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Okay, here is my second fanfiction. I hope you enjoy it. Personally I like it better than the EXO one, but then again, it is normal that I don't like my own work. I had some of my close friends read it before I posted it and they liked it. One of them cried at the end. I have to admit it, I cried a bit at the end as well. Without further ado, here is part one.
Stepping out of the shower you wrapped your hair in one towel on top of your head and your body in another. As you dried yourself off you started to hum a song to yourself.
“I will be there in 5 minutes! Tell Key that I am sorry. Maybe buy him some food. Thanks hyung!” You heard a voice in the other room. A male’s voice. What is this pervert doing in my apartment? You thought to yourself. You could hear footsteps coming closer so you grabbed the closest thing to you. A hair dryer. Right, okay, we will just scare him with heat. You closed your eyes and held out the dryer in front of with you. Your hands began to shake and you took in a deep breath. Then it happened. The thing you would have never expected in the whole 3 years you have lived there. A stranger walked into the bathroom. Two seconds after eye contact you had him on the floor begging you not to kill him.
“Ahh! Please no!” He begged.
“Why are you in my apartment?” You continued yelling.
‘Jonghyun, are you alright? Please answer me. I am sending Minho to get you!’ You heard the phone say. The stranger must have not hung up before creeping a peak. What a pervert. You thought to yourself but then soon remembered that you were naked and sitting on top of a stranger with a hair dryer in your hands.
You stood up, letting out a shriek. “Why are you in my apartment?!”
“Why did you attack me with my hair dryer?” he cried out.
You heard the door swing open. That was fast. “Jonghyun!? Jonghyun!?” another stranger yelled. Probably one of his pervert friends…
The stranger swooped in and before you could even say anything, both of the perverts have ran out of your apartment and were already halfway down the hall. That is not how I wanted to start my day. And what did he say? HIS hair dryer? Whatever, I am going to be late for work. You looked at the clock and saw that you only had about fifteen minutes to get dressed and out the door. Your mind was all over the place so you couldn’t bother to plan out a cute outfit so you just put on your favorite maroon skater skirt and a plain white shirt which you paired with your favorite doc martins. You made sure that you locked the door behind you and ran out the door.
“Sorry I am late!” You bowed in apology as you made your way behind the counter and began cleaning the counters in the cafe. There was an unusual amount of talking this morning so you popped your head around the corner to see what all the noise was. And then you saw him. The pervert. He was sitting with his friends, including the other pervert that has somehow made it into your apartment as well. He caught you staring and became very wide-eyed. You darted around the corner, up the stairs and onto the roof.
“This morning keeps getting weirder. Who is this guy?” You whispered to yourself
“My name is Jonghyun. I figured you would know that.” He said from behind you.
“What do you mean I would- WAIT! Are you following me?” You began to walk away, but he grabbed your wrist.
“About this morning…” He began.
“Nothing. Forget it. Don’t worry about it.” You smiled, not feeling the need to bring it up at the moment. “Please go back to your friends and enjoy your meal.” You bowed. You kept your head down until you knew for sure he was gone and then let out a deep breath. He doesn’t seem like the kind of person to be such a creep. After a while you returned downstairs and continued cleaning the counters and tables.
When the day was finally over you were glad to go home. You were looking forward to a nice weekend to yourself. As soon as you arrived home you began to take off your clothes. First your shoes, then your shirt. Friday night means lounging around your house in sweats and a sports bra. Naturally, you plopped onto the couch and turned on the new Korean drama that everyone has been talking about called ‘To The Beautiful You’. You soon noticed a familiar face. “Pervert number two?!” you gasped. You quickly turned the TV off and decided to call it a night. This day has been too weird. I think I just need some sleep.
As soon as your head hit the pillow you heard a strange noise. This weird day does not want to stop. You decided to get up and go check out the noise. You grabbed your hair dryer again on your way out of the room. You turned the corner and saw him again. Pervert number one. Jonghyun he said his name is. As soon as eye-contact was made, startled, you lifted your hair dryer and hit him right in the head. When that happened you felt something hit you as well. He had hit you with a hair dryer as well. Where did he get that? Was your last thought before blacking out and falling to the ground. You heard a faint “Sorry” as you fell.
When you finally started to wake up, before opening your eyes you began to feel around. Okay, I still have my head, even though it hurts like hell. What is this? That’s not mine. You moved your hand lower. That is definitely not mine. You opened your eyes and saw that you had your hands on a sleeping Jonghyun. Or at least you hoped he was sleeping. “Okay, I know you are a dirty little pervert, but please do not be dead. I can’t handle this.” You picked up his phone to see if you could find him some help, but no one had answered.
