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I'll try and add a card once or twice a week ^·^ We will learn together.
Something Extra for those who have school or work XD
See you next time
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can you also tag me please?
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@AdamDean you are partly correct. Kanojo can be used to mean her or girlfriend. You would need to distinguish them in your context.
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@NessaB Like how anata can mean you or dear?
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@AdamDean From what I know, Anata is a bit different. Anata means "you" in Japanese, but it's not used as often because it's more polite to use the person's name or refer to them by girl/boy friend. Since there is no real direct translation of darling or dear or cute nick names like that anata is used. Once you feel confortable with your relationship with a person you can use anata to refer to them, women are the ones who use anata more commonly. Hope this helps.
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