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Hey guys, chapter 32 is here. I know some of you were surprised (to say the least) about the ending for the last chapter. There's not a lot I can say about it except keep reading. Maybe there's still hope...or maybe not. The story is ending soon so I guess you'll find out soon. As for this chapter, I think the title says it all. I'm also guessing that it's not too surprising, considering.
Disclaimer: Many of the characters aside from BTS are made up. And, of course, I don't know BTS personally so their personalities are probably mostly fictional.
Character thoughts are in { } and words in English are bolded. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in the few future chapters. Please forgive me for any mistakes I make and I hope you enjoy!
Beginning: Chapter 1
Previous: Chapter 31
Word Count: 3426
Warning: May contain mild language
Narrator POV
“Seriously! What’s your problem?” Namjoon chased after Yoongi. Yoongi slammed his door closed almost hitting Namjoon in the face. Earlier, Namjoon was annoyed, now he was pissed. Hyung or not, it was not okay to slam the door in someone’s face, especially when they are trying to talk to you. Namjoon flung the door open making an indentation in the wall with the door handle. “What the hell’s wrong with you?!”
“Nothing was wrong with me until you wouldn’t leave me alone. Now you’re pestering me and it’s pissing me off.” Yoongi yelled back. The other boys gathered at the doorway watching the two, ready to jump in should the fight become physical.
“I’m pestering you because you don’t seem to know what your job is anymore. Last week, you were out of it, barely talking to anyone. This week, you’re worse. And you’re snapping at people. Yesterday you yelled at Tae and Jungkook for ‘being too loud’ while playing their video game. And today, you’re refusing to do the Bangtan Bomb.”
“I said I wasn’t feeling well.” Yoongi sat on his bed, his knuckles white from clenching the covers.
“You snapped at me. And then stormed off.” Namjoon raised his voice.
“Guys. I think we should talk.” Hoseok spoke up. Yoongi immediately looked at him fearfully. This quickly turned to anger.
Yoongi thrusted his finger at Hoseok. “Don’t you dare,” he said through clenched teeth. Hoseok quickly stepped back.
“Okay. That’s enough. Maknaes, go play a game in the living room,” Jin calmly interjected. “You two, in my room, five minutes. Use the time to get your head on straight. Understood?” Namjoon and Yoongi reluctantly nodded. “Hoseok. We need to talk first.” Hoseok looked up at Jin nervously and then glanced at Yoongi, who shook his head. Hoseok looked back to Jin and nodded his head slightly in nervous agreement. Yoongi let out a huff before throwing himself back on his bed and pulling his headphones on. The younger boys went to the living room to start up a game (though they were probably going to have trouble paying attention). Namjoon let himself out to the backyard. Jin left Yoongi’s room and gestured for Hoseok to follow.
Hoseok and Jin went to Jin’s room and shut the door behind them. “I have an idea of what this is about, but I get the feeling that you know more,” Jin prodded Hoseok.
“I don’t—“
“And don’t lie to me. You’re a bad liar.”
Hoseok let out a deep sigh. His eyes stayed glued to the floor. “I think...I think you should talk to the two of them. This...this is between them. I don’t want to get involved.”
“You’re already involved.” Hoseok’s head snapped up to look at him. “I’m not stupid. We’ve all seen what’s going on with you three and Rose.” Hoseok’s eyes grew wide. “I told you, you’re a bad liar. And a bad actor. But at least you can control your emotions. Mostly. I’ve seen you eating less, too. And your smiles are often forced lately. We’ve all noticed.” Jin put his hand on Hoseok’s shoulder. “And as bad as it is for you to do that to yourself, I’m glad that at least you’re not taking it out on them. But I need to know, why was Yoongi like that last week? And what changed? Why is he worse this week?” Hoseok’s eyes darted back and forth nervously. “And I won’t tell either of them you said anything.”
Hoseok sighed deeply. “So, you know how hyung feels about Rose-noona...Last week, I don’t know if he heard something or saw something, but something must’ve happened between Namjoon and Rose. After Rose told us about her past, I don’t know what was up with him, but he was acting strange. When he went to talk to her just before we left, something happened and he that’s when he started acting the way he was all week. Then Saturday, Namjoon took Rose...on a date.”
“That’s where he went?” Hoseok nodded his head. “Shit. Well, that explains some of it.”
“Hyung went after them. I think he was going to confess. Then when he came back... well, you saw him that night. He looked like a zombie. I don’t know if she rejected him or if he even told her at all. But something happened. Maybe Joon and noona are dating, I don’t know. But that’s why he’s been cycling between ‘zombie’ and pissed off. And he’ll kill me for telling you. So you better make sure he doesn’t find out.” Jin nodded.
“Thank you for telling me. are you doing with it?” Hoseok smiled sadly at him.
