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Who:Reader X Woo Jiho (Zico) What: I don't even know y'all (No angst though) Story: You and your best friend Park Jihoon left America to be apart of the South Korean K-pop group called NTERNational. Two years have gone by and while the popularity of the group has grown you, as the only female of the group, have been starting to feel like you need to step up in order to get the group to the top. Good thing you meet the one rapper out there that challenges you to be the best...
Y/N'S POV "Hello Runways!" You said waving at the camera. It was early in the morning but it was still dark out. You looked tired and you were. Jihoon was asleep in the bed next to you, Heechul and Hae-il we're sitting down in the chairs by the window while Haneul walked out of the bathroom fixing his earring. Jihoon and you had been friends for years when you two lived in America. You two had the dream of being in a K-pop group so you went and auditioned and went through the training just to get to this point. At one point you thought you two would be split up: you in a girl group and him in a boy group. Jihoon had pleaded that you two stay together and the man that's now your manager, Mr.Kim, happened to pull some strings. Heechul, whose stage name was 10k, got paired with you two. He was the second oldest of the group, he had a beautiful voice and his high notes brought chills to anyone who listened. Haneul was the first oldest, he had a smooth alto voice. He was placed as a lead vocalist but he was also a rapper. He went by the stage name Wang. Then there was Hae-il, Hae-il was a goof ball, he was a vocalist too. He was also able to play piano, violin and acoustic guitar. Hae-il was the Maknae of the group he didn't have a stage name but the fans liked to call him baby Il because he had a baby face that made him look innocent. It was a huge contrast from how his voice sounded when he sang. He had a deep voice, his range went lower than Haneul's but it was a voice that could sing you to sleep. Sometimes Jihoon would tell Hae-il to sing in the background when you worked late nights to make you tired and it always worked. Jihoon had a high pitch as well; he could hit that sweet spot between alto and soprano and then go higher if he needed. Jihoon had the stage name of G.O. You weren't sure why he chose the name but he was always weird when it came to naming things. You were the main rapper of the group and you were somehow made the leader too. You were the second youngest member of the group and originally Haneul was going to be the leader. You had no idea why they changed their minds. Your stage name was Tiger, it was your favorite animal and the company liked being able to use that as a part of your image. You had helped produce most of the songs that you guys had released, you were very passionate about music. You guys had been apart of the group NTERNational for two years and although you guys had a nice sized fan base you felt like, as the leader, you could take the group much farther than what you were now. You were reading comments as they popped up on the V app. "Saranghae Tiger. Thank you I love you too. Um... Where's 10k? 10k is sitting down with Hae-il. Guys say hi." You turned the camera to Heechul and Hae-il. The poor boys were so sleepy. You had to get up early for practice, you had to film a music video later as well. Your company had already announced your come back and right now you were just beginning promotions. "Wang is getting ready and G.O is still asleep." you said to the viewers. "We're getting ready to head to the studio soon. So I got on V app to say we really appreciate all the love and support our Runways are giving us. We will continue to work harder for you." you said. "We love you Runways!" Hae-il yelled in the background. You laughed turning the camera back to him. Heechul had his hood on his head and his hands in the pockets of his hoodie. His head was down and he looked like he had gone to sleep. "Tiger, come wake up G.O." Haneul said. "Okay, here take the camera. I can show them how I wake up Jihoon." you said. Haneul took the camera as you lifted up Jihoon's blanket and slipped into bed beside him. "You should move the blanket they'll think you're doing something weird." Haneul said. You laughed, "It's not weird. When we lived together in America I woke him up like this. Anytime I moved the blanket he'd just grab it back and roll over." you said. "Guys she's only tickling him don't be dirty." Hae-il said coming over to the bed you were once sitting on. You were the only girl in the group and the company tried getting you your own hotel room once but after so many years of living with Jihoon it was too weird to sleep a part. Each night, when you had the hotel room to yourself, you snuck into Jihoon's room to go to sleep. You'd sleep right next to him and when Haneul woke up he'd ask if you guys slept together. You had to clarify you only slept beside each other you weren't actually a couple. Most of the fans shipped Haneul and Jihoon together. Haneul was called appa by the fans and Heechul was Eomma Despite actually having a girl in the group you were just labeled as a baby, you were apart of the maknae line with Hae-il and Heecul and Haneul were both apart of the 90 line so it made since to ship them as the Appa and Eomma. Haneul and Jihoon had more of the ship moments then anything though. Well you and Jihoon had them too. Fans did ship you two together but they also shipped you and Heechul together. Once you were in bed next to Jihoon you started to tickle him and sing in English, "Jihoonie it's time to wake up. Time to get up. Sun's going to shine! So don't you whine, get up, get up or I'll start to sing hiiiiiiiiii!" You had no business attempting a high note yet you sang it and badly but definitely on purpose and in his ear. Haneul laughed as Jihoon's face scrunched up and he wrapped his arms around you groaning annoyed, "Shut up. I'm up already." You laughed and