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WARNING MIGHT CONTAIN SPOILERS: Season 1: Loved it. Sebastian and Ciel's relationship really drew more in. Felt like it was more than just a demon after a childs soul. All the characters were played out well and they all served a purpose in the story. Some more than others but each made sense, specially Grell haha...I absolutely loved her! The last episode was...satisfying and even beautiful, everyone had closure. So I wonder....why make a second season? For the love of God...someone tell me why?! Season 2: Talk about being lost...this second season was so confusing until over half way into the season. The main bad guys...hated them. Ciel losing his memory worst thing...and to even think that Sebastian would have allowed Claude to steal Ciel's soul to begin fraken way! Grell was my favorite still lol, but unfortunately just wasn't enough to name me love the season. The worst part though....was the ending. Like....WTF??! Really? I was so sad and mad and frustrated I cried and screamed at my poor TV. I was so damn sad and's the...most stupid ending ever. Recommend: Season 1: Yes Season 2: No (But if you want to be disappointed or just want to feel cheated go right ahead)
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The person who was cheated the most during the second season was Sebastian.
@DestinyAgnew XD same. he's my anime self on a crush
Omgosh Sebastian looks so cute in the 5 pic. N pic. 4 with grell is so me if i saw Sebastian๐Ÿ˜ lol๐Ÿ˜‹
@FairytailLUV Yes. I absolutely agree. Poor guy