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~You're Weird like Me pt: 2~ Genre: Highschool/au, Romance, Drama, Some bullying. ------------------------------------------ -Previously on, You're Weird like Me- She caught his eyes widen a bit but not a big change in expression. Her eyes trail down to his lips that were shaped like a heart. How cute! He reminded her of Kyungsoo..... Kyungsoo?!? Y/N eyes widen the size of saucers. She wasn't just staring at a gorgeous man. But at her childhood friend! -Present Time- Kyungsoo's Pov: I walk into the school grounds a familiar annoying voice calling for me. Groaning softly i turn to see Baekhyun charging towards me, Suho, Sehun, and Kai following. I quirk an eyebrow wondering where Chanyeol was but i shrugged it off. He was most likely late today as well. "Did you hear?!?" Baekhyun screams even though he is right next to my ear. Gosh this kid can be annoying sometimes. "No, what are you talking about?" I ask actually curious. We near the basketball court as i lean again the tree. What was he talking about? By the looks of it, everyone knew except me. "Were having a new student!!! Today!!! I feel like its been forever since i saw a fresh new face around here" Baekhyun explains as i nod. New student? Ahh why should i care. I offer a smile pretending like the topic in had actually perked my interest but it really didn't. I pull out my phone ready to check the time only to stop and stare at the dangling heart i still had with me after all these years. Memories of Y/N flooded my head as i quickly diverted my eyes mot wanting to remember anymore. The pain, the ache of wanting to see her was far to great. "Yo! Chanyeol!!" Sehun calls out catching sight of the red headed giant. I look up to see him talking to someone. Someone really short, probably shorter then me. I couldn't see her face tho. After Chanyeol waves back to us and says something to the girl he bolts our direction. I don't bother looking back at who he was talking to as he came into view. "Who was that?" Kai asks wiggling his eyebrows making me chuckle. "Huh? Oh! The new student! She is really nice" he says making Baekhyun's ears perk up. "What?! You talked to her?! I called dibs mann....anyway did you catch her name?" He asks. At this my ears perk. My eyes solely on a flustered Chanyeol. "Uh..... Wait she told me....." He searches in his head. I let out an amused scoff, his poor memory. "C'mon guys i don't wanna be late, lets get going" i inform them as they nod. Chanyeol scratches his head staying back. "I think Imma skip class today" he mummers as Baekhyun smirks. "Why? Cant get her out of your head?" He teases. Ignoring the duo i walk to the school Suho hot on my tail. Who was this girl? What was so special about her that made Chanyeol go crazy? Class was a bore and passed by in a blink of a eye. I walk out of my first period already fed up with school, even though its the first day. As i walk out, all seven of us. Xuimin, Chen, Lay, Suho, Sehun, Baekhyun, find each other. As we walk down the stairs girls fawn over us making me shy. Chanyeol rushes in yawning loudly. He must of had a rather relaxing period. My eyes search for Kai as i accidentally make eye contact with a handful of girls. "Omo, he looked at me?!!" "Should i confess?" "I love you Kyungsoooooo" I nearly cringe but i keep my blank expression intact. I see Kai rush to us his smirk flashing across his face. Suho, Xuimin, Chen and Lay were at the back talking about their classes while the rest of us look at a rather oddly smiling Kai. "Guess what Chanyeol " he says making the giant raise an eyebrow. "Guess who is in my class" he whispers as i ignore the duo as they mutter happily. Zoning them and everyone else out i look at the door numbers. Im nearing my second period class. Chemistry. As i look forward i stare at a pair of E/c eyes. They definitely catch my attention but i don't let it reflect on my face. I stare at the petite girl standing next to Kai's girl. My breathing stops as i realize its..... Y/N.... My beloved Y/N! My eyes widen as i hold back the grin that almost broke through. Realization crossed her beautiful delicate features as i take