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Yixing made a special appearance on 'We Got Married' it was unexpected. he just left the airport and that was it.
EXO’s Lay makes a surprise appearance in the August 27 episode of MBC’s “We Got Married.” During Cao Lu and Jo Se Ho’s segment of the show, the pair go to Gimpo Airport to greet Cao Lu’s mother who is visiting from China. While they eagerly wait, they notice another passenger exiting the gate. It’s none other than EXO’s Lay
Lay is greeted by many fans who start flocking towards him once they see him. They scream in excitement and run. The couple can’t help but notice the difference in treatment as no one appeared to especially notice them.
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Do you know which episode or couple?
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Did this happen recently?!
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Y did he appear? Also what episode?
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