“I’ll live. I just...It’ll be hard. long as she’s happy...” Jin gave Hoseok a fatherly (or motherly) smile before pulling him into a hug.
“You’re a good kid.”
Hoseok pulled back, “Hey. You’re not that much older than me.” They both laughed. They cut off when there was a knock on the door.
The two collected themselves before Hoseok opened the door. Namjoon stood on the other side. “Is it alright if I come in?”
“Of course,” Jin said. Namjoon walked in and Hoseok slipped out behind him. Namjoon turned to watch Hoseok disappear.
“So...what was that all about?” Jin shrugged his shoulders. Namjoon sighed. “Fine. Then, why did you need to talk to me too? I didn’t do anything wrong. Yoongi-hyung has been acting like that all week, and even worse to me. I know that I probably didn’t handle it the best, but he’s really pissing me off. But aside from that? Why do we both need to be here?”
“Really,” Yoongi added, stepping into the room. “Why are we here? I’m just not feeling well and he keeps getting on my case. Sorry I can’t control my health.” Yoongi’s words dripped with sarcasm.
“Knock it off. This is exactly why you two need to talk. There are some serious issues between the two of you and it needs to get figured out. The album’s going to be released soon and we have more music videos to record, TV appearances to make, and a shit ton of other stuff that we can’t do properly if you two are still behaving like this. Right, leader?”
“Behaving like what? I really don’t understand why I’m involved in this,” Namjoon retorted. His phone buzzed in his pocket. He checked who had texted him, a smile tugged at the corner of his lips before he slipped it back into his pocket.
“Was that Rose?” Jin asked. Namjoon looked at him, confused.
“What’re you, a mind reader?” Jin watched as Yoongi’s hands clenched into fists and his lips pursed together tightly into a straight line.
Jin looked between the two of them. “That’s why you need to talk.” Namjoon opened his mouth. “Normally I wouldn’t care what was going on between you and Rose. You can date if you want to, as long as it doesn’t cause problems. But it is, so that’s why we need to talk.” Namjoon stood there with his mouth open and Yoongi looked at Jin in surprise. Yoongi quickly wiped the look off his face.
“Why would I care if the two of them are dating?” Yoongi spat venomously.
“Wh-what are you guys talking about? Dating? Me and Rose-noona? Where did you get that idea?” Namjoon looked at the two of them in genuine surprise.
“Oh c’mon. Apparently everyone knows already.” Yoongi rolled his eyes.
“What? We’re not! We’re not dating!” Namjoon laughed incredulously.
“You’re a crap actor,” Yoongi shot back.
“And so are you,” Jin responded. Yoongi looked at Jin. “Everyone’s known for a while that you guys have a crush on Rose. Or apparently more than a crush. You’re probably even in love with her.”
“What?!” Yoongi and Namjoon replied simultaneously. They looked at each other then back at Jin. “I’m not—“ they both started again before cutting off.
“I’m not in love with her. I love her, but as a friend. That’s it. We’re not dating.”
“Bullshit,” Yoongi coughed under his breath.
“What’d you say?” Namjoon turned to Yoongi.
“I said ‘bullshit’.”
“Where the hell do you get off—“
“I saw you.”
“Saw me what.”
“I saw you kiss her. On Saturday. After your stupid date.” The room went quiet. Yoongi was glaring at Namjoon, Namjoon looked at Yoongi in surprise and confusion, and Jin looked between the two of them, his eyes completely wide. After what Nina had mentioned before, Jin had been surprised that Namjoon and Rose were dating. But he was absolutely taken aback to know that they were already at that level of skinship. But at least that explained Yoongi’s behavior. He had seen the two of them.
“What...What are you talking about? I never kissed her.”
“Don’t lie! I saw you! Myself!”
“Okaaayyyy...I think I should leave you two to talk about this. But if it gets out of hand, I’ll be back immediately.” The two of them were still staring (or glaring) at each other and Jin wasn’t even sure if either of them heard him. But that was probably for the best. They should talk everything out between themselves and he didn’t want to break them from that. Though it looked like Yoongi wanted to kill Namjoon. Jin quietly left, shutting the door behind him. He walked to the living room where the other guys were standing, games paused, staring at Jin.
“What was the yelling?” Jimin asked.
“Don’t worry about it, they need to talk. Just let me know if it starts up again.” Jin caught Hoseok’s eyes and indicated to the other bedroom. Jin wanted to tell Hoseok what had happened.
Back in the room with Namjoon and Yoongi, the two were still tensely looking at each other. Finally, Namjoon broke the silence.
“I don’t know what you think you saw, or how you ‘saw’ that, but you’re mistaken. I didn’t kiss her.”
