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Bangtan's Bitch -20

Your perspective Pairing: reader x Jungkook Warning: mature content, suggestive
August 27th I've gotten used to the bed at the BTS dorm. It'll be weirder when I get back to my dorm and get into my own bed, eventually that is. There's always a handsome lump in the bed that means I have less space. Whether I'm in the spare bed or his bed, Kookie insists that I stick with him - of course I don't mind. I never can reject him, it's those maknae of the group charms. I'm sure of it. Yet another morning where I'd wake up in his arms arose. "Morning Jagi" He'd grown accustomed to calling me that now. "Morning Kookie" In return for him calling me 'Jagi', I call him 'Kookie'. It's the little things. "You got work today?" "Unfortunately, I have - in the afternoon" His face fell at the first part but light up after he found out that we still had a lot of hours before I needed to head out.
I'm still surprised at the media sometimes. It's mostly because Yoongi's got the whole mixtape thing happening and my album about to drop that I'd suspect cameras to be outside the dorm every day. Luckily though, that isn't the case, well weirdly it isn't. I'm sure it'll pick up as the mixtape hype reaches it's ultimate climax. "Want to do anything in particular?" "I was going to take you out for once" "What? Out! Kookie the-" "I know there'll be cameras everywhere but I don't care if I get spotted with-" "Bangtan's Bitch" He paused at my solemn interruption. 'BTS maknae takes his turn with their little toy' or 'Jeon Jungkook is now the last member of BTS to fall for Mack. What group is in the danger zone next' I could imagine those types of headlines coming up. The only difference being that I have no idea if people knew about myself and Yoongi. Not that I mind if they miss him out.
"It's a stupid nickname. I know it gets under your skin but that's their jobs, they want to make a snappy headline" I just rolled my head in the opposite direction, he was always like this, comforting me. I appreciated it, no doubt, but... It's hard to explain. He gently rolled my head back to face him and he carefully kissed my nose. "Does it matter what they say or what I say?" "Why would it matter what you say?" I joked. He got it and smirkingly sighed. "Because I am your unofficial boyfriend and so I think you should really listen to what I have to say as I care about you and the media doesn't as much." I smiled sweetly. He was a cute little cinnamon roll when he wanted to be. In return, I kissed him softly on his nose. "Well unofficial boyfriend, where do you plan on taking me then? And do I have to wear a face mask?"
"I'd wear a face mask on the journey there and back, otherwise no. And I'm taking you to a nice little arcade-y place I know." "Arcade-y?" I giggled. "Yeah. There's karaoke, air hockey, a park, video games, that sorta thing" "Cool" I was going to just go out in some random skinny jeans and a shirt but Kookie was adamant that he was choosing my outfit. I ended up wearing high waisted, black shorts and a baseball shirt. The karaoke place that we went to was a cute little hideout for Kookie to choose. The first thing he did was pull me into a karaoke booth. "See? Privacy here!" We both slipped out masks off and settled into the seats. "You can choose first Y/N!" He gently handed me the controller and I scrolled through checking what kind of songs they had.
All the classics along with some up to date songs. Exo, FT Island, Monsta X... "Oooh can we sing Stuck first? It's been literally stuck in my head the past week or so. I love it!" He agreed but soon after he chose a Big Bang song, oh how could I have guessed he would choose Bang Bang Bang? It's not like it was the song he chose with Tae when they did karaoke. Just for the laughs after that, I chose Fire. "No! We are not singing one of my songs!" He protested. "Yes we are but you aren't allowed to sing your own parts okay?!" He nodded. This was gonna be fun. I nudged him, "go on, you say it first" He smirked and in the deepest tone he could manage he sung out, "bultaoreune"
This is pretty much how it ran: JK: when I wake up in my room - living like me Y/N: ni meosdaero sareo - burn it up Both: eh eoeo ssak da bultaewora bow wow wow x2 JK: hey burn it up - da gal ttaekkaji Y/N: geunyang sarado dwae JK: urin jeolmgie Y/N: geu malhaneun neon JK: mwon sujeogillae - so what Y/N: ni meosdaero sareo - mareo jyeodo gwaenchanha JK: errbody say - burn it up Both: bultaoreune - bow wow wow JK: Fire - all night long Y/N: Fire - michyeobeoryeo da Both: (chorus) JK: I'll forgive you I even tried to do the dance at one point but Kookie just laughed at me saying I was 'too cute'.
We finished our karaoke time up with Exo's Monster and then NCT 127's Firetruck. It was an amazing time but unfortunately I had an interview to attend. It was of course on ASC. I love it there, I always love visiting it. The only problem was that I loved the Eric, Jimin and Kevin combo. The only one missing from my interview was Eric but hey... He's moved on to bigger things I guess. Kevin introduced the first segment which was doing other groups' dances. I was perfecting each of them. My copycat, dumb dumb, love me right. The one that followed almost threw me off. It was BTS' dope. I knew the choreo off my heart considering I loved the dance and Hoseok helped me learn it. Jimin especially was impressed with my skills.
After it, Kevin decided to ask me the fatal question, "did you just learn dope's dance over time or did of the BTS boys help you with that? It's really good either way!" "I erm... learnt most of it but had a little bit of help." Jimin then interjected, "we've just had a tweet asking about the pairing between you and I.M that the fans came up with. Did you know about that?" The fans are shipping us together? I mean we are close but I'm sad it's not with Kookie that they ship me with. "No... I wasn't aware of this ship. I don't know if he is either." "Apparently considering you two went to school together, and you are currently single..." Well one of them is correct. Yes, IM from Monsta X also went to my school, it was quite a popular one to go to. "...then the fans seemed to like you two together"
"Well I'm really sorry to disappoint those fans but I'm just friendly with I.M and the Monsta X guys." Jungkook gave me a pleased hug when I got back to the BTS dorm. "I'm so glad you denied the rumour thingy I really am" His cooing was getting on my wick. What did he expect me to do? 'Oh yeah sorry I'm kinda dating Jungkook now' I don't think so... Then again, I didn't deny that I was single. Let's just hope the fans don't catch on too quickly. "You know, one day you're gonna stop treating me like a kid" "Maybe one day~ but not yet. I'm planning to do a lot before I 'stop treating you like a so-called kid' ok?" "Yeah... Like what?" "Like hearing the other guys complain because you're moaning my name too loudly"
My eyes widened at his response and I whacked his arm. So much for the innocent maknae, it's all a facade. A small... Okay a massive amount of red spread across my cheeks. "Kookie~" I whined embarrassedly. "You're gonna have to do better than that Jagi." He smirked. Someone stop this boy! Please, he's as bad as Jimin is, if not worse. I bet it's the hormones. I guess I could use that excuse myself. Cautiously, I backed away from him down the corridor and ran to hide in his room. I heard his hand thump against the door. "Y/N~ if you don't let me in I'll just annoy you" "B-b-but but-" "Mackymoo, M, Macky. The only but I'm looking for is yours." Damn that was smooth.
Damn, that was smooth. Smooth af
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