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(Jun.K POV)

. . . I walked into JYP for practice on choreography routine. When a girl with purple/blue hair, tired back loosely, and baggy sweater that cover up her shorts, walked by me. She had her brown eyes locked on the screen of her cell phone. Whilst I looked around confused, as to who she was, or even why she was here. Though she was granted access to the company, since she had the VIP ID pass around her neck. She looked up and made full eye contact with me. Her eyes lit up as she smiled so warmly at me, I felt like I was melting inside. "Annyeong, I'm Xin Qian-ssi." She held out her hand to greet me. "Minjun-ssi." I shook her hand for a brief moment. "Oh as in Jun.K, from 2pm, correct?" I blinked as I was a bit startled that she was actually asking, to reassure herself. "N-ne... I'm sorry but I'm confused by you. Plus you greeted me with a Chinese name, but you look like you're American." I she made me curious and for some reason it had me thinking out loud. I bit my lip, slightly regretting the words that came out my mouth. She just simply smiled at me, and looked as if she wanted to answer me. "Jiejie!" We both looked in Jackson's direction, as he ran over towards the both of us. "Oh there you are my xiao xiongdi (little brother)!" She ran right into Jackson's arms, as I just watch them. "JYP hyung, told me you were in town. You have no idea how happy I am about you being here!" I was completely lost in translation, as the two of them spoke a mix of Mandarin and English. "Oh Hyung!" Jackson finally noticed me, as I just waved. "Is this the first time you two are meeting?" He asked, out of curiosity, while we looked at each other. "Honestly this is the first time ever, he let me come into the company building. So this is my first time meeting a lot of people here." I raised an eyebrow, as I realized she was talking about JYP. "Daenyeo(Goddaughter)? You ready for that lunch with my wife?"
JYP came over to us, as Xin Qian smiled towards him. "Ne Daebu(GodFather), I can't wait to meet her. Feel guilty I couldn't attend you're wedding. So I bought you both a wedding gift. Its gonna meet us there." He chuckled as Xin Qian gave JYP a big hug. "Then let's get going?" She turn to face Jackson and me. "See you both later I hope." Her smile was as warm as the sun on a beach. I would love to have her here more often. She seem like someone I would love to get to know. I just watch her leave with JYP, giggling and smiling away. She seem like someone I would love to get to know. I just watch her leave with JYP, giggling and smiling away. "Jackson-ah, who on earth was that anyway?" Jackson looked at me a but caught off guard. He pointed towards Xin Qian as if he was asking me, that I wanted to know about her. "Yeah the woman that just left." He looked at her disappear before looking at me. "She's JYP's goddaughter, from the states. Though she has a twin brother, but his godfather is Yang Hyun-suk." I looked at the closed elevator doors, before looking back at Jackson this time. "I never knew, hyung-min had a goddaughter? Let alone on from the states?" I looked between Jackson and the elevator in a bit of shock. "She even knew three languages fluently. Now that's a woman I would love to get to know." . . . _____________________________________________________________________ . . . ❤BBMG❤: @BBxGD @MarrickeJ33 @LocoforJiyong @dayashley11 . BO$$E$ Squad: @MarrickeJ33 @amobigbang @KaeliShearer @dayashley11 @PriyaBala @BBxGD @VatcheeAfandi99 . My Bunnies: @BBxGD @Nikkitty @LemonLassie @Jiyongixoxo @tiffany1922 @EliseB @marsamusic @PrettieeEmm @victoria97 @Ercurrent @MelissaGarza @flxvour @Annaharris1989 @DestinaByrd @pharmgirlerin @yaya12 @faith92 @MsLoyalHeart @pharmgirlerin @KristinaCaron @MarrickeJ33 @KaeliShearer @CrystalBlunt @Jiyongixoxo @lilbr0wneyes @Jaysbae13 @CallMeMsDragon @KaiJae @dallasyamane @nmeza29 @SimplyAwkward @Annaharris1989 @yaya12 @sherrysahar @MandyNoona @KwonOfAKind @drummergirl691 @raenel @NiahriTaylor @amberg171997 @VatcheeAfandi99 @serbshavemofun @MaritessSison @firstladyofaomg @salo @twistedPuppy @nmeza29 @mrsyookiyun @IsoldaPazo @HeavenlyLopez @lashonda0917 @RedChord @Tabili @ammagrande @MissT615 @AlenaSegura @FromBlue2U @mrsax2018 @Starbell808 @BTSxEXO
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