“I don’t know why you’re bothering to lie like that. Maybe you’re trying to protect yourself, but don’t bother. Like I said, I saw you. I was there. I went to the theater and saw you guys leave. I heard the fangirls find you and waited by the place I knew you would come to hide. I don’t know what I thought I could do. Or why I bothered. But I saw the two of you go in and I followed you. I was at the mouth of the alley and saw you kiss her.”
Namjoon looked surprised before changing to confusion. “Then, if you were really there. Then you would’ve seen that I didn’t kiss her. I almost did, but I didn’t.”
“Well, at least you’re getting closer to telling the truth. You didn’t kiss her, you almost kissed her. Even if that weren’t bullshit, how would that be better anyways? You two are dating and you kissed her or ‘almost kissed’ her. It’s still the same.”
“Here we go around again! Let me say it one more time. We’re not dating! I didn’t kiss her! I—“ Namjoon cut himself off.
“Please. Do finish saying what you were going to say. Whatever lies were going to come out.”
Namjoom sighed and sat down on his bed. He indicated to the desk chair. “Please, sit down.” Yoongi looked at him warily. “Please.” After a few seconds of consideration, Yoongi acquiesced. He grabbed the chair and rolled it across from Namjoon. He sat down with a huff, his arms crossed.
“I...I didn’t want to talk about it. But it seems that everyone has an idea what’s going on with us. And now, you’re misunderstanding. And causing Rose a lot of pain.”
“The hell—“
“Let me finish. I know how you feel about Rose. I’ve known...or at least suspected, since the beginning. You’re in love with her.” Yoongi opened his mouth. “It’s a little too late to deny it, don’t you think?” Yoongi leaned back in his chair. “For me...I thought...I thought I was in love with her too. At first. But...then I started questioning my feelings. I didn’t know how I felt. Was I in love with her or did I just love her? I know it sounds the same, but it’s not. I didn’t know. So I wanted to figure it out. I don’t know how you found out about the opera, but that’s how I decided to figure it out. I would ask her somewhere, just as a friend and figure out how I felt about her. I know—don’t say it—I know it sounds a little crazy. But it was driving me crazy. I was jealous whenever she was around other people, wasn’t more than that.” Namjoon paused for a second to gather his thoughts. Yoongi still had a look on his face that showed he didn’t believe what Namjoon was saying.
“I like being around her, I want to be around her all the time. But...Damn, this is hard to explain. Usually when a guy likes a girl...he thinks about what it would be like to date her, right? Or kiss her, or whatever. But I tried to think about it...and it just made me uncomfortable. I asked her to the opera to see what it would be like. I was certain that she didn’t like like me, so if it didn’t work out, then it would have been just two friends hanging out. You...what you saw...was just bad timing. I...” Namjoon shifted uncomfortably and Yoongi scoffed.
“I did...I leaned forward, like I was going to kiss her. But I swear I didn’t! I didn’t want to. It felt like I was about to kiss my sister. Or one of you guys. I love you guys, but not romantically, like family. It’s the same for her. That’s what I figured out. Right after, I immediately stepped back. And we talked about it. Both of us only like each other like friends. That’s it.”
Namjoon stopped talking and looked up at Yoongi. “That’s bulllshit.” Yoongi stood up. “You didn’t need to make up some elaborate story. She picked you and you like her back, so you’re dating. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just something wrong with me. But I’ll get over it eventually. So don’t lie. I just need space right now.”
“Hyung!” Namjoon called as Yoongi walked out the door. Namjoon went after him. He was stopped at the edge of the living room by Jin.
“I don’t know what you guys talked about, but at least you don’t look like you want to kill each other. Well, I’m not so sure about Yoongi, but he doesn’t look as bad as earlier. Just give him some space. And Hoseok—“ Jin called Hoseok over. He pulled them both back into the room. “I think you two should talk now.”
“Talk about what?” Namjoon asked, confused.
“There’s nothing to talk about.” Hoseok swiftly replied as he headed for the door. Jin grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back.
“Yes, there is. You may be better at controlling yourself than Yoongi, but all of us can see that you haven’t been yourself,” Jin stated. He walked to the door. “And don’t come out until you’re done.”
After Jin left, Namjoon turned to Hoseok. “What does he mean?”
“Really? Then apparently, you’re the only one who hasn’t noticed.”
“I mean, I know you’ve been a little off lately, but...” Finally, a look of understanding crossed Namjoon’s face. “ like her too?” Hoseok looked down and he started to pick at the hem of his shirt. “I—I had no idea.”
“I didn’t think anyone except Yoongi-hyung knew until Jin told me earlier.”
“Does everyone know?”
Hoseok nodded his head. “I was talking to the younger ones earlier and apparently everyone knows about all three of us.”
“All three of us...? They think I like her too? Shit. No wonder they’ve been teasing me... Although, I guess I only figured it out recently for myself...”
“What do you mean?”
