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Hello vinglers! I back again with another oneshot! This one has Park Chanyeol of EXO! Enjoy!
Warning Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk
Are you game? (A Park Chanyeol oneshot) You hugged Chanyeol and whispered in his ear. "I'm game if you are." Chanyeol grinned at your comment as if he was wanting you. "Oh I'm game alright!" He replied. You let go and check the temperature of the water. You adjust it to where you like it and checked it again. After the water temp was set, you started to strip which made Chanyeol strip too. You get in the shower and soak your body as Chanyeol follows you to kiss you. You return the kiss and jump into his arms as you hook your legs around his back and your arms around his neck. His hands are on your thigh as you get down and switch the water from shower to bath as you block the drain and you lie down and close your eyes, Chanyeol lies on top of you and kisses you. You wrap your arms around his neck as he holds your head up with his hands. You then hook your legs steady around his and continued to kiss him until the water was at your ears. You then get up to turn off the water but Chanyeol blocks you from the handle. "I'll turn it off when it's full ok? Just relax." He assures you. You then rest your head at the top of the tub as you continue to make out with him until the water reaches the top of the tub. You try to get up to tell him but he blocks you from it. You squeeze his shoulder lightly making him stop and turn it off himself. He then returns to kiss you and you turn him over until he's in the water as you set your hands on both sides of his head out of the water as his hands were at the sides of the tub on either side of your butt. You continue to kiss him until you sink your butt in the water as his dick slid into your hole in the bath and you started to grind on top of his crotch. Your bodies were one as you both soaked off your dead skin cells and making love at the same time in the bath. You grab the soap bar and begin to soap yourself until he grabbed the soap bar from you. "Hey, you do me, and I do you, ok?" Chanyeol said. "Ne~" you replied. You rub the soap bar on his chest, his neck, his arms, his sides, his back, his butt, and finally, his legs and feet. He turned you over and you do a quick rub on your buns and hole before handing it to him. He rubs his black cherries and dick and soaks it til it's clean and then rubs your chest, your boobs, your belly button, your neck, your shoulders, your arms, your hips, your back, your butt, and finally your legs and feet. He put the soap bar away, and kissed you until the both of you ran out of oxygen. You got up, drained the water, properly washed yourself with the shower water (Chanyeol following suit), got out of the shower, put a towel and robe on, and lied down in your bed. Once Chanyeol was done washing himself properly with the shower water, he dried off, grabbed a towel, and walked towards you in your bed. He got on your bed on top of you, and kissed you like you both were gonna make love to eachother once again in bed. He began to grind his crotch on your pelvic bone and with every grinding move, he slowed down until his dick slid into your hole and he rocked on your pelvis so hard it's as if you're passed out. You rolled your chest on his chest with your boobs on each side so that he could grasp onto both of them and squeeze them like therapy toys. He was enjoying every second with you, he didn't even care if you were sick anymore because the fever was going back and forth between you and Chanyeol. You turned your head to the side to gasp for air and Chanyeol kissed your neck endlessly until you caught your breath. You kissed him again until he had to gasp for air so you kissed his neck like you were sucking out your favorite drink from a fast food place or licking yogurt out of the cup. He kissed you again after he calmed down from gasping for air and you continued to kiss until his dick slid out of your hole and you both had to breathe. He grabbed his towel, wrapped it around his crotch and kissed your forehead. "I'll be in the other room if you need me." He said. "Alright." You replied. He walked out of your room and you fell asleep, getting some much needed rest after all that nookie you and he just had both in the bathroom and on the bed. You suddenly get up, put your towel and robe on, and got up to get some water. You sat down on the couch next to Chanyeol watching tv and drink your water. "I'm cold." He said his arms with his hands. You get up to give him a jacket but he pulled your wrist as you started to walk away. "You are my blanket." He said staring at you. You blush and sit back down resting your arm around his shoulder as he leaned his head on you and you both watch tv for the rest of the day.
I hope you all liked it! If you want more oneshots please suggest an idol! Thanks for reading!
it was a really good one shot. like all one shots, it was too short 😀
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Oh come on! Really? Should I write a second one? Or is this fine? I'm pretty satisfied with this one, unless you want more! I can give you more if you want!
@MaggieHolm please put a warning on this.
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No problem 👍🏻