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Chapter 1 is here: - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> Chapter 5 ~3 days later~ (Melanie P.O.V) After the concert that BTS I look up their music and no lie I like the style and the beat also Aaliyah. "Jungkook do you know any good restaurants around" I said looking at my phone still teaching myself the Korean letters. "Yeah if you go straight one block then you turn to your left their a cute food restaurant" Jungkook said. I can't believe it's been 3 days with him and I have not had a nose bleed witch it would be weird if I did cause I don't bleed just like that. "Min Jun!!!!" Aaliyah said opening the door. "Can you knock" I said looking at her. "Come their no time for knocking" Aaliyah said giving me the signal. Her signal is just staring at me weird. "This must be serious" I said. "Yess remember the price I won it was all a scam well most of it, their only paying a semester and the rest we have to find a way" Aaliyah said. "Well let's go eat and talk more about it" I said while going back to my room to get my stuff. "Really lets go eat" Aaliyah said. Jungkook stared. "Don't forget to close the door Jungkook" I said staring at him. "I won't, I'm not going out today" Jungkook said. Me and Aaliyah walk to the restaurant Jungkook recommended we enter and sit down a waiter came. "What would you like to order" the waiter said. "Can I have a kimchi" I said while looking at the menu. "Hi Jin, I want Ramen" Aaliyah said. Jin works here no wonder Jungkook. "I dint know you work here" I said while staring at him. "I can't talk much but I do by any chance Jungkook told you about this place" Jin said. "Yup" we both said. "Your kimchi and Ramen will be here in a sec" Jin said while smiling and leaving. Jin personality is nice I like it. "Yay our food is here" Aaliyah said so cheerfully. "Here you go, enjoy" Jin said. ""Thanks we will" we both said said. "So what are we going to do about the money" I said. "Well since we are here let's work" Aaliyah said while pointing at a paper. "waiter" I said in a shout. Sadly it was not Jin the one who came, Aaliyah explain to the waiter about the paper on the wall and he right away told the boss, I wasn't ready for this a interview. ~25min later~ "Yasssss!!!!!, we got the job" we both said. I saw in the corner of my eye Jin. "Congratulations you guys" Jin said with a smile while handing us our uniforms. "Thanks Jin, see you tomorrow" we both said while leaving the restaurant. ~The next day~ (Jungkook P.O.V) My room partner is spacing out to much ever since his friend told him something yesterday, last hour is the best, it's art. "Hey Min Jun are you ok" I said. "Yeah I just didn't sleep good yesterday, I'm just tired" Min Jun said. I don't know the guy very well but looking at his face it's not because of sleepiness. Class was over but I stay behind to finish my drawing. ( Aaliyah P.O.V) I got first to the restaurant. "Hey Jin I'm ready to work" I said. "Where's Min Jun" Jin said. "Probably on his way, oh speaking of the devil". I pointed at my friend Melanie. We got dress up and ready to work. "Let's do this Min Jun, Fighting!" I said cheerfully. Jin join in to out cheer. "1-2-3, fighting!!" I said. (Jin P.O.V) These kids are so energetic just like V and j-hope. "Min Jun take orders and Geon Wu wash the dishes" I said. "Ok" Jun and Wu said. Those guys I'm still questioning about them. ~hrs later "Thanks for everyone's help today now let's clean up and go home" I said. We heard the door open and we all turn around. "Sorry the...." Min Jun said but stop. My children came to pick me up from work. "Your hope is here mama Jin" j-hope said while hugging me. "J-hope let go of me" I said. Jungkook is staring at Min Jun. (Melanie P.O.V) "Dude I can't take my eyes of Jimin when ever I see him and I don't want to be discover that's why I came to the kitchen plus we still need to finish the mess" Aaliyah said in a whisper. "I'll help let me clean the tables and bring more dishes for you" I said with a smile. "Yeah keep bringing more dishes" Aaliyah said in sarcastically. I left the kitchen and Jin call my name. "Tomorrow is Friday and you guys don't have classes but since your Jungkook room partner do you want to come with us camping for 3days 2 nights camping also you can bring your friend too" Jin said. Everyone look at me it felt uncomfortable but I look at Jungkook. "Didn't you said you where not going out but did you lock the door" I said. "Yess I did" Jungkook said. "Well let me talk to my friend about it" I said. I speed walk to the kitchen. "Geon Wu, BTS invited us to go camping with them do you want to go" I said in a whisper. "What? Really omg I want to sleep next to Jimin" Aaliyah said with a smile while whispering. "Geon Wu this is no time to be joking around we can't go to the pools if their sime" I said still whispering. Aaliyah didn't respond but she started to walk away. "I want to go, I'll tell tell by my self" Aaliyah said. "Geon Wu, wait!". Aaliyah ran away and I follow trying to catch her but fail. "You guys I would like to go thanks for inviting me" Aaliyah said in a loud voice. Everyone stared and smile. "ok pack your stuff we be leave in the morning guys" Jin said. The guys help us clean after that we all left together Jin was nice to leave us at the dorms. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> Sorry for not updating last Saturday I started school and it's been taking my time from writing but don't worry I will still post every Saturday or Sunday depending if I finish the chapter. I hope you like chapter 5 see u soon on chapter 6. Also I know I should of said this in the beginning but pleas don't steal my story I should say this on chapter one too. Chapter 6: @mariamontoya1