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You were wearing the most beautiful lingerie set he had gotten you. The light color doing wonders for your skin. You also had one of his hoodies on. The cool yet somehow warm room called for this outfit. The unzipped hoodie kept you comfortable while you stood behind the sofa and roamed through the channels.
“Honey?” Himchan called, finally back from his coffee run.
“I got you your-” he was cut off by his view. You heard him walk up behind you and you said nothing as he snaked his arms around your waist and held you close. You tilted your head as Himchan nuzzles his face in your neck.
“Lovers is on..” You said blindly as you kept scrolling. Himchan groaned into your neck, the vibrations spreading through your body.
Himchans hand stretched across your stomach, his fingertips nipping at your flesh. You licked your lips at the way your body warmed into Himchan. He pressed his kisses onto your neck and you were started not to care about what to watch.
Himchan drew patterns on to your skin as his lips wrote little love bites on your neck. You moaned, leaning your head back onto his shoulder so he could suck you harder. Himchans other hand came to your thigh, pulling it open and grabbing at the skin. Your sex starting to throb loudly as it begged for attention.
“Himchan.” You moaned.
Himchan bites down on the skin between his teeth as his hand on your thigh came up to your neck, gripping playfully around your thyroid.
You realize what you did wrong.
Himchan continues, not being able to stop himself to punish you. His hand by your sex lowers, letting him feel the fabric of your panties. You both groan in unison. Himchans hand pushes against your heat, the other still around your neck. Himchan pushes his body against yours, making you stand straight; you didn’t realize that your knees had been giving out. Himchan then shifts his hand so he can hold your mound.
You moan, wanting him to touch you. Needing him to touch you. You bite your lip as he listens. His strong fingers push down on your sex through your panties. Himchan groans as he finds your soaked swollen nub.
“Who made you this wet, baby?” Himchan asks as he continues to rub your sex. You moan causing him to move faster.
“You did, Daddy.” You answer before bringing your bottom lip in between your teeth and biting down hard. Himchan groans as he nods.
“That’s right.” He says, his fingers becoming slick with your wetness.
“Does it feel good being this wet, baby girl?” Himchans strong fingers rubbed and grabbed at your needy center grazing your swollen clit as you tried to hold in your moans. You knew better than to rush him or try to get him to go faster. Himchan made the rules. That much you knew and if you tested him or tried to control what happened he would put you to bed without giving you what you wanted.
“Yes, Daddy.” You say, your breathing becoming heavy.
“Daddy’s going to make you feel so much better, baby girl.” Your sides were starting to cramp at you trying not to push into his hand.
“Do you want Daddy to make you feel good?” His voice alone could put you over the edge. You didn’t want to test him, you needed him.
“Yes, Daddy.” You moan.
“Manners, princess.” Himchan stilled his hand and you bite your lip for forgetting.
“Please, Daddy.” You whine.
“Please make me feel good.” He liked this response, showing you by pushing down on your clit with his thumb.
“That’s a good girl.” He groaned. Himchan backed away, letting you turn. He jerked his head to the side as his hand came up to undo the first button of his shirt.
“Bed.” He orders and you make you way to the room.
You heard him behind you as you walked up to the bed and stood in front of it. Not wanting to lay down in case he had something else in mind.
“Such a good girl.” He said, his voice was rough and it made your whole body shutter with anticipation.
“Help Daddy.” He ordered with a softer tone. You brought your hands up to help him with his button down. Once you were done he held your waist, laying you down on the bed as he bent.
Himchans lips came to yours, his tongue sliding in and wondering your mouth. You moaned for him to continue and he did. Gracing your tongue with his own, while his hands roamed your body.
Himchan pulled the soft cloth from your arms and pushed his lips back into your neck. His long hand stretched over your abdomen and pushed you into the sheets. His sweet side slipping as the dominant side came free.
You waved up against his hard cock, the tent in his pants proof of the effect you have on him. Himchan was busy sucking his signature marks onto your neck that you assume he wasn’t noticing. You bite your lip and waved harder against him. Your smooth panties rubbing against his rough jeans.
Himchan groaned into your skin, biting down on it a little harder. The feeling felt amazing and you moaned, bring your arms up to hold his shoulders and bury your head in his skin. Himchan came to your lips as his hand held your thigh to the bed.
His tongue flicking into your mouth, instantly dominating you. Your body was burning for him, but when you went to thrust up on him again his hand wouldn’t allow it. You whimper as Himchan breaks the kiss.
“Be a good girl for me.” He said, pushing his knees on the bed to move away from you. You held to his shoulders and Himchan looked down at you. His eyebrows fraying and his mouth stern. You let him go.
Himchan moved down between your legs. You held back your want to push yourself up into his face.
“Hands up, baby.” He said sitting up and watching as you moved your hands up over your head and held them together. Himchan pulled down your panties and you pushed your lips together as the cool air brushes against you. Himchan smirked as he pushed his knee onto your heat. The friction feeling ten times more intimate. Your eyes were looking at his thighs with so much greed. You cry out, clutching your fingers together.
