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“I don’t have anything to wear... I only own jeans, sweats and T-shirts.” you looked down at the floor and became very self conscious. Why is someone so fancy talking to me? People with enough money to wear suits usually avoid people like me.
“Well then I guess we are going to squeeze in shopping today. Do you want to go before or after baking?” he looked at you with a straight face
You gave him a weird look before responding. “Let’s bake first and then I’ll shower so we can go out. How does that sound?”
He nodded and then walked over to look at the recipe that you pulled up on your phone. He read most of the ingredients and then began to collect what was needed. Once you had the ingredients out you began to read aloud the directions and he began to get to work.
“Let me do something! It was my idea to make a cake!” you grew frustrated with him doing all of the work. He moved away from the bowl and you began to put in some ingredients before stirring. Seeing you struggle with the mixing spoon, he stood behind you and placed his hands over yours to help you stir. Once it was all stirred, you began to lick some of the batter off of the spoon to see if it tasted good. It did.
“Can I try?” he asked, reaching for the spoon. You laughed before touching his nose with the spoon, getting the batter on him. Your smile grew at the sight of him cross eyed, shocked at what you had done. “You missed.” He smirked as he removed the batter with his finger and put it on your cheek.
Your jaw hung low, surprised that he decided to get you back. The two of you began flicking batter at each other, throwing all of your ‘hard work’ away. “Look! You’re wasting all of it! Now we can’t eat it.” you laughed.
He walked up to you and whispered into your ear in a deep husky voice “Why not?” and then he licked your cheek. You were half shocked, half grossed out that he just licked your face but you couldn't help but blush. Once he backed down, he began to put the cake pan into the oven and you began to clean up. When it was almost clean he paused. “You can shower now, I can finish cleaning.” he smiled. You nodded and then walked into your room. You placed your outfit on the bed before jumping into the shower.
You made sure that you washed out all of the batter from your hair before washing anything else. Once fully clean, you reached over to grab your towel but ended up grabbing air. You had forgotten your towel on the bed. Unsure of what to do, you began to panic. Maybe Jonghyun can bring me my towel? After a while you decided that asking for his help want a bad idea. You shouted for him and he soon came into the bathroom with his hands over his eyes.
“Are you okay?” he asked.
“Yeah, I just left my towel on the bed. Could you go get it for me?” you responded. And with that he went out to bring you your towel. Once he gave it to you he left the room and went into the kitchen to take the cake out of the oven.
After drying off and getting dressed you grabbed your things so the two of you could go shopping. You decided to wear something easy to slip off so you could change faster. When you left and locked up Jonghyun gave you a strange look before calling over a taxi. Once you got in, he gave an address to a fancy dress shop. The car ride was awkward and quiet, but luckily only a few minutes.
Once arriving to the shop, Jonghyun led you to the back room. The lady at the front desk must know him or something, because you were allowed to do whatever you wanted. When you walked into a hidden room with dresses, you began to go through the ones on the left side and he went through the right. He began collecting dresses for you to try on. The two of you met up in the middle and he handed you what he had picked out and you headed to the dressing room.
After trying on a ton of dresses, you finally found one that you really liked. “What do you think?” you asked before stepping out. You pushed the door open and presented yourself. The dress was gold on the top and then faded into black. It dragged on the ground as you walked towards him. Once standing a few feet in front of him you spun around to show him.
He sat speechless for a bit before standing up. “You look beautiful.” he said as he stared into your eyes. You began to feel a bit awkward and walked back into the changing room to put your clothes back on.
“I’ll get this one.” you smiled when you stepped out of the dressing room. He carried the dress to the front desk so he could pay for it. You felt bad having a stranger buy such a thing for you. Then you began to wonder why you were going in the first place. You had no idea who he was, or what he was like. The very little time you have spent together was the most fun you have had in awhile. Making that cake was so much fun, even though it ended up getting everywhere. You had fun trying on dresses, and were quite excited to be going to a ball.
