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Even though what happened in the latest chapter of fairy tail I won't give up. I been seeing lots of people say that "they're done with fairy tail" but I'm not. Honestly speaking I'm happy right now. I know things are bad because of what happened to Juvia but Juvia plays a really BIG part in Gray's character development would Mashima really do that too him? Apparently NO.

↳ Warning : Spoilers Ahead!!

Remember Sacrifices are literally Juvia's thing.


He still haven't given her his answer yet. You think Juvia will go down like that? NO

But Gray did say

"Im serious about you now, so wake up." I dont know weather or not to take that as his answer but who knows?

Anyways dont you think its weird that this fight was like when they first met?

However, I believe she did that because he has sacrifice his life to save her and now shes returning the favor.

But as Juvias saying goes...

She LIVES for the ones she loves. So cheer up things will get better. Mashima knows what hes doing and he always does the unexpected.

Aw I know I'm not done with Fairy Tail!!
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same I love it too much to leave it.
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when is this chapter suppose to be out? 😯
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I don't really know. sorry (╥﹏╥)
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Who is MUREI? (First door In the Mashima pic)
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Oh! I haven't seen/read that yet. I can't seem to find it. Thank you!
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