in her transformed image. She looked beautiful and i was again falling head over heels. I want to call her out but i stop. Chanyeol was embracing her. Third Pov: Everything seemed to move in slow motion as Y/N stares dead on at Kyungsoo. He has grown a bit taller, his hair seemed the same except styled. He lost his glasses and he was in shape. His eyes were the same and those beautiful lips. Didn't change either. Y/N wanted to cry out in joy but stops seeing Chanyeol catch her eye. His big goofy grin was impossible to miss as she smiles back. He rushes up to her taking her in for an unsuspected embrace. She returns it happy that he remembered her and is willing to portray their friendship. Forgetting there was an audience Chanyeol pulls back smiling from ear to ear, Y/N doing the same. "What class do you have next?! I'll walk you!!" He says excitedly. The group watch in amazement with smirks. Kyungsoo on the other hand gave the giant a deathly glare unable to contain the rage boiling within him. "I have math! How about you?" Y/N answers peeking behind him getting a glimpse of Kyungsoo. "Shit...i have chemistry, tho it would have been if we had chemistry together huh?" He says playfully making Y/N giggle. Kyungsoo brushes past the two as Y/N squeaks i protest. He stops and glares at the girl making her doubt if it was really the warm Kyungsoo she missed over 5 years. "Move out of the way, people have places to be" he grumbles as Chanyeol frowns . He offers Y/N a forced smile before following Kyungsoo to there shared chemistry class. Y/N looked down in disbelief. The stare he had given her was so cold and un Kyungsoo like it shattered her heart. Krystal pulls her in for a side hug wiping the single tear slowly cascading down her cheek. Kai walks up to them with an apologetic smile. "Don't worry gurl i'll beat him up if he doesn't apologize by the end of today" he says watching a smile tug on her lips. "I'll help you out Kai" Krystal says determined making Y/N giggle, forgetting the pain she felt. But she knew it would come back again. She brushes that aside and head to Math, which she luckily ha with Krystal The whole entire Chemistry class Chanyeol stared at Kyungsoo, who's posture was stiff as a brick. Chanyeol found it rather odd how he acted like that. One, Kyungsoo never addresses to a girl for he is too shy and Kyungsoo is rarely ever brutally mean to a girl. This had the giant deep in thought as he kept staring. Kyungsoo knew Chanyeol was staring at him, he was at the brink of lashing out and asking what was his problem. Before he can explode Chanyeol opens his mouth. "What was that?" He asks quietly as their teacher continues with the lecture. "What was what?" Kyungsoo asks looking at his friend. "Back then....why did you act like that?" He asks watching Kyungsoo's face change from expressionless to bitterness. "Im sorry. Didn't mean to offend your girlfriend" he bites back, Chanyeol flinches at the harshness in his voice thy definitely didn't suit his angelic face. "She is not my girlfriend. I don't see her like that. I hugged her cuz of how fragile and delicate she looked" Chanyeol explains noticing Kyungsoo's face soften. He saw something flash in his eyes. "Whatever, tell her I'm sorry" he says quietly. Chanyeol finally realizes something as he sits up straighter leaning closer to Kyungsoo. "Its her isn't it.....she is your Y/N" he mummers making Kyungsoo look at him. He was throughly shocked at the fact Chanyeol was actually listening to whenever he ranted about Y/N in the past. "Yes, i just made the connection" Chanyeol answers seeing Kyungsoo defeated face. "Why not talk to her....i think she recognized you" he adds sitting back to his seat. "It doesn't matter.....I'm sure after how rude and disrespectful i was she wouldn't want me near her....forget it" he says clenching his face remembering her face when he was mean to her. Chanyeol goes quiet and dosent say anything, quickly he pulls out his phone texting Krystal. Y/N forced her eyes open as she stared hardcore at the clock. 