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Loot Anime

Just wanted to share what I got in my Loot Anime box this month and this month's theme was Back to School.
my man is just going to be annoyed because I pouted to get the Benton box I ordered instead of opting to wait, and now I'm going to get one in the mail. LMAO same shape and I'm guessing size too.
I got my loot anime today. the box turns into a little desk!!!!! how awesome is that!?! I LOVE LOOT CRATE! (๑♡∀♡๑)
oh thanks I'll have to go check it out now
I haven't heard of the Doki Doki Box
It's got all sorts of Japanese items in it....usually around half involve anime in some way.
I like the bento box. My Doki Doki box had all back to school in it this month too.
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