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Hiya Melodies! Filling in for @Helixx on her sweet Ilhoon. Let's get right to the point, Ilhoon is a cutie pie. But there is one thing this guy needs to stop doing. That is sticking his tounge out. Talk about 0 to 100 real quick when he does it. What do you think? Think he needs to stop sticking his tounge out?
Is he just trying to make all our ovaries explode.
How about when he is just takes pictures with random things.
How about explaining these next two photos? Ilhoon we love you for your sillyness.


That's a wrap on Ilhoon. Hope your ovaries are still in tact after that raid! Good night and Good morning Melodies!
Ilhoon is my everything 💙😭❣
that's what makes Ilhoon so special 😍
But I love the weird, adorable, random and sexy things he does... and I have zero complaints about that tongue action. But did you see that smile in the gif? His smile is everything!
I totally agree with you! He has such amazing smile. ☺