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Shizuka had a revenge because dumped by her lover and accidentally spent the night together with her boss, Yuuki. Shizuka won't get any trouble because Yuuki was married. But Yuuki had divorced six months ago and said he wants having a relationship with Shizuka. ------------------------------------------- I like the story and keep me dreaming of if I have a boss like this (Ha.Ha.Ha). Lol. I'm sorry if I post many Izumi Miyazono's manga because I adore her. I like her works. Even the story may be a bit mainstream, but I like her works so much. Rating: 6.8/10
Question of The Day

"Who is your favorite Mangaka?"

Mine: "It's really hard me to decide........hmm, maybe Toru Fujisawa-sensee. The first time I read his work, it really captured me and inspired me a lot to do what I want to do. He really got me. But I like the others as well." Don't forget to answer the question of the day in every card :D
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shojo mangaka- Matsuri Hino shoneb- Tite Kubo
I like matsuri hino too xD