5 more mins till lunch and boy was she looking forward to it. "Psst Y/N! I need to go to the ladies room... I'll text you where i am if in don't return to class" Krystal says as Y/N gives her a worried glance. "Do you want me to come with you?" Y/N asks. Its unsaid that girls always travel to the washroom is packs or pairs. "Nonsense! I'll text you bye!" She says watching the teacher turn his back before she slips out unnoticed. Y/N huffs out annoyed with how time was taunting her by ticking extra slow. Finally the lunch bell rings as she receives a text. Grabbing her bag she rushes out reading it: To: Y/N From: Krystal I'm at the basketball court! Kai and Chanyeol will join us for lunch. Meet me there. Y/N smiles wide but it soon vanishes realizing Kyungsoo wouldn't join them. Of course he wouldn't. He probably doesn't remember her and concluding from todays response, probably hates her! Nonetheless she marches to the empty basketball court. She looks around for anyone as she takes steps back. She bumps into a broad chest. Turning around she is greeted by Chanyeol's smile. "Hey! How was math?" He asks as they near the tree. She lets her bag rest against the bench nearby. "Awful! I never liked math" she groans making him grin wider. Slowly his smile disappears as he walks up to her. Cautiously she takes steps back. He doesn't seem to stop as he back hits the tree. She was utterly confused. Where did goofy smiley Chanyeol go? "Y/N...." He says softy coming ti a halt mere centimetres away from her. She looks around for something else to focus on. "Y/N....I've got this weird feeling in my chest.....when i look at you" he continues making Y/N sweat bullets. At that moment Kyungsoo's smiling face crosses her mind for some reason. "I just want to know....if i have a chance.." He mutters slightly leaning in. "No!" She squeals against him. He takes a step back surprised by her outburst. "I-i mean....i-I'm sorry c-Chanyeol!! My heart belongs to someone else.....i-i cant do this...Kyungsoo...Kyungsoo is who i...l-like.." she says her lips trembling. At this Chanyeol smiles gently at her. "Hear that idiot?" He says out to the air making Y/N stare at him confused, was he crazy? Out of nowhere Kyungsoo walks out from hiding making Y/N cheeks burst into flames. Chanyeol gives Y/N one last wink before leaving the two alone. Y/N looks at Kyungsoo who just takes smaller steps to her. His fave unreadable. "Is....is it true Y/N?" He asks his voice one whole note deeper. She nods unable to form words. Kyungsoo face breaks into a heart aching smile. The smile she feel for so long ago. "I.....I've loved you for so long Y/N" he breaths out taking a step closer to her. The distance between seem to be getting smaller by the second. "R-really?" She asks. With shaking hands he palaces a rebel hair strand behind her hair smiling fondly at her. "After all these years...your finally in my grasp...where have you been?" He asks leaning into her touch. His hand cup her cheeks as she too leans in. "Ive been waiting" she mumbles taking his lips on to hers. His beautiful lips seemed to mould perfectly against hers. The warmth he emitted made her feel at home. Her hards warm around his neck pulling him deeper into the kiss as he nibbles on her lower lips eager for more. They pull away due to lack of oxygen. "Ive been waiting forever for that" he admits as she nods. "Kiss me again Kyungsoo" she says smiling, he didn't have to be told twice as their lips lock totally forgetting about lunch. Memories of how they first met, how two nerds became friends, How they grew close cross their minds. He remembered when he asked why she wanted to be friends with him, no one liked him. So why did she want to be friends? Her reply at the time was "because your weird like me" Bonus: Chanyeol watched from afar smiling proudly at his work. "Ya sure you didn't feel anything for her?" Sehun asks curiously watching the giant who smiles wide hiding the stinging feeling in his heart. He didn't want to admit he was hopful she'd like him. But he knew from the begging an amzing person like her had to be taken. "Of course Sehun. Why wouldn't i?" Heartbreak would heal...eventually. Tags: @yukigintokie @Elena166 @DalyRomero @Sammyjuicoooo @Ivonvons @MrsJaebum
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