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I belive a few months ago Soompi created a BTS soul mate quiz. We all took the quiz and we're happy with our result. However, Soompi wanted to know if our soul mate has changed.
Jin oppa was my soul mate when I took the quiz the first time.
I took it the quiz again and got Namjoon. I took the quiz and few times and I still got Namjoon. lol I guess Jin oppa and weren't meant to be. Credit to Soompi
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Oh crap I got Suga this time! I believe last time I got JHope... Sorry Hobi
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I get Jungkook most of the time and then sometimes I'll get Jimin, Suga, V or rap monster. I've gotten Jin and J-hope like once. I always get Jungkook tho
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@EverieMisfit i got Hobi in the first one and Jimin this time
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try doing it again
a year ago
The first time I got V but now I got jhope
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