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~The Sadness in my Heart Pt: 2~ Genre: angst, romance, happy ending. Disclaimer: Jimin is amazing! One of my bias! His character is no representation on him what so ever. ~Previously on The Sadness in my Heart~ "Jimin, wanted to give me a promise ring..." She trails off. Beakhyun felt that familiar pain yet again. He glanced at her fingers, but she wasn't wearing it. "Where....is it?" He asks afraid he would break down. "I....i couldn't take it Beak.....i love him, Beak i really do. But....i froze and ran...." She say struggling with the words. Beakhyun nods but is unable to say anything. The sadness in his heart kept resurfacing. "o-oh... Why is that?" He asks afraid of the answer. ~Present Time~ Y/N fiddled with her fingers a bit more before looking up at her best friends eyes. How could she tell him? How could she tell him when Jimin wanted to give her the promise ring the only person she was thinking about was Baekhyun? She knew she was being selfish , but she couldn't figure things out as of now. "Im sleepy Beak.." She says completely ignoring his question. Baekhyun sucked in the breath he was holding and nodded. "I'll take the couch you take my bed" he says as if it was the usual drill. Which it was considering Y/N stayed over his house a lot. "No...Baek i don't want to be alone tonight" she mumbles as he gulps. 'Is she purposely torturing me?' He questions before nodding numbly. He gets up and goes up the stairs, Y/N not letting go of his warm hand. He goes straight to his closest grabbing a T-Shirt and long shorts as he hands them over. "You go get changed....I'll be out here" he says sitting on the bed as she rushes into his washroom getting changed. Baekhyun puts his face in his hands letting out a sigh. 'Did she reject him? Whats going on? Why does she seem so disoriented?' Question swam through his head. He was pulled back into the present as he heard the washroom doors unlocking. Y/N shyly walking out in his clothing. He had to avert his eyes as he was mentally loving what he saw. "Uh....can i sleep closer to the wall?" Y/N squeaks as Baekhyun nods, under her spell. She is the first to get on the bed crawling over to that side of the bed. Baekhyun was almost losing all sanity as he watched her in that scandalous position. He quickly turns off the light so he wouldn't have to see more. After she is comfy, Y/N calls for Baekhyun. Not trusting his voice he simply slips beside her keeping his space. Mutterinb a goodnight he turns away from her trying to clam his beating heart. Y/N stares at his broad back realizing how in shape he was. His back structure seemed to be defined through his shirt. Y/N frowns realizing she was craving something. She was craving touch. She was craving Baekhyun's touch. Thinking he is asleep since Baekhyun is known for sleeping quickly she reaches out and pulls him for a hug. She leans in closer taking in his heat. He stiffens making Y/N realize he is awake. "Sorry.....if you want i can let go" she says embrassed. Baekhyun struggles but turns around looking at his best friend he feel for. "I don't mind....as long as your ok with it" he members lightly reaches to move her hair away from her beautiful face. "Im fine with this...thank you Baekhyun....you mean so much to me.." She trails off her eyes growing heavy as sleep consumes her. He watches her breathing even as he stares at her beautiful under the moonlight. He brings her closer taking in her scent. "I love you.....i wish you knew" -Time skip to morning- Baekhyun wakes up to the sound of knocking as he groans, sunlight hitting his closed eyes. He felt the bed loose weight realizing Y/N must have left the bed. He sits up realizing she went for the door. She gets up and shrugs on a robe walking down stairs hearing voices. He rubs his eyes as he walks down the stairs. "I....I just cant Jimin! You cant force me" he hears Y/N argue. He felt anger flare within him realizing Jimin had stepped foot into his house but he choose keep his head for Y/N's sake. He clears his throat making his presence known. "And here he is! How was it? Did you enjoy it Baekhyun?!" Jimin says growing at Baekhyun who holds back his tongue, again for Y/N. Y/N gasps horrified with what he said "Jimin! Say your sorry!" She says her eyes apologetic. "Heck no! Beacuse of him our relationship is fucked up! It was always him!" He growls as Baekhyun walks to cover Y/N from him. He was beginning to worry for her safety. Baekhyun shot Y/N a confused which she choose to ignore. "Are you fucking serious? You fucked it up by cheating on me a month ago!" She says tears falling. Baekhyun's eyes widen at the new information. He felt anger as he glared at the shorter Jimin who held his stare. "You just have to bring it back to me eh? Just admit it Y/N! You never loved me, it was always Baekhyun this Baekhyun that. Fucking admit it already! You love him" Baekhyun felt distraught. It was as if his body wasent his body, his mind wasn't his mind. He couldn't comprehend what he was hearing. Y/N's pleading voice brings him back to reality. "J-just leave" she stutter as Baekhyun seems to finally be able to move his limbs. "Get out" Baekhyun finally voices. Jimin growls before walking towards the door. "Were over" he growls before glaring at Baekhyun as he runs out. Baekhyun slams the door looking at the fragile Y/N who had now sat on the couch. He goes to sit beside her as she wipes her tears. Baekhyun waits patiently as she chuckles. "Hah....your waiting for me to talk arnt you?" She voices making Baekhyun hold back the urge to pull her in for a hight hug. "You know me too well" he mummers. She nods. "He Was right Baekhyun" she says. He froze hearing his full name roll on her lips. "After he cheated i came to a realization as to who my heart calls for... And ever since he has been on my mind" she whispers looking at Baekhyun. For once he couldn't say anything. His mouth went dry as he tried processing what she had said. "I...i-i love you Baek" she says as he stares at her. He couldn't believe it. The woman he loves for so long loved him as well? It seemed to good to be true. Not receiving a response Y/N gets up and walks straight to the door. She curses herself for confessing to her best friend. As she reached for the knob Baekhyun stops her. She turns and stares into his eyes filled with emption. The most dominant emotion was happiness. "Y/N" he says softly making her heart go wild. The way he said her name, they fondness behind it was enough to make her grab him locking lips. Baekhyun smiles into the kiss as he brings her closer urgently. He wanted her. All of her. He craved her very existence . He needed her. When the pull apart Baekhyun rests his head against her forehead as the breathe in oxygen. "Ive waited....so long Y/N..." He mutters wrapping his arms around her. He closes his eyes leaning in once again. "And I'm happy i waited...for this moment"