“I don’t like like her. Just as a friend, a sister. That’s it.” Hoseok stared at him in disbelief. “Well at least you didn’t look at me like Yoongi did. He was pissed and kept calling me a liar.”
“But...didn’t you go out with her to the opera?”
“How did you know about that?”
“I overheard you when you asked her a couple months ago. I went to find you to bring you back to practice and I heard. I didn’t meet to eavesdrop.”
“Ah...I guess, that explains a lot. And you told Yoongi?”
Hoseok looked down guiltily. “Sorry...Yoongi and I knew that we both liked her so we talked about it. To try to keep it fair and make sure that we both stayed civil. And since you didn’t know about us, we didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. When I overheard you...Hyung saw me afterwards and he knew something was wrong. I told him. And I told him that I was giving up... I didn’t...I didn’t want to cause problems. Hyung...hyung said he couldn’t step back if you weren’t actually together. And I think that’s fair. He loves her a lot more than I do, so I can understand. On the day of the opera, hyung suddenly decided to go. He wasn’t going to try to steal her away, he just wanted to see if it was too late. And I guess it was.”
“Ugh. I just told hyung...” Namjoon explained what he had told Yoongi. “But he doesn’t believe me.”
“Can you blame him? I find it hard to believe too. And even I had some initial doubts.” When Namjoon looked at him, he continued. “I could tell that you liked her, it’s just...something seemed a I don’t know how to say it any other way.”
“No, I understand. It felt off.”
“But...For Yoongi, he won’t believe you. This whole time, he’s believed that you liked her and that she liked you.”
“That’s why I have to convince him to talk to her and for her to talk to him. She...” Namjoon looked at Hoseok apologetically.
“She likes him, right?” Hoseok sighed. Namjoon nodded his head.
“She’s liked him since before she started helping us. And since she told us about what happened to her, he’s been ignoring her. And it’s really hurting her. She thinks it’s because he can’t accept her past. Now, at least I know the real reason...but...”
Hoseok sighed. “This is too complicated, isn’t it?”
“Yeah. I always thought Rose liked him, but she said that he doesn’t like her. No matter how much I’ve tried to convince her otherwise. And I was going to ask you to help, but I definitely shouldn’t do that now for obvious reasons.”
“No, I want to help. I care about her. And if she’s not happy, it hurts. She’s been telling me that everything was fine, so I had no idea.” Hoseok looked at Namjoon. “How can I help?”
Yoongi’s POV
I tried to hold my temper as I left Namjoon. I went to my room and threw myself on my bed. {What the hell’s wrong with him? Why does he keep lying? I saw them with my own eyes and I’ve known how they felt about each other since the beginning. It pisses me off that he’s being like this}. I laid on my bed, fuming. I was already upset about them being together, but the more he denied it, the angrier I became. I couldn’t help it. I wanted to be happy for my brother and for Rose, but my stupid jealousy was eating me up. And it made me hate myself even more.
For the sake of work, I had to practice holding my anger, but until he admitted it, I couldn’t stop being angry at him. As for Rose... I didn’t want to think about how badly I screwed up. {If I hadn’t been so No matter what, it was him that she liked. She wouldn’t have been able to return my feelings. No matter what I thought during the times I crashed at her house. The day she played the piano...shared her problems... But she isn't mine. And she could never be. I have to get over that}. I took a few deep breaths to calm myself. I put my headphones in and played my unfinished tracks. When I came to the one I shared with her...I stopped the music and stared at the ceiling. {This won’t be easy}.
So, there's the chapter. Now everyone knows about everyone. But what do you think? Do you believe Namjoon? Are they really not dating? Did they really not kiss? And if it's true, do you think Yoongi will ever believe him? Is there still a chance? I feel bad about making the boys fight, but it seems like a fairly natural reaction. Let me know what you think about these questions.
Thank you all for reading my story and this chapter. Thank you to everyone reading, liking, commenting, clipping, and following. Please don't hesitate to ask questions or comment. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in future chapters (what few are left). I hope you will continue to enjoy my story and I hope to see you next chapter!!!
Also, for the new story I'm writing, I was very excited to finish the first chapter. Unfortunately, immediately after that, work started up again and I had to deal with some...unfortunate personal issues back home. So I haven't had time, or been able to think very clearly. So I'm sorry it's taking way longer than I expected. But I'll do my best. I hope you look forward to it.
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I don't know if I believe Namjoon but I have to, for the sake of Yoongi and Rose. I honestly think that they did kiss and that she rejected him afterwards. I think that there are 2 chapters left or 1 long chapter...The moment of thruth is about to come!🙈
@Mavis2478 I like that. For the sake of Yoongi and Rose. The moment if truth is coming... But there's still a little time left. Should I say how many chapter(s) r left on the next chapter?
Time for the clue bus before Yoongi hits the point return
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