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Several weeks after the break up rumors of Lee Min Ho Suzy Bae was proven wrong, new stories about the power couple emerged on the internet saying that the two are already preparing for their upcoming marriage.
Reports reveal that Lee Min Ho Suzy Bae have huge plans for their future together as husband and wife. In a recent interview with Suzy Bae, it appears that the two would like to take their relationship to the next level. The statement of Suzy Bae, as well as Lee Min Ho, confirmed that they are still dating each other. As for Suzy Bae, she said that they will support each other even if they are both busy with their careers. She also added that what attracted her to Lee Min Ho is his warm personality.
Aside from that, Suzy Bae talked about their London date saying that they just do what normal couples do. She revealed that it just happened that they were both in London for a photo shoot but they did not do anything particularly special while there.
Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho spoke about being more mature both as a person and as an “A man needs to protect his loved ones,” said Lee Min Ho, according to International Business Times. When asked about his girlfriend, the Boys Over Flowers star revealed that he wants to marry her one day so that he will be able “to protect her.”
With the statements of both stars, it appears that they are both on the same page. And both are indeed prepared to settle down except that they are both occupied with their careers at the moment.
In another report, the pair is considered the most compatible couple based on a face recognition test called physiognomy. In an episode of The Girl Who Leapt Charts, the compatibility test for the two Korean stars was done and showed a 99 percent result.
They need to be a married couple on WGM!
They are so cute together
He's aged, but either way I'm happy for them.
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