When the payment was complete the two of you began heading back home.
“Thank you.” you smiled.
“It’s no big deal.” he smiled back.
Once arriving back home the two of you began discussing plans for the night. “We will leave around 8:00 so we can get there by 8:40. Just let me know when you want to come home. Are you still wanting to go? I don’t want to force you to do anything you don’t want to.” he said.
“Of course I want to go!” you giggled. You looked over at the clock to see how much time you had. It was only 5:30. “What do you want to do for the next few hours? I’ll start getting ready around 7:20, how does that sound?” you asked.
He nodded, “What do you feel like doing? Are you hungry? We should probably go get some food.” he said, grabbing for a jacket and our keys. You agreed and grabbed your jacket before heading back out the door. Jonghyun called for a taxi and whispered to the driver. You didn’t pay any attention to that and were soon too distracted to even remember.
It began to get dark and city lights began to glow. You were glued to the window and completely ignored Jonghyun for the first 10 minutes. He smiled at your fascination and his eyes were glued to you. You could feel his gaze but couldn’t care less.
“It’s so pretty…” you said as you saw lights glistening in the body of water.
“It is.” Jonghyun whispered, thinking maybe you wouldn’t hear him, but you did.
You arrived to the restaurant and it took you a while to realize what it was. You gasped and covered your mouth with your hands. His attention shot to you and he was by your side within seconds.
“Are you alright? We can go someplace else if you’d like.” he panicked.
“My mother used to bring me here. I just haven’t been here in a while, that is all. Thank you for bringing me here.” you smiled and kissed his cheek then wrapped your arm around his and began to walk into the building. Like the dress shop, you had your special advances like not having to wait in line and you were able to sit by a beautiful window with the most breathtaking view.
Your attention was once again taken away by nature until the waiter arrived with some water. You thanked the waiter, but were ignored and he walked back to the kitchen to get your food. You figured that maybe Jonghyun called ahead of time and gave his order or he was a frequent customer and ate the same thing each time.
“Thank you again.” you smiled as you stared into his eyes. The light hit them so perfectly and it gave you butterflies. He brushed his hand through his hair and gave an embarrassed smile. Your cheeks turned to a faint pink color and you began siping on the water.
“It’s no big deal.” he replied.
The food was brought out on a huge plate and your mouth began to water at the sight. The two of you began to dig into your food and you decided to bring up a conversation. Every time he spoke it gave you butterflies. His eyes felt so soft and you could feel his positive vibes all around you. There was a certain, unexplainable feeling you felt from being around him. In just a few hours, he had made you smile more than anyone has.
“I have a few close friends; Minho, Key, Taemin, and Onew. They will be meeting us at the ball.” Jonghyun smiled. All of those names sounded familiar, but you couldn’t figure out why.
“I’m excited to meet them!” you cheered.
The plate was nearly clear as you finished getting to know each other. That unexplainable feeling was still there and you weren’t quite sure why he made you feel this way. When the plate was entirely cleared off, the two of you collected your things and were on your way out.
In the car you two became chatty and would not shut up. Your cheeks began to hurt from smiling so much, but you loved it. You loved the way he made you feel and you knew he genuinely cared about you. You returned the feelings and opened your heart to him.
Once arriving home, you stopped at the doorway and placed a kiss on his lips. It was a passionate kiss and your heart almost jumped out of your chest when he kissed back. When you pulled away you looked to the ground and the smile returned to your face. You looked up to see him smiling at you and your cheeks were almost red.
“I’m going to go get ready.” you rubbed his arm as you walked into the house and into your room. You locked the door behind you and dove onto your bed and let out a squeal. You hugged a pillow tightly before getting up and carrying the pillow around with you. You danced around for a bit before throwing the pillow back onto the bed and you went into the bathroom.