He pushed again and you moaned. Himchan moved. Taking his legs and putting them on either side of yours. He rocked his hips, the friction from the jeans on your swollen clit feeling so so good. You hummed a moan. Abandoning your fingers, you grip the pillow instead. You tried not to move so much, but with his force and the feeling of his pants on your heat. You couldn’t help it. The familiar knot started to twist in your stomach and you cried out. Your fingers scratching his thighs from outside the dark jeans.
“Himchan.” You moaned. He rocked once more and stopped. Himchan moved between your legs again and you curse yourself for letting it slip.
“Turn around.” He orders. You swallow and obey. The thought of his hand coming down on your skin making you wetter. You turn, resting on your hands and knees. Himchans hand comes to your shoulder working slowly down your body. The anticipation making you hotter. He pushes his hand back up and undoes your bra.
“Take that off, baby.” He says. You sit up to take it off while Himchan takes off his pants.
You go to return to your hands and knees when Himchan turns you by your shoulders and pushes you onto the bed. His lips coming to yours as one hand pushes open your legs and the other holds your side.
You arched your back and his hand slid up it. Tangling its self firmly in your hair and pulling down. Your head shifted up, forcing you to look at him.
“Say it.” He groans into your collarbone.
“Daddy?” You moan, your pitch rising as your body cries out for him.
“What do you want?” He said, coming up and looking at your mouth. Himchans thumb comes to your lips, tracing them.
“You daddy!” You whine, needing him. Himchans other hand moves down. He lines himself with you and you hold your breath so that you don’t move and have to start this all over.
“How badly do you want me, Y/N?” The thumb at your lips tilts as Himchan parts his lips wider. The way he was looking at you made your whole body needy. Heat continues to spread and flash through your body. Your head becoming dizzy with hot need.
“So badly.” You said. “Daddy, please.”
Himchan pushed his thumb into your mouth and just as you begin to suck on it, he thrusts in. Sharply.
You cry around his finger. Your hands grabbing on to his back as he continues his desired pace. Deep hard thrusts that have you moaning loudly as the pleasure twists slightly with pain. Himchans groans and grunts making everything better. His voice pulling you up to your orgasm quickly.
“Do you like this, baby?” He asks, you nod up at him, the force of his hips making the gesture hard. Himchan sits up slightly to look at you. The angle making your fast approaching release slow down.
“You like when daddy fucks you like this?” You moan at the words as Himchan comes closer. His lips at the side of your face. This position made him slow. He filled you smoothly yet harshly, reaching deep within you; touching that very sensitive spot that had your nails gripping his shoulders. Himchans hand returns to your hair and he pulls it away to make you face him.
“Tell me Y/N.” He whispers. His voice was so low, but measured and sexy, so sexy and along with the deep thrusts; you were going crazy.
“Yes.” You say into his eyes. His were on your lips and you wanted nothing more for him to kiss you.
“I love it.” You’re voice was showing just how good he was making you feel. Himchan groans, leaning forward just a bit so he could brush his lips on yours. Your hand came to his hair and he happily deepened the kiss. He groaned into your mouth and shifted above you. Turning slightly and moving his hands down to hold your waist. His nails pressed slightly into your thighs as he lifted you just a bit.
With this new advantage, Himchan sped up. You gripped tightly to the sheets, crying out as hit your g spot with every thrust.
“Fuck.” He groaned. The image you were painting him doing so much for him.
White hot soared through your body, every breath felt stale if it didn’t come from him. You needed him to continue, the feeling being so good. Himchan thrusts again, then again. Your moans were out of your control. His grunts were hard like his thrusts, but short. Each one of them sending you up a little higher on the bed.
“Daddy!” You cry, your body reaching for it’s release.
“Not until I say so.” Himchan answered. How was his voice still smooth?
You bite your lips as Himchan thrusts in hard and deep. The feeling taking your breath from you. Your hands reach for him, grabbing onto his forearms and scratching down them.
“Fuck, Y/N.” Himchan groaned, his thrusts turning slightly sloppy. You wouldn’t even have noticed the change if you hadn’t slept with him before. The fire in your stomach burning brighter with the thought of release.
“Daddy. Daddy!” You scream as he pushes in with a grunt. This hit somehow hitting you deeper.
“Come on, baby” He groans and you waste not a second. With his next thrust you clench around him. Your body shakes with its release. Your head pushing hard into the pillows as you let you out many moans for Himchan witch he comes down to your face to collect.
You feel his warm ribbons as they decorate your insides. The feeling making you hum through your lips as you try to control your breathing. Himchan pulls out of you, causing you to flinch slightly. His eyes come to your face as he lays beside you and takes you into his arms.
You hold onto him as he brushes little kisses onto your chest. Looking over his shoulder you see the grey-black tethered hoodie and smile at your new best friend.
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I want to be added. When is the next stort u have?? This story is just wow!!
Im on bap right now.. daehyun should be next.. but im working on rain and se7en.. and yes I'll add you
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