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she is her first love
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Still breaks my heart...😭😭😭😭
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@AmazingAshley Why!?!?!........ HE DOESN'T GET WITH HER??!?!?!?!?😱
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umm he did.. 😅
a year ago
@DestinyAgnew He dosent get with Onodera! 😭😭😭 He threw away the chance to explore his and kosaki's feeling for chitoge. im didnt see that coming at all.... 😭😭😭 He chose chitoge after eveything was leading up to kosaki 😢😢😢
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im a raku x onodera fan btw. i wish i knew why the mangaka changed direction so drastically...
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@AmazingAshley Ooh phew *wipe sweat* U scared me for a sec. there lol but im sorry i wanted him to choose chitoge
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