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Y/N POV What's going on? Why I'm here? I was inside a room, it was dark, the only light was coming from a small window. In panic, I tried to move my hands but it seems that I have them tied up, I'm sitting in a chair that's for sure. I tried to move my feet, but when I look down my feet are so small, as if I was 9 years Old again, a couple of minutes later some men came in yelling at me asking me and telling me "Your not him!!" "Where is he?!" They ask showing me a picture of a small boy playing at the park, he has the brightest smile I've ever seen. Another man comes in and asks me "Where is he hiding bunny?" "Be a good girl and tell me?" I answer with a child like voice "I don't known sir" The man losses his temper and slaps me, I start crying. He tells me to stop crying, Another man comes in and the previous man says "Boss!" With an alarm tone to his voice. The new man looks at me and than at the man next to me the one that slap me, and says "This is not Mr.Kim's Son,Na....." You hear an alarm go off, and someone calling your name. You are woken up from your dream, by your mom yelling at you to get up. It was already Monday again, you got up and got ready for school. Your parents where already having breakfast, as you were sitting down, your mother said "So,have you thought about it?" "If I did I wouldn't have slept well, can't you guys give a day at least?! You said with a look of annoyance. "Fine, you have until you come back from school" your father said. You got up a bit upset they wouldn't actually give you more time to think about something this big. "Fine!" You said leaving the dinning room.
Namjoon's POV I don't feel like going to school today I'll have to see her, and today our gym classes are going to be together. What I'm I going to do? "Namjoon?, can I come in? He heard my father ask. "Yes come in" I answer. "Did you slept well?" My father ask but I knew he wanted to ask something else, he never came into my room,unless he wanted my opinion on something to do with his company. "Dad, what is it that you really want to know? I have to get ready for school." I said getting up from my bed. "I just want to know if you thought about what we talked about yesterday?" He said, I took a deep breath, "I did, but is it really okay for us to get married? I mean neither of us have feelings for the other, won't it be hard to get along?" I ask as I took my school uniform from my closet "I know this is going to be hard, but remember we are in no position to let this chance go, plus you and her used to get along when you were children" He said " you were even engage back then as well" he added with a smile. I smiled as I remember, that day y/n was upset, some boys at the park took her candies, she was crying, I told her that if she married me I wouldn't let anyone take her candies and I would protect her. She accepted with a really enthusiastic nod, I remember wrapping a candy wrap in her finger, and promised I'll give her a real ring, but with this memory came the nightmare that also happen that day, I couldn't keep my promise to protect her. "Namjoon?!" My father said, getting me out of the memories. "Are you okay son?" He added "Yes, I'm fine just need to get ready for school" I said signaling for him to leave me. "Ah, that's right, well please think about it, and try to change y/n nice to her" he said before leaving. Was I not nice to her?
*At school* You arrived at school way to early, but as expected there were already students there. You were thinking about the engagement with Namjoon, you had to have an answer for your parents. Your thoughts were interrupted by your friend myungsoo screaming for your attention. "Hey, world to y/n* he said as he catch up to you. "Hey what's up?" You answer back. "I should be the one asking you that, why are you so out of it, I've been calling your name since you got out of your car" he said "Sorry I was just thinking" You answer "Well care to share?" He said while pushing your shoulder in a fun way. "Well, it's a long story" "I have time, come on y/n, tell me~" He said giving you the puppy eyes *Couple of minutes later* "What!?" He yelled gathering people's attention. "Can you please be a bit more quite" you said hitting him in his chest. "So you have to Marry him?" He asked still shock by the news. "Well that seems to be that case, what do you think? Should I accept?" You asked "Well I mean he is your first love but I don't think it will be a happy marriage...if you guys are being forced too" he said looking at you. "Yeah I tried to explain that to my mom but like always she didn't listen" He sigh "You really should think about it, before you give answer..this whole thing is a mess" he said while pinching your cheeks. "I know!" You said exasperated, you two continue to play around pinching each other and just pushing each other lightly, until the bell for class rang.
"Hey Namjoon" his friend yelled He turn around to find his older friend Jin, "what's up" he asked, "so how was dinner with your parents friends?" He asked catching up to him. "Well" Namjoon said before adding "long story short, I have to Marry their daughter" Jin had stop waking and his mouth was literally open, Namjoon got close to him, and closed his friends mouth. "What?!" Jin yelled "I'm engaged" Namjoon said calm "Your kidding right?" Jin said with wide eyes. "No I wish...this I all real" Namjoon said continuing to walk, leaving a shock Jin behind. As he got closer to the school's entrance he noticed y/n and some guy having fun, and being a little to touchy with the guy. Namjoon kept looking at y/n each time that guy got closer to her Namjoon would get more annoyed. She was having fun? Did she not cared about this whole engagement thing? Why was she so relaxed? Who is that guy? His thoughts were cut off when the bell rang.
*In class* "Okay everyone take a sit" the teacher said, "today we will start our day with a little of exercise" Everyone in class protested, it was to early to do any more movement after getting up from bed. "Okay, let's go get changed and we'll head over to the gym" she said before adding "Also today we are sharing the gym with class A, so let's all behave OKAY" What Class A that's Namjoon's class, you weren't ready to face him and neither was him. All the girls finished dressing into their gym clothes first the teacher made all of you head to the gym first while she waited for the boys. You got to the gym and there he was surrounded by his friends and girls that were also interested in him. He turned and you had eye contact, he turned his attention to a girl that was feeling his biceps, and than back at you with a smirk. Was he trying make you jealous? But his smirk soon fell, when he saw myungsoo hug you from behind, and he felt more irritated when you turned around and pinch his cheeks with a big smile. "Well this is going to be a really long class" both namjoon & y/n though.