okay..so Idk how many of you saw Hobie live but I thought this was a bit off of an episode. after I read this I didn't feel like I was the only one feeling off with Hobie's reaction :( Read what is written on this live episode and you'll be able to see how heartless and ugly some "ARMY" can be. I can't even inagine how hurt Hobie felt by reading those annoying comments. If you like/love BTS..it means you love every member equally. Not just one member or several members. BTS consists of 7 members and that includes Hobie! Please don't belittle other members. EVER.
my ball of sunshine went dim because they made him sad I couldn't even see his precious smile after that I can't believe army's this is sad I'm very disappointed with some army's it made my heart hurt I'm crying because I feel bad for hobie if I was there I'd give him a huge hug show him I still care whoever they are carma will come around. Where all my other army's at?
@SimplyAwkward @GamerKyumin @ParkKyungSoon @Choijiah @MrsJaebum I have an idea let's all make j-hope a card on here or maybe send him something letting him know there are still good Army's out there
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Can I help you with the card?! I really want to make Hobi feel better!
This really frustrates me. I'm going to be completely honest here...I wish people would support all the members of Bangtan equally! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them to the core. each and every member. My heart breaks seeing this. I wasn't able to watch it because I was working, but everyone who asked where the others were should be grateful that Hoseok even did a live stream. As busy and tired as they are they should be respected and loved.
I didn't get to watch it but I saw about it shortly after and it actually made me mad. I love him to death. It broke my heart to see him that way. Don't know if the members actually read their Twitter account but I just wish we could actually share with him what he means to a lot of people. Hoseok - love you tons and wish you nothing but happiness.
That actually really hurts my heart...I hope Hoseok knows that people really do love him (/.\)
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