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Kim Hyun Joong appeared as one of the special guests on the recent episode of KBS’s variety talk program “Happy Together,” which was aired on August 15. During the show, Kim Hyun Joong’s childhood photo was revealed. As they admired his good looks, MCs brought up the previous topic of his pre-debut savings and asked, “We heard that when you were a student, you made 100,000,000 Won (approximately 90,000 USD). Is this true?” Kim Hyun Joong answered, “That is the total of what I made since I was a boy. At times, I didn’t even go to school. I worked full time.” He continued, “I worked at a family restaurant franchise. I used to work all day and close it myself. I also used to have the job of killing the cockroaches once a month.” Meanwhile, other guests on this show included Jung Joon Young, Choi Won Young, and Jo Dal Hwan.
@saharjalpari9 yes plz :D and post it to me and yes education is very important
@hebamaher i love how oppa is really responsible but i feel sad dat oppa missed out on his school days school is important 2 u know oppa was interviewed about i and he talks about it and i got 2 understand him more after watching dat interview i will c if i cd find it and post it bcs i just don't like when ppl give up on ther education for any reason bcs 2 me education is really important hehe i just didn't like when i hard he gave up on skl but watching dat interview reallly made me understand him he does regret that decision i wanna post that video but i forgot hehe he gives the msg 2 his fellow teen followers that its important to be successful in achieving ur dreams but skl , education and studies bcs da society wants a high school or even a college graduate is as much as important :) <3 i will c if i cd find it and post it :)
mee tooooo i totally agrree with you @saharjalpari9
wahhh oppa was soo responsible and hardworking even in his young days when guys just waste their time doing all those stupid thing oppa was working hard i love u oppa my brothers need 2 learn from u they r really wasting thr time i wish they can be as responsible as u i love u oppa i really love responsible and hardworking men i really wanna be w smone as rsponsible and as hardworking as u oppa love u :) <3 <3
@hebamaher thanks.
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