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Hello everyone. I know it has been a while since I posted an update for this story but fear not I am back and I havent given up on it. I will updating more often. Before I get to the update Id like to ask you guys a question or two. 1. Are you guys enjoying the story? Is there anything I could do better? 2. Do you guys want the next chatper to be focused on Jackson?? Feel free to let me know in the comments or you can personally message me. Im fine wtih either one. Anyway thanks for the support and understanding. Happy Saturday to everyone ❤
Previously in Chapter 2 : "You know at this point I would perfectly okay with him ignoring me after we have sex because I'm sure it would hurt less than when he pretends nothing happened and does romantic shit " Mark says lightly pulling hair in frustration. Jaebum sighs and puts and arm around his best friend's waist. He wouldn't exactly call breakfast romantic shit but then again who was he to say it wasn't. "Jae what do I do?" Mark ask looking up his friend. "Well" Jaebum shrugs "You could always try going out and dating people" Chapter 3- 3rd POV Mark couldn't help , but laugh at Jaebum's suggestion. Date other people?? He shakes his head at Jaebum and lets out a sigh , "There's no way I would date other people" he says playing with his hands in his lap. "Why the hell not?" Jaebum demands slightly glaring at his hyung. Mark sighs running a hand through his hand "Because...." he starts to say but he stops himself realizing that there is no real reason why he couldnt or shouldn't date other people. Jackson and I arent dating or even pretending to do so he tells himself. So why does the thought of trying to date someone else feel so wrong? Jaebum seems to read his mind because he takes Mark's hand in his forcing his hyung to look up at him. " Look this could be good for cant" Jaebum pauses for a moment choosing words carefully " you cant waste your time on him anymore" he finishes rubbing comforting circles on the elders hand. His words make Mark tear up ready to cry again,he swallows the lump in his throat. "I guess you are right" he says smiling at the younger. There isnt any harm in at least trying to date other people,there is no way he would spend the rest of his life chasing and waiting on Jackson. "Jackson's dating someone so why shouldnt I?" he ask looking at Jaebum. Maybe if he sees me dating someone then he'll realize his feelings for me. he thinks to himself. Yeah right you'll probably only push him his mind screams. Mark shakes his head at the thought. He didnt want to push Jackson , he just wants to make Jackson see that he isnt a toy to be played with ...or slept with for fun. Jaebum's voice pulls him out of his. mind debate. "You know you have to stand your ground,right?" Mark nods in response to the question. "No more sex with Jackson" he mumbles to himself feeling better than he had in weeks.
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yes the next part should be Jackson. How does Mark's decision affected him. 👍
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Sooo make it Jackson pov!! And i love marks decision!!
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