are celebrities. "How about we take silly pictures of eachother and see if they notice! Then we'll totally know if they're celebrities or not!" Madison suggested. They all agreed and started taking pictures on their phones until the food came. They ate their food and also posed with their food as well as be silly with their food. They were still keeping a close eye on the guys to see if they even noticed the girls taking silly pictures. The girls were all dying of laughter until the guys approached them. Once the guys approached the girls, the girls squealed out of excitement. The guys were indeed, celebrities! (Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook.) "What are you doing here?" Natalie asked all excited. "Oh we just came here for dinner like you until you girls started looking at us." Jin replied with a smile. "We were wondering if you were famous and we were right!" Hannah said to Jin. "Can we join in your pictures?" Jungkook asked. The other hyungs giggled at his question. "Yah! What's so funny?" Jungkook asked his hyungs. The other hyungs patted his back and he felt better. "Um... Sure! If you want!" Chloe said to Jungkook. Hannah got out her selfie stick and her phone and set it up to selfie mode. "Ready everyone? One, two, three. SELFIE" and the picture was taken. "It was nice meeting you all!" Hannah said. "You too girls!" Jimin replied. "Is it possible that we might see eachother again?" J-Hope asked. "I don't know, we come to this restaurant every night for dinner, we are studying abroad at Korea University, and I'm working out at the nearby park every day, so... I'm not too sure how to answer that." Hannah said honestly. "Well, I'll see you soon, okay?" J-Hope said. "Okay, see you soon!" Hannah replied. The guys left and the girls finished their dinner. Once they ate all their food, they waited for the bill. Hannah paid the bill and waited for her credit card to be used and returned. After she got her credit card back, the girls headed back to their hotel. Once they got inside they headed towards the elevator to their rooms. "See you girls in the morning." Hannah said as Madison and Natalie got off the elevator and on to their floor. Hannah and Chloe waited until they got to their floor and they got off the elevator and went to their room. Once they got to their rooms, they undressed and put on their pjs as they got in their beds and fell asleep. Alright you guys! Stay tuned for the next chapter! Also if you want another oneshot, comment an idol! I will keep a list of idols to work on! Tagging the friend list! Please let me know if you want to be added or removed! 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