your hand met Jihoon's arm. You lightly smacked it, "Liar you're going to sleep again get up. Jihoonie! Get up!" "Okay okay." he said. He let you go and slowly sat up, his black tank top was still lifted from when you were tickling him and slightly peeking out. You pushed the blanket and started pointing, "G.O's abs, look!" you said excited. Jihoon pulled his shirt down again and you laughed. He rubbed his eyes tired and you cupped his face. "Are you really up?" you said. He shook his head. "If I get you some coffee will you wake up?" "Yeah." he mumbled. You got out of his bed with a smile, "You guys want to come with me?" you asked the boys. "Sure I'll go." Hae-il said. "Me too." Heechul said. He stood up and walked over to you and you wrapped your arm around him. He was still sleepy too. "I'll stay here with G.O." "Wang make sure he gets dressed in time. Everyone say bye to Runways." you said. They all waved and Hae-il who seemed to be more awake then you said, "Bye bye, we love you Runways!" Once the live broadcast was over you three walked out to get coffee. You had to carry yours and Jihoon's back up to the room while Heechul held his and Haneul's. Hae-il got a text from Mr.Kim. "Manager says he'll be here in ten minutes." he said. "I hope the boys are ready." you replied. You walked back into your room and Jihoon was still moving slowly. He had pants on now but he still had his tank top on. You gave him his coffee. "Hurry up slow poke Manager is gonna be here soon." "Okay." he said tired. He took a sip of the coffee before slipping his sweat shirt on. The others were all ready to go and once Jihoon was ready you guys were out the door. You spent the whole ride there writing on your pad while Hae-il talked Heechul's ear off. Haneul sat up front with the manager quietly just looking at the window and Jihoon was sleeping again. His head rested on your shoulder. Haneul helped you get all of them out of the car once you got to the studio and you went to practice your performance for Hours. The song, like your other songs were split up where the boys sang about the females they were interested in and you sang about the guy you were interested in. Hours was about you guys counting how many hours you were away from the one you loved, how much it hurt after the break up and how it seemed like the hours passing by had only added more pain and regret to the decision to end the relationship. "Baby come back, you know I need you. Time is working at my heart, leaving scars behind, as the wind blows it reminds me of your smile. When I close my eyes I only see you. I spend these hours awake staring at picture of me and you. I want to take it back, rewind time to when we were happy and laughing There was sunshine in your eyes. Now all I can do is remember the good times through pictures of me and you." you rapped out your part while you danced. You moved back and Jihoon stepped up leaving him, Heechul and Hae-il up front to continue to dancing. "Now baby, I want you back in my life. I spend all these hours, all these hours wishing I could change my mind. This sadness in the air baby I need you here. I spend all these hours out of my Mind!!!!!!!" The three of them sang in unison but Heechul and Hae-il started singing the chorus in the background with you and Haneul while Jihoon hit his high note. The sound of his voice gave you chills and you couldn't help but smile at his singing. You guys practiced for two hours straight, time had gone by so fast. Your manager came into the room while you were talking to the guys about your movements. You some how always got caught between Hae-il and Haneul when Haneul stepped up to do his rap. You almost always bumped into Hae-il and you were trying to explain to them on how to fix it. "Y/N I need you to come here for a moment." Mr.Kim said. "Oooh is she in trouble?" Jihoon teased. "No but you will be if you don't get back to practice." Mr.Kim playfully jested. Everyone started to go, "Ohhhhh." to Jihoon which only made him laugh in return. You walked out into the hallway with Mr.Kim and he lead you down to another studio room. "What's going on?" you asked confused. "We wanted you to meet with someone. He can help you on your rapping and writing your lyrics. You actually know him so I think you two will get along." he said. "Really who is it?" you asked. Mr.Kim smiled at you and opened the door to the studio. Siting down was someone bobbing their head to the music blaring in the room. The hood was on top of their head so you couldn't tell who it was. You spotted the hands on the sound board and you had a guess on who it was which immediately made you excited. Mr.Kim walked in and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned to him and turned the music down. "I've brought her here." Mr.Kim said. "Oh." The man turned around and dropped his hood to reveal platinum blonde hair with brown. Your face heated up and your hands clenched into fists. He was so amazing and beautiful and just standing in front of him made you weak. "Hi Tiger!" he said. Zico! They got Zico to talk to you! You were flipping out on the inside. You were a huge fan of his and you were so excited you could almost cry. "Hi." you smiled big. You bowed to him not really knowing what else to do. Mr.Kim left you two alone in the room and you couldn't help but want Jihoon in the room with you so you could hide behind him. "Sit down, sit down." he offered you the seat beside him. You sat down not believing you were really meeting the Zico of Block B. He was an amazing rapper and you loved his style. You thought they would've at least found a female rapper though, you did not expect Zico. "So you're the leader of NTERNational right?" he asked. "Um yeah, we've been together for two years and it just feels like maybe we should be doing more. As their leader I want to push them and myself to greatness. I want us to be better then what we are now." you explained. Talking about the group had eased you a bit. Anytime your worries about the