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I realized that we don't post enough stuff in regards to updates about Super Junior members. So, let's catch up a little bit :) *The FB page "Leeteuk is the Best Leader of the Best Group~Super Junior" has great updates and all credit goes to them! Make sure to check them out!!
Kyuhyun was recently diagnosed with benign vocal nodules and will be taking a break in order to heal well. He has stopped filming for Radio Star as well as stopped his final three performance for his musical, "Mozart". We hope you get better soon Kyuhyun!! Fighting!! :)
Exo-L's have recently brought up an issue during Starshow 360's live filming in which there was a heavy delay as well as staff members mistreating them during so. They have brought up Leeteuk as one of the issues for the delay and Leeteuk recently posted an apology in regards to this, though every one agrees it was no fault of his. We're currently waiting for a response from the broadcasting station. I hope everything turns out all right... (/.\)
It turns out that Kim Sooro actually wanted to cast Kyuhyun for his musical. However, he claims that he was too expensive to hire... Oh Kyu (>.<)
Leeteuk will be holding his first Solo Fanmeeting in Shanghai on September 3rd!! I'm so excited for our leader :D
Beijing Weekly Magazine recently put out an interview with Hanging. He said that they had tried to reunite last year for the 10th anniversary but, unfortunately, were unable to do so... Aww, Hangeng, my heart! We miss you too!! (/.\)
Yesung will be holding a Japanese Solo Concert on October 19!! :) We can't wait!! :)
Here's some of Yesung's Facebook Updates :) If you haven't followed him on Facebook, make sure you do so :D
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So many things going on I'm so proud of them all 😭😭 my Heart hurt so much upon reading that Hangeng and the other members were planning to get together for the 10th anniversary ELF have been waiting for them to reunite so bad but hopefully it happens soon I can't wait till that day comes. I'm so happy for our amazing leader he deserves a lot of love and attention to so proud of him ❤️❤️. I hate the fact that EXO Ls blamed him for the 360 filming he wasn't even their he didn't even know what was going on he was at the radio station and all of a sudden he gets accused of something. Like what? Seriously? And he even apologized that got me heated 😡😡😡. Hopefully that broadcasting station says something and apologize it was there fault anyway. I'm so proud of my baby Yesung a solo Japanese concert that's amazing like about time lol damn I wish I could go 😭😭😭 I wanna be there screaming Oppa Oppa SARANGHAE ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😏😏. Poor Kyu Oppa I did hear about his vocal cords but I didn't really know the details I really hope he gets better soon. I hope he can get enough rest cuz he needs it
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Oh my gosh, that would be a dream come true...I really hope they can pull a Shinhwa in the future (/.\) Yeah, I understand. It's just that some of the newer fans don't respect the older groups and it's so disappointing. I hope they get past that soon...granted, some ELFs are still like that...but a little less would be nice for them. Haha, I wish they could have solo concerts in America 😢😭
Hope Kyu gets better :(, and uggggh I want ot13 reunited someday!
What's yesungs Facebook page? I've tried finding it before :-/
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Thank you!
I hope Kyuhyun gets better soon😭
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Oh gosh, yes...that boy has been on his feet non stop with all the ads/shows/etc. he's been doing (/.\)