You first began to struggled with your hair, but soon decided on a style that you liked. Normally you would do a simple face of makeup, if any at all. But tonight you wanted to look your very best. You started with a base of liquid foundation, followed by a powdered foundation. You covered your eyelid with a gold shadow to match the gold on your dress. You prayed to anyone that would listen that you would be able to perfectly wing your eyeliner equally on both side. Thankfully someone was listening and your wings were flawless.
After finishing your look with a baby pink lip color, you exited the bathroom and began undressing to get on your dress. Half way in the dress, you thought about how big of a struggle it would be to wear the dress in a taxi. It would annoy you and probably distract the driver. So you decided to put on a pair of shorts and an oversized shirt to wear there and then you would change one you arrived.
“I’m ready!” you announced as you waltzed out of the room. Jonghyun gave you a confused look and you couldn’t help but laugh before saying, “I’m kidding. I just don’t want to wear the dress in the car. I will change in the bathroom when we get there. I suggest you do the same unless you are fine with wearing a suit in a car. Personally i find it bothersome.” you said as you walked back into the room to place your dress back into the bag. You did put on your black heels because you knew it wouldn’t bother you much. Once returning to the room with your bag, you and Jonghyun collected your keys and were on your way out.
The car ride was ridiculously short and honestly, you could have just walked. When you arrived you were let in by some bodyguards when Jonghyun informed them of who he was. He showed you to the bathroom and then pointed to a flight of stairs that were to your left. “Meet me down those stairs when you are done.” he said. He pulled you in for a kiss before you went into the bathroom.
You quickly changed so you could go dance with him. You couldn’t wait to feel him wrapped around you. When you got the dress on you stared at yourself in the mirror. You took a deep breath and smiled before exiting the bathroom. You placed your clothes to the side and walked over to the stair case. You took another deep breath before walking down. You almost fell down the stairs, but luckily made it down safely. At the bottom of the stairs was Jonghyun, jaw hanging low. He was surrounded by his friends but was completely focused on you. His friends noticed his staring and looked over at you, but didn’t pay you much attention, which you didn’t care. It did start bothering you when they began to whisper about the two of you.
“Jonghyun, we need to talk.” one of them said and he grabbed him and they ran off. They ran around the corner and you followed. You hid behind the corner where no one could see you, but you could hear.
“But she makes me feel like no one has ever made me feel!” Jonghyun argued. Whatever had been brought up had pissed him off.
“She’s dead!” the friend shouted. That is when you ran up to his side to prove your existence.
“See? She is right here!” Jonghyun shouted back.
“3 years ago, you had (Y/N) were involved in a car accident on your way to your wedding. You survived with the downside of memory loss, but she didn’t make it… I’m sorry.” he stated.
“I have no idea what you are talking about!” you shouted. Your eyes shot back and forth between Jonghyun and his friend. “Jonghyun..” you began, but couldn’t find your words.
Your heart began to pound and your hands began to shake. You looked at both of the boys before looking down at yourself. Your lower half was beginning to fade away. Tears began to stream down your face and you cupped Jonghyun’s face on your hands. His tears began hitting your hands and you pulled him into a kiss before you had completely faded away. You were no longer visible to Jonghyun and you fell to the ground and cried. His tears now hitting the floor. You wished that you could comfort him, but knew you no longer could. You got up to kiss his cheek once more before going over to his friend.
“Please take care of him.” you requested. A tear fell from his face and with all said in done, you accepted your death and moved on to whatever was next for you.
Are you okay? Did you make it? I'm sorry if I did make you cry. Not saying that it's going to make everyone cry... I don't think that it is THAT good, but it is still pretty good.
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I thought it was going to be all happy and they end up together but that ending *clutches heart while quietly sniffling
now that is what I call a unexpected ending. I liked it a lot!
Awwwwwwww my eyes are red!!!! But it was a beautiful ending.
Wow!!! That was wow!!!
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I loved it! I didn't see that coming, and it was heavy. Dope!
Well that made me cry.... a lot
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