With all of your strength you managed to lift him off the ground and threw him onto the bed. “I have an unconscious dude on my bed... I have an unconscious dude on my bed.” You grabbed your head in your hands and fell to your knees. “Someone is going to come and help, right?” You tried to be positive about the situation, but failed to do so.
A few minutes later, you heard a grunt come out of the stranger. “What the…” He rubbed his head. You hid your face behind your hands but had one eye popping through your fingers.
“Don’t freak out!” You yelled. He kept his mouth shut. “Why-” You wanted to yell at him but once his eyes met yours you couldn’t think straight.
“I’m sorry for hitting you. Please forgive me.” He stood up and bowed, but quickly got dizzy and fell to the floor.
“Jonghyun! Are you alright? I’m sorry for hitting you, but you should know better than to be a creep. You scared me and I didn’t know what to do.” You got down next to him.
“It’s okay… Umm, I never got your name.” He looked up at with you with his doughy brown eyes.
“(Y/N). My name is (Y/N).” You started to stutter. You never stutter though so it surprised you. What is this? Feelings? For this pervert? (Y/N), stop. Since you partially caused this, the best thing you can do is let him rest here for the night. He will be gone in the morning. I will make sure of it. “You can sleep on the couch tonight and be on your way in the morning. Please do not wake me up.” You began to push him out of the room.
The next morning you woke up from a nice sleep. You pulled your teddy bear closer to you and gave it a kiss. But then soon remembered that you don’t have a teddy bear. If I open my eyes and there is a Jonghyun in my bed, I swear I’m gonna… Oh’s moving.
“(Y/N)... It’s okay…” You heard him mumble. He is still fast asleep, and as weird as he is, you just couldn’t wake him up. You shifted into a position to see his face. Wow. You admired his face. You scanned him up and down with your eyes. He looks so familiar…
His phone sang, causing him to wake up. Jonghyun completely ignored you as he got up to get dressed. You watched him start to change but then he pauses. “And you call me the creep.” He chuckled.
You dove your head into the pillows and pulled the blankets over your head. “Sorry, I uhh-”
“You don’t need to apologize.” He walked out of the bedroom. You got out of bed and popped your head out the door to see Jonghyun in jeans and a tank top. He looks like he gives good hugs...Wait. What? (Y/N), snap out of it. You made your way over to the table as he began to cook up some breakfast.
“So are we going to talk about this?” he began, “Yesterday was pretty weird, but don’t tell me that you didn’t feel something.”
“Umm, yeah. You hit me with a hairdryer.” you sassed.
“How about we start over?” he turned around and flashed a smile. So cute. “So what are your plans for the day? I thought maybe we could be together and get to know each other. You seem...interesting.” You felt his eyes scan your body. Interesting? What does he mean by that? And why does this creep want to be with me today? More importantly, why is he still in my apartment?!
“I guess so..” you shrugged “I think I am just going to stay in today though. I’m sure you have more important things to do than lazy around with a stranger.”
“A cute stranger. I actually don’t have much to do today anyway.” He brought you a plate of french toast. Your favorite. You frowned at your food. “Whats wrong? Do you not like it? I can get you something else.” he began to lift up your plate, but you grabbed his wrist with all your strength which startled you both.
“Sorry.” you let go of his wrist. “It’s nothing.” you took the plate from his hand and began to eat your french toast. He cut the bread into the shape of a bear. Why did he do that? You began to have flashbacks of being served these before. The flashbacks were quite fuzzy and you didn’t have the best memory, so you became very frustrated.
“Are you alright?” he asked, cutting you away from your thoughts. You nodded and began to eat your food. He studied your every move before starting up a conversation. “What would you like to do today?” He smiled.
“Watch a movie, maybe bake something. I should probably work out.” you began to come up with a plan in your head as you stuffed your food onto your mouth. Jonghyun on the other hand was eating quite gently. You studied his moves before straightening yourself out and eating at a cleaner and slower pace. Once both of your plates were empty, he took them and loaded them into the dishwasher.
“What do you feel like baking?” he asked.
“I don’t know. Maybe a cake, because why not?” you began to walk into your room to collect your phone so you could look up a recipe. Once you came back to the kitchen you saw Jonghyun was on the phone. He was arguing with someone.
“Well I’m bringing someone with me! I’ll see you then. Goodbye.” he hung up. He let out a long sigh before realizing that you had walked back into the kitchen. “Do you want to go to a ball with me tonight?”
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