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I'll try and add a card once or twice a week ^·^ We will learn together.
Something Extra for those who have school or work XD
See you next time
@AdamDean From what I know, Anata is a bit different. Anata means "you" in Japanese, but it's not used as often because it's more polite to use the person's name or refer to them by girl/boy friend. Since there is no real direct translation of darling or dear or cute nick names like that anata is used. Once you feel confortable with your relationship with a person you can use anata to refer to them, women are the ones who use anata more commonly. Hope this helps.
I've used these before in my life lol
can you also tag me please?
I'm pretty sure Kanojo means girlfriend... not her. Kaze no Kanojo X = Mysterious Girlfriend X #shamelessplugforMGX
@AdreannaLyn Sure thing :)
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