group came into play all other things were out the window. You became very serious and you wanted to be good enough to actually lead them further as a group. "Being a leader takes a lot of responsibility, so it's not just about you being successful it's about your members being successful too. I understand the pressure that goes with that especially because me and you are both the second youngest but have to lead our members. If you're the only one benefiting from it all then you're not doing your job as the leader." he explained. "I understand that, I think a lot of my insecurities just come from the fact that I'm not really Korean. I'm American, Korean is my second language and I'm only half Korean plus I'm the only girl in a group of guys so there's a lot of extra pressure just to keep up with the boys. Even when helping out with songs I feel like if one thing isn't right the entire project is ruined." you explained. He place a hand on your shoulder and said, "I know it gets tough to deal with sometimes but you have to remember you have your family and your family supports you so just remember that. Now let's get down to what you've been worried about. What is the biggest part that you want to work on?" "I think lyrics, I can match a beat really well but even my free styling seems to be off lately." you said. "So the key to lyrics at least what I found is to write from your heart and use the world around you as inspiration." "How do you mean?" "So you're having all these thoughts about not measuring up as a leader, take those feelings and get inspiration for the beat like the sound of popcorn popping. A whistle from a train. You can usually make things flow when you allow yourself to really speak from heart. Here I'll show you then you can try." he said. He turned the music up and started to freestyle. You had never paid such close attention to a person before. You listened to him run off a string of rap lines that gave you chills. How could a person be so magnificent at rapping? You admired Zico very much and the fact that the company got him to mentor you meant everything to you. After he had finished, Zico ran you through a few exercises to help you out. These were things he used to help him get better at his free style. You had fun with him trying to sound like a legit rapper but he could tell you felt out of your element. He was giving you tips on going back and giving a better performance. He really wanted you to get into the flow of the music. He spent a good hour coaching you before Mr.Kim came back to reunite your with your boys. You stood up and bowed to Zico. He smiled at you and took your hand in his then placed his other hand on top of it. "I wish you the best of luck. Call me when you're not busy and I can help you again." he said. You nodded noting the slip of paper he put in your hand. You had been so focused on his tips, practicing your free style and him helping you out you forgot about your nerves. His hand suddenly reached for your hair and you stiffened up. He smiled and pulled back a piece of fuzz that was in your hair. You thanked him looking away and trying hard not to blush. Mr.Kim took you back to the group and they all probed you with questions. "I was just mentored by Zico from Block-B." you smiled. "Whoaaa!" they shouted. "Wait so you weren't nervous?" Jihoon asked curiously as if that were something odd for you to do. "I was at first but when we started talking about music I forgot about that." "So what tips did he give you?" Haneul said. "I've got to show you, he showed me these exercises to get better at freestyle I'm really excited to use them. I want to work more with you Haneul on rapping I think if we work closer together the we can really be amazing." you answered. "I'll agree to that." he smiled excited. "On another note what he told me about being in this group with you guys is what I want talk about." They all sat down around you criss crossed. "So lately I've just been feeling like I've been less then all of you. It's not that you've pushed me out of the way, it's not even really anything you can fix, it's just that you're all doing so great and I'm supposed to be your leader and I just feel like I should be doing more for you. As a leader I don't want to fall short of you guys and make you look bad, I don't want us as a group to fail because I couldn't step up. We should be better than what we are, we should be getting more people excited about our comebacks and I just feel like I'm slacking and you guys are getting g the short end of the stick because of it. I just feel so off balance. I've just been wondering if maybe the company made the wrong decision in making me the leader." "Y/N you're doing fine as the leader. You don't have to put that much pressure on yourself." Hae-il said. You wiped a tear from your eyes cause you were starting to cry. Jihoon gave you a hug, "Y/N as a group we need to grow together so you don't have to do everything alone. They didn't make a mistake you're our leader for a reason." Haneul said. "You're just saying that because you don't have to deal with it." you laughed. The rest of you guys started laughing. "You can count on us when you need to you don't have to deal with anything alone Y/N. We're going to be the best and with each year we keep getting better. We can just come together more often and build each other up. We have to remember to stay humble and not think that just because we have fans means we're better than any other group. There's always room for improvement and we can work together as a unit and a family to reach higher ranks. NTERNational is Fighting!" Heechul said. Jihoon put his hand out in the middle and everyone put their hands on top of his and you all screamed, "Fighting!" Zico was right they were your family and with them you guys were going to be great together. You were going got strive harder to be better as a leader and a rapper. You were